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Love alone sustains the Universe!

Updated on May 15, 2017

Martin Luther King quote.

Love is selflessness!

Love is ‘selflessness’. Self (ego) is lovelessness. Love, not lust is the happy way of life, said Sri Sathya Saibaba in one of his discourses. But most of us fall in the second category. Very rare souls like Buddha and Jesus falls in the first category! Because we consider our body as the reality of life, we act in a selfish manner. We are aware that the body is like a water bubble and it may burst at any moment. Why should we rely on the transient body? What about the mind? It is a mad monkey that too intoxicated. Monkeys are never steady even for a moment. If the monkey is mad and intoxicated, we can realize how much havoc it will create in anyone? But we sadly rely on the unreliable instruments! If these are not reliable, where can we put our faith? We have to rely on the inner self (god). Hence it is asserted that god is the inner self of every being! God pervades the universe and transcends it. There is no place sans god! The mind relies on the senses but the mind should obey its master, the intellect. Mostly, the mind bypasses the intellect and chooses pleasures over good. Yes, pleasures are different from good! What is good cannot be pleasant! The scriptures differentiate pleasures and good as “Preyas and Sreyas”. The former is related to pleasures whereas the later is what is good for the individual.

All Religions teach Love!

Choose good over pleasure!

God has vested the ‘choice making faculty’ with the mind. Hence in 99 out of 100 cases, the mind chooses pleasures derived from the senses. Taste is a pleasure. Hence man exerts to make the food tasty by frying it with oil, adding hot chilli powder and other condiments. The aroma is very pleasing to the nose, the color attracts our eyes and the taste is exquisite for the tongue. But one vital question! Do we eat food to satisfy our hunger or for catering to the tongue? The choice will depend how healthy you become after taking the food. Fried food, hot and mixed with condiments, though tasty will spoil our stomach and intestines very soon. Hence many youngsters who frequent fast food motels end up soon in big hospitals with serious digestive problems!

Moderation in eating and rest is the way to lead a healthy life. Fill half the stomach with food, a quarter with liquids and the rest should be left empty for air circulation. Most of us eat food filling the entire belly and he is unable to get up. The excess gas comes out as belching. Stomach should not be used as a bag to stock food. Practice moderation in all things of life. Hence the Bagawat Gita teaches the people to choose the middle path avoiding all extremes. We eat to live and not live to eat. Our ancients have experimented with all types of food and exhort people to avoid animal food, highly spiced oil fried food and food kept in the fridge for many days. Though the fridge may preserve the freshness, much type of bacteria grows once food is kept for days. Hence many people who refrigerate all cooked items suffer from many diseases which snowball into serious health disorders like cancer etc. Our ancestors have lived eating naturally available food like green leaves, full grains, green vegetables, fruits, tubers and fibers. People who want to remain happy and peaceful generally consume fresh vegetarian diet. Butter milk is better than milk. People who eat such type of food maintained their serenity. We have read from epics that demons consume mostly forbidden items and hence they always hate others and most of them were always furious for no reason. The main reason is forbidden food and drinks. Love is the mightiest weapon against hatred and violence. Though demon Ravana was mighty in his physical strength, yet Rama could conquer him since Rama exuded love and never hated any. Hence he allowed Ravana to go back and come next day prepared for the final battle. Ravana lost all his demon warriors, his weapons and chariot and was standing alone in the battle field. Out of compassion, Rama asked him to return. He could have easily killed Ravana. But it was not right to kill an enemy who has no weapons and forlorn. A fire can not be extinguished by fire. Water alone can put down fire. Ravana was like fire and Rama was like a cool stream of water! When Ravana returned the next day with all his weapons, after a fierce battle, he was killed by Rama by an arrow aimed at his naval region where his life is preserved!

Love pervades everywhere!

Love alone can conquer all and everything!

Hence more than mighty weapons, love could conquer everyone! God created the cosmos out of love, preserved it through love and out of love annihilate the creation. If the created beings are allowed to remain, there won’t be even standing space for any. Hence the created beings are annihilated through many means like natural death, accidents and natural calamities! Hence today we have space to live on earth. Since god loves everyone, he expects everyone to love their fellow beings. Love is the underlying thread of the varieties of flowers (beings) in the world. Though each one depicts different color and smell, all are united in the love of god which is the central thread! Hence Love All; Serve All. Help Ever; Hurt never; All are One, be alike to everyone!

Love alone...

Love is the supreme weapon!

Do you believe that love can conquer even the hardest terrorist?

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