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Love Songs Viewed from the I and the It Perspective

Updated on November 10, 2012

... Set ya free and give your heart the wings, to fly ...

Love Songs: Contemporary (It ) versus Spiritual (I) Context

(See also Enlightenment as a One-Step Procedure)

Below is a list (and link to access the lyrics) of some popular love songs that are mostly taken from the contemporary context, usually an ego-based definition of love. Please take the time to ponder on what the lyrics mean to you if these are sang to you by the universe’s greatest lover, God himself:

· Every Breath You Take

· Close to You

· I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You

Love as the Greatest Deception

Whatever songwriters mean by the word “love” really does not matter.

Whatever it means to us does.

For most, love is about having intimate relationships, such as for a man and a woman. For many, there is the love that exists among family members. And common to both, an element of “I will only love you if you love me back.” Of course, this is a hidden agenda that most of us, including the “it” or ego-based self in me would not care to admit.

Unconditional love is hard to come by in this world. Would this have anything to do with what Jesus said about us being “ … in this world, but not of this world”?

We are in this world when we relate through the conditional love of the it. We are not of this world, heavenly, when we relate with the unconditional love of the I. Of course, we are driven by all these desires (Ultimate Power from the Inexhaustible), majority of which we don’t even understand, let alone overcome.

“If I’m hungry, how can I give my last morsel of bread away?”

“If a person hits me, how can I offer the other cheek?”

What complex task to overcome the ego-based self!

But that observation is just another ego reaction, wanting to grab and grasp the complete intellectual conceptualization of everything. The I simply accepts the it or the ego-based self. All that is being asked of us is acceptance of the it for the I to rise above the ego-based self and into more in depth understanding of the mysteries of the soul, and thus of God’s universe.

That love is the greatest deception is only true if we haven’t quite truly loved yet. If we haven’t experienced unconditional love. Once we have had a taste of it though, it can be infectious!

The Contagion of Unconditional Love

Most everyone has experienced the thrill of being in love. Except that this is usually the kind that hurts in the end.

There is a kind that does not have to hurt in the end. This is the greatest “in love” we could ever get to be---being aware of how much in love God is with us. And this can only happen if we can get into the habit of being still and alert.

... Set ya free and give your heart the wings, to fly ...

(from the song "You ain’t got nothing if you ain’t got love")

Once we become aware of how in love God is with us, loving others becomes effortless and sets us free. Unconditional love becomes contagious.

“And I, the great I AM,

Will always love you.

Even before you were formed in the womb,

I knew you.

Will always … love you!”


Please take the chance to listen to God’s "I love you" in every love song that you



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