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Love Spells from 1872

Updated on March 19, 2012

High Priestess Lenuta Dumitru – Her Own Book of Shadows

Book of Shadows from 1872
Book of Shadows from 1872 | Source

Love Spells written by High Witch & Priestess Lenuta Dumitru - 1872

I was contacted with a wonderful story earlier today that I really felt I had to share with you all. It concerns an ancient Love Spell from 1872. This is an ancient Love Spell from An old Book of Shadows written by High Witch & Priestess Lenuta Dumitru. She died apparently in 1893. It was translated about ten years ago by a Professor at Oxford University.

Here is the transcript by High Witch and Priestess Lenuta Dumitru from her Book of Shadows recorded in 1872.

She discusses her own Love Spells:-
This is my reliable chronicle dated 22nd June 1872.Composed to show the bewitching strength to acquire the hearts passion of the one you love, giving you ability to bring them under your spell. With our own supernatural force that we all can effect by applying not just the virtue of our minds but also the energy of Moon and Sun. With crystals, oils and incense, your actual want can become your individual reality. These recipes and these spells passed down to me by many a generation. At my ripen of becoming grown to the mighty age of twelfth years, my affable mother, she gave me the capacity and comprehension in the art and clairvoyancy of casting of magic spells. She related to me that I would need not just actions and words but I would need to employ materials. Curious as a cat, I did inquire her if they could in truth work. She related to me that many years afore my beginning she enslaved no other than my mellow Papa in this very nature. Simplicity she assured me was everything. Cast a spell she told me is the easiest because you have such high clear hopes, whereas cast a spell to negate the crippled heart is not so easy as it would be complex to return focus your consideration for a beneficial implementation. Of course in reality any person can work such powers with Love Spells working on such higher realms and can cast such supreme and extraordinary love spells.

This is my basic love spell.

For the Love Spell You will need these things:

A red candle and a piece of paper or scroll.

Light up your candle. Then scribe on your piece of parchment or piece of paper the objective of your Love Spell that you wish to cast. It is essential that as you transcribe down your aspiration and intention that you fully visualise and see it clearly manifesting. Then you must enclose the piece of paper or parchment, again take care to think about your very desire and what result it is that you are desiring for.

Take the corner of your gathered parchment or paper and then place it in the fire of your red candle until it lights up. Again it is very crucial for you to keep thinking about the desires of your invocation. Please keep casting out your spell but oblige your candle to then blaze on and on until it is wholly burned away. Be sure to dissipate the ashes of your magic spell into the all-night air. If you later make a decision you do not want this wish anymore, simply call back the spell, determining and speaking out that you no longer wish for it.

This psychic discerning energy can be used with casting spells. Your Love Spell will become full of life and start functioning straight away, as your parchment or paper burns. Then please be persevering; many factors depend on how fast it shall work. Is your love situation a complex state of affairs? are others interfering or becoming involved?

If your hearts desire has fallen out with great bitterness and will not consider debate about your situation, it will take longer for you spell to penetrate. The magic be that as it may will work in the strangest of ways. They shall dream of you. They will all of a sudden reminisce of you and about you. They will walk unexpectedly without any anticipation or plan into your path. Envisage the unpredicted. Recognize they may refuse to face up to reality of the situation. Conceivably they cannot even be honest to themselves. They may carry on to doggedly renounce their feelings. They will profess if requested that they have no compassion, that you are in their history. However the magic is performing slowly, with might and main penetrating deep within their Soul. With such bewildering and difficult emotions in force do not ever foresee overnight results. If all that happened was a small debate then the result will be easier and faster.

On our own planet earth material world we have time and space however in the unseen world all times are the same past, present and future are indeed the same. Summon into mind also now and then as Magic is not an exact science and more of a craft occasionally love spells will fail. If a love spell does not work you still can have belief and hope.

At times a spell is cast more than once to ensure that as many problems can be covered. A spell cannot ever spring back, if it really cannot follow the instructions you have sent it will simply be unsuccessful.

It is not wicked to cast a Love Spell they are in fact spellbinding and warm loving entities.
Positivity, Love and Light is what they are all about.
I trust that this will be of some interest - please do let me know the results of all your Magic Spells! I cannot wait to hear how you all get on!

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