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Love and Romance Spell

Updated on June 30, 2012


2 Bananas
3 Scoops of Chocolate Ice Cream
5 Tbsp. Strawberry Syrup (or jam)
10 Tbsp. Whipped Cream
13 Nuts (any kind)

Place ingredients together in a bowl, or two. While doing so, chant:

Elements blessed
By the Divine
Together as one
We are entwined
This spell is true
And harms no one
As I will it
It is done

Now share this extremely tasty treat with the one you love to enhance the excitement and romance in your relationship!
Dishes and utensils cleansed with spring water are better to use but not necessary. The number of items used in this spell are very important, so make sure to follow the directions.
This is a spell you can perform everyday if you so wish! Just be sure to exercise and work off all of the calories. Have fun!

*Never use ingredients that you or your intended are allergic to!


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      Song lover 2 years ago

      He would think it is weird that I'm telling him to eat something