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Love-Light Within Part 4

Updated on June 20, 2015

The Church Part 1

     I had an interesting vision last night: We were all gathered in our church for the healing meeting on Sunday, 3-21-2010.  Our mediator asked each board member to speak from their heart about all issues and concerns. All members of our church community were given the opportunity to speak their word. When everybody was finished, we prayed together, asked for the presence of the Holy Spirit, and we experienced a joyful healing.

     Today, I’ve been desperately trying to hold on to positive images and affirmations about our upcoming meeting. However, fear, anger, and anxiety keep intruding and triggering confrontational thoughts. I find myself mentally rehearsing how I’m going to present to each board director my sense of betrayal from people I thought were my friends.

     I have this little scenario going on in my head that I will paint a stark and shocking word picture for each board director. It goes something like, “How would you feel if you received a phone call on Friday night by the president of the board, that a meeting took place behind your back, and  that a majority of your friends had signed a letter asking your to resign from the church?”

     Then on the other hand, what’s the point of rubbing their faces in it? They know deep down that what happened was completely unloving and inappropriate. Some might even believe they were compelled to take this action to protect a minister who seems to be acting in an emotionally disabled fashion.

     So the Light within that I call the Holy Spirit, suggested that I contact another minister friend for prayer and spiritual support. Our phone conversation went really well. I asked that she pray for me and for each board director to remain open to unconditional love, healing, and the expression of the Divine. She went on to suggest that we affirm constantly that we remain a channel for the Holy Spirit in our lives today.

     And you know what? I just realized for the first time ever in my life, I accept that the Love-Light does talk to us, when we listen. God for me is more than an elusive force that heals by secret affirmations and rituals. I finally made emotional contact!

     God is directly accessible to all of us by letting go of our human side---ego, which thrives on fear, anger, violence, control, and past dark secrets. We are born with the innate power to form a personal relationship with our Faith by going within and claiming our spiritual identity: “We are not just material; we are spiritual.”  And these principles beautifully transcend gender, race, culture, creed, or sexual preference.

     With this Divine revelation, a plan seems to take form in my mind: I will express love and appreciation for each board member and all their special gifts and talents. I will emphasize the process of holding sacred our right to freedom of speech, without fear of reprisal, retribution, and sanctions from those who might disagree. I will then encourage all board and church members to consider revising the by-laws to incorporate clearly these inalienable freedoms.

     With this plan in mind, the mental fog and obsessive fear begin to lift. I know that whatever happens, I “never walk alone.” And I hope you realize that the healing process will work for anybody who chooses to make contact with one’s own Love-Light within:



Gary Eby, Author/Life Coach/Therapist


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    • VioletSun profile image

      VioletSun 7 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

      I am on my way to the park by myself to get some fresh air, sun and read as Phil is in the cabin working, and this hub in in perfect timing. The connection to the Light is transmuting in so many ways.

      As always, beautifully written.