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Love sustains the creation

Updated on October 14, 2012

God is Love

The vast universe is sustained only by Love and God is none other than Love. We always attribute some form to God but it is Love which can not be seen but can only be felt. Scientists may postulate many theories for the origin of the universe. But, spiritualists assert that only pure selfless love has manifested as all of these we perceive.

Coming to the definition of love itself, we equate ordinary worldly affections(rather afflictions)as love. If God's love can be equated to some approximation, it can be equaled to a mother's love. We can also say that a child loves all and hence it chuckles every time it sees some. The main reason is that a child is absolutely innocent and hence bereft of ego. As a child grow up, it learns the tricks of the trade slowly by watching the people around. It is we, who spoil the child. It is the society around which teaches many negative qualities as one grow.The society treats money making as a supreme virtue and every one starts believing the same.

No doubt, money is essential for living. Now the pertinent question is "how much one need?. Sathya Saibaba once posed this question to a gathering and He himself has provided the answer through a nice example. Assume that you are going to a shop to purchase a footwear. What we usually do is to give our foot size to the salesman who will bring suitable size footwear of required shape and design. To test the footwear, we wear it and walk a few steps. We will check whether it pinch the foot or too loose. If it pinches, we may go for a next size. If it is loose, we will ask for a lower size. This is the principle behind our requirement of money. We should have just enough money to lead a comfortable life. If it is less, we will find it difficult to make both ends meet. If it is more, it will create more problems from taxman, relatives, friends and enemies too.

Hence we should retain the innocence of a baby even as we grow. The real meaning is that we should love all freely without any differentiation. It should expand to embrace more and more! The real problem here is that we are conditioned by society to remain 'selfish' and look after our own interests. This is contraction. We must not become a pool of stagnated water. It will contaminate all who come near. We must be like a flowing river assuaging the thirsts of many beings, plants, birds and cattle on the way. We must enjoy sharing this Love not only with our kith and kin but with our neighbors and unknown people. Love sooth the soul..

The fact is that we have not enjoyed real selfless love so far except during our childhood.But we have several examples from history. The love of Jesus, the love of Buddha and recently, the love of Saibaba are very clear that selfless love is possible by us too, if we but shed our selfishness and ego. Birds and animals show us how they love their offspring. The creation itself is a clear example of the love of God towards all of us. He has provided pure air to breath, water to quench our thirst, food in the form of vegetables, fruits and grains to sustain us. Plants feed us as well as the animals. We eat the nuts given by trees. In addition, trees gives its shade to one and all. The cool rain after a scorching summer rejuvenates one and all. The lush green valleys, the varieties of flowers, the star studded sky are really the expression of the love of the creator towards His creation. He expects all of us to love one and all equally as He loves us.

It is the lack of Love in society today leads to all strife and hatred. From the individual to the family, from the villages to the towns and ultimately the countries of the world must live in harmony and love with all. Then peace will be the harvest. It is not an Utopian dream. From now on, try to love each other in a selfless manner. Expand this love to cover the entire humanity. It is possible provided we practice it selflessly and sincerely.


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