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Jesus May Have Been An Extraterrestral--Part I

Updated on October 25, 2010
Where did Christ Come From?
Where did Christ Come From?

Love Was Born Today

DISCLAIMER: This story was originally written to give my grandchildren an alternative to the traditional Christmas story. It is as an honest attempt to look at another possibility for the origin of Jesus Christ, and is in no way meant to offend anyone or any religion.


My Dear Grandchildren,

In your lifetimes, you will hear many stories. One of the most popular and most important, in my opinion, will be the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. As I write this on December 12, 2004, most of the world at least accepts that Jesus is a real, historical person even though there is still not one piece of physical evidence to prove that he actually lived. There are about a billion people who believe that he is the son of God. I personally accept that he lived and that through his teachings has had more influence on the civilization of the western world than anyone else in recorded history. It is my personal observation that because of his teachings and his life, the true meaning of love was introduced to the human race, and it is that seed of love planted 2000 years ago that is still transforming us today. This is also the seed of the story you are about to read, that the world was practically devoid of love before the birth of Jesus.

So, to take a new look at the story of Christmas is important, because no one yet knows for sure the actual circumstances of the birth of Jesus. It is amazing that in more than 2000 years of recorded history, we have not been able to find even one piece of scientifically acceptable physical evidence that such an important historical person ever lived at all. This leads me to think about why this would be, and what might be another possible explanation among the many that you will hear. You will notice that this story parallels stories in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, which millions of Christians and Jews believe were written by God. Even today, however, after thousands of years of human history, there is no consensus as to who or what God is. We are still making a supposedly infinite God into our image and likeness, and our nations are still using this one God as a banner held high over our warring armies. This story opens up another possibility as to who “God” is by giving another explanation for biblical stories. Actually, this story is more a new background for the biblical ones, because the stories themselves remain the same.

Of course, it is entirely possible that in your lifetime new evidence will be found that will solve this mystery of the birth of Jesus, but right now this is how I imagine that it could have happened, and if I do not tell you this version of the story, you may never hear it. The new names I use, of course, are fictitious and used just to make the story a bit more interesting.


Millions of years ago, in a galaxy far, far away lived a people who had reached a very high level of evolution unimaginable to us yet today. They had already lived through innumerable generations of change, and thousands and perhaps millions of lifetimes of learning and evolving. They had reached a practical understanding of the unity of all things that gave them control over all things, including themselves. They had attained the ability to create whatever they wanted. They had become creators like the Prime Creator which created them. They had become masters of the universe which they had finally come to understand.

These masters of the universe had learned how to move in and out of the various dimensions and parallel universes that made up their world. These creator gods devised a plan to create a place that would be the showcase of the creative talent of the master geneticists of their galaxy. It would be a living library of life forms. It would be the perfect world not only of physical form but of spiritual evolution, a center of love and cooperation unparalleled in the universe.

The earth, or gaia as it was then known, was truly the paradise it was created to be. Everything on that little planet was perfect. It was a living library to which all sentient beings on all of the planets in the galaxy had contributed genetic information so that anyone who contributed could come to this one beautiful place and learn from a living organism. It was filled with every known plant and animal, all living in harmonious balance. Gaia was the brainchild of Ani and Sorna who had conceived it in their own desire to create, to continue in the footsteps of those who had created them.

After Gaia had been completed by the master geneticists cooperating in this master plan, it was filled with such beauty that it was considered the jewel of the galaxy. The assembly of creator gods lead by Ani and Sorna had decided that this would now be the perfect place to introduce a new species of beings, modeled after themselves, and watch them enjoy this wonderful place. This would be an experiment within the experiment, and one of many of its kind that had been tried and failed as Gaia had been developing. Only now so much had been learned, and the probability of success was very high.

Since there were different climates and conditions that existed all over earth, they decided that they would create beings that were adapted to each of these zones and watch what would happen as they multiplied, spread over the earth, met and intermingled. The master plan was to create four races of these beings that would eventually become one that was perfectly adapted to this planet, and which would find it’s way back home to the planet from which it had come.

So, guided by Ani and Sorna, they used all of their skills as master geneticists. They created these beings from their own genetic material and that of other contributing beings that contained just the right attributes that gave them the abilities and skills to thrive where they were placed. The gardeners of the earth seeded these new, precious beings in the best locations to foster their growth, and tended to them as any loving parent would until they took hold in their new home. For many generations, they watch them grow and helped them to learn how to become the gentle masters of their new home.

These new creatures were magnificent. They were physically exquisite, extremely intelligent, took quickly and easily to their new homes and multiplied rapidly. After a thousand years in this perfect environment, each race had spread rapidly within their own territory but had not yet met each other. The creator gods had devised natural barriers of very high mountains and deep oceans to keep them apart until just the right time. They knew that these creatures were so intelligent and adaptable that they would soon find a way to cross these obstacles, but by that time they would also have become ready to meet and join with the others.

These creatures were designed to be the library cards of the earth. It was only through them that the members of the assembly of creator gods could access this living library of unimaginable beauty and knowledge. For within them, locked in their genetic code were the keys to this library, the codes to unlock every secret of this fantastic land. The only ones who could have access to these codes where those who had contributed their genetic material to this project.

There were other advanced being watching this project develop, however, Roax and his followers. From the beginning, they would have nothing to do with this waste of time and fortune, as they called it. They never for a moment thought that it would succeed. First with disbelief, then with amazement, then with envy, they watch as this tiny, blue planet took shape.

Roax, the leader of this group of rogue creator gods had his spies continuously bring him the latest news about what was happening on Gaia. As he watched, and as he realized in his deranged but super intelligence that this project was becoming one of the most far reaching, most comprehensive experiments that had ever been attempted in the known universe, he knew that he had to have it for himself. He could already see the vast value of its natural resources, but more than anything else, he could see the unlimited source of energy in the intelligent creatures that had been created to master and govern it all. He understood that these beings were the key to the planet, and they were the force that he would use to take control of this jewel of the galaxy. He would find a way to lure them away from the influence of their creators and to himself. He would become their master and the master of this paradise.


Copyrighted 2004-2009, Sgscalese


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