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Love Spell Failure

Updated on September 29, 2011

"There are those that place their heart, where there is interest"; was the Odu of Ifa which was cast for Baba Sixto Ifaodara, on the day in which he asked Ifa, "Why, don't some love spells work?"

Oyekun Birete is an Oracle of breakups due to power struggles in the home or relationship. The proverb "There are those that place their heart, where there is an interest." Expresses the idea that an individual has given their heart to someone whom in return is with them due to an ulterior motive. The individual has been lied too. In other words, only one is genuine in regards to their love about the other. This oracle expresses misunderstandings, quarrels, or fights over every little thing. When this happens it is a clear indication that someone wants out of the relationship or situations, and the other is in love and wants to keep them in it. Hence, the need for a love spell, counseling, or an arrangement. Arrangement, because some separations are complicated and can require that both partners need the necessary time, to disengage financial obligations or acquire the necessary funds to be able to leave. The need for a love spells comes in because, an individual is desperate. They have invested their time, heart, money, living space, body, and soul; into this person and now they feel betrayed. They are not ready or willing to let go. Oyekun Birete speak of marital or relationship problems due to impotence, illness, economic, or one driving the other crazy, as in psychological torture. Someone just can't take it anymore.

Love Spells work best to keep a marriage or relationship going because both partners want to continue being passionate about their love towards each other. Love spells where there is manipulation, hypocrisy, egotism, control, and pride. Might work for a little bit. But, will not last. And, in most cases will not work at all. The truth is the truth. Living a lie, is just that. People lie to themselves thinking that the other person loves them in the same way that they do. We all have free will to choose and know one, not even angels or demons can bend our will and make us love or do what, we do not have in our hearts too do. We can be swayed, influenced, or tricked into believing something. Yet, it is as I always say. "The mind can lie, yet the heart always knows the truth." I learned this studying the Odu of "Oshe Fun" where it is said that Orunmila/divinity knows what is in a person's heart before they have even sat down for a divination. I might not know their ulterior motive, yet the divinities do.

There are many other reasons why? an individual stops loving an other. This is something which I believe both individuals need to work out with being honest and truthful to one another. Most relationships fail, I believe because of dishonesty, and not giving in or following through with working on becoming better individuals for one another. In essence, the one becomes bored with the other. The other does not want to change, or making enhancements along the way. We are all individuals of change. As a matter of fact, we can even see the change occurring before our eyes. Just look back every 5 or 10 years or so. I counsel folks on what I call to be the 5 virtues of making a marriage or relationship last. Yes, the obvious is respect and honesty. But, the following are also within the parameters of respect and honesty, which we need to give to one another. They are: communication, comprehension, patients, tolerance, and effort. Communication with out comprehension will not work. Specially, if we are not patient. We need to give the other individual the necessary time to understand. Some folks are slower. There can not being any patients with out tolerance. The slower one needs to tolerate the faster one and vice verse. Which culminates in the effort needed or that it takes, to comprehend, and be patient. The effort is the desire in really wanting to make the relationship work. If you do, you will make the enhancements because your love is true.

I wrote this article because I googled my online name "Baba Sixto"; just to see what would pop up. Then, to my surprise I was listed in a google blogspot blog as being a scammer, by someone called "Chardonnay". I was so intrigued by this that I actually did a divination as to why? a love spell would not work; outcome this oracle "Oyekun Birete and this article. I do not recall performing any ritual for a "Chardonnay." I do not recall or have in my files a paypal receipt for services rendered to a "Chardonnay." Unless, they are going by another name and they are lying or manipulated themselves in order to put up a blog against spiritual workers, and putting me on the list.

Now, if the individual experimented with a written article which I have written, which expresses how to perform a love spell or how they work. They can not blame me for it not working. A spiritual investigation would have to take place in order to see why it has not worked. Such as, I have done here. I am no scammer, I do not prey on the feelings of others. I am the first person which will support a positive cause and not a negative one. Yes, I need to make a living. Yet, I tell all my clients, give according to what they believe is fare. I leave it up to their conscious and situation. I have a price list on my blog because folks want more or less price range for my services. Yet, it is not casted in stone. I have been supporting the needs of others since 2000.. Became, active on the internet in 2006, because clients wanted me to write about the knowledge which I have attained being born and raised in the Lucumi system. I also became incorporated in order to charge for services utilizing Paypal, so that my godchildren, friends and clients would have a way a paying me utilizing debt/credit cards. Along with the ability to pay when they want and how they want. This also gives me the ability to report my earnings and pay taxes just like every one else.

Being a Babalawo is a profession. I left by old Computer Systems Analyst career where I used to be billed out between 45 to 65 bucks an hour by corporations in order to settle for what the public is able to afford. Then, because someone does not understand that the religious work involved in Santeria is not "hocus pocus trickery", or " I dream of Jeanie magic", I am called a scammer. They have no base, I have yet to see the proof. Folks are not aware that there are definite rules, and parameters, in which we as religious workers live by. It takes great dedication, sacrifice, faith and heart to be able to support the needs of others through religious work. Let alone make a living. Those that work this truthfully, and honestly only make enough to live. I have not had a savings let alone mutual fund investments since I left the corporate world. I have only been able to earn according to what God has allowed me to earn. Because, of this my family has had to adjust and adapt from what they once had, to that which they no longer have. Thanks to my ancestors, Orisha's and God which have supported me, is how I have been able to survive since 2000; the last year that I wrote code..


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  • BabaSixto profile image

    Sixto J Novaton 5 years ago from Florida

    thank you for your comments.. I always aim to relay what is true..

  • voodoospell profile image

    voodoospell 5 years ago from 1958 South 950 East Provo

    Nice hub. I am glad to read.

  • profile image

    oba888 6 years ago

    There are many thoughts I have in regards to helping others. My experience has taught me that their is a laundry list of things that could possibly go wrong. Sometimes a person asks for something to be resurrected when it should really remain dead. The "thing" returns and they are upset because its not the "beautiful thing they wanted". That withstanding, this is not isolated to love spells because its not the only human condition. In my humble opinion, the person should inform the worker of the outcome whether its positive or negative. The person should be able to accept the opinion of the worker as a knowledgeable professional and accept their advice. This also allows the worker to reevaluate the situation and go forth from there. If the person simply wants what they want, and can not be counselled, they might be the reason the help did not work.