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Love takes different avatars!

Updated on July 2, 2016

Drinking water at doorstep!

Pure love of god is distorted on earth!

It is general psyche that the educated would love the company of educated... Also a Doctor would befriend a Doctor and an Engineer would like the company of Engineer. Likewise, the ignorant illiterate would seek the company of likeminded. A warrior too would compete only with an equal. Even among birds, we have seen flocks of the same bird would coexist. Other birds may also perch in the same surroundings but birds of one flock will not mingle with birds of different flock! It is said that likeminded could easily befriend each other!

In the same analogy, atheists will love other atheist. Theists also seek the company of theists! Devotees of god congregate in some place to propitiate god and rationalists gather to discuss their thoughts. It is a kind of mutual attraction. Even among every species, we might have noticed these aspects. Monkeys living in groups, elephants moving in herds like other animals in forests are the most common sight. These mutual affection and attractions, stemmed from the philosophy of god’s love. Since god is imminent in creation, his form of love takes different avatars among human and other species. We call that in different names like attachment, affection, infatuation, kinship, mother’s love and varieties of bonds. Even a preceptor loves his disciples like his own sons. Hence, it is not a wonder for these kinds of distorted forms of selfless pure love of god towards his creation!

Sai emblem

Human beings can not exhibit selfless love!

In every religious text, god is defined as “Love”. It is not the love exhibited by mortals towards their own kith and kind. It is pure, selfless love without any expectations. It is love for love’s sake. In fact, no mortal except self-realized sages and prophets could exhibit such selfless love. If you compare the above with those of mortals, it would resemble a hill and valley. We mortals shower our love to wives and children with a tinge of selfishness. On the earth, the mother’s love to her baby is the nearest to selfless manifestation of love. The mother alone loves her babies without any self-interest.

In today’s world, love is replaced with hatred. The term itself has become anathema to many in the world! The disintegration of human values is the result of stark materialism imbibed by one and all. It is a sad spectacle that education has become a commercial venture. In this world, nursing and treatment of Doctors were once the noblest of any profession. But nowadays, health care has become a commercial enterprise. Patients become pauper, once they seek treatment as inpatient in any hospitals. The so called public dispensaries run by the government do not care much for the patient. In government headquarters hospital, the poor do not get the treatment they deserve. Those who pay tips to all the attendants, sub staff and other menials could get some sort of treatment. Others have to face discomfort and indifferent attitudes from everyone!

Sathya Sai University admin building!

Saibaba has founded free health care and educational institutes!

Long ago, during the 90s, Sathya Sai Trust has founded a wonderful temple of health in the category of super specialty care. The only hospital where there is no billing department. All the patients, whether they are poor or illiterate get the same kind of; love and care from all hospital staff, attendants, volunteers and Doctors. Hence there is no discrimination or negligence towards any of the patients who throng to this temple of health with the sole wish of getting cured. The hospital has conducted more than one lakh major surgeries in cardiac health, urology and eye care. The inpatients get nice diet during their stay in the hospital besides medicines absolutely Free of cost. On discharge, they are given prescriptions for medicines. Those who underwent surgery could come for review as directed by the Doctors. Volunteers assist the nurses and doctors in helping and caring the patients by attending the patients and their needs.

The entire cost of running this free multi-specialty hospital, which runs to several crores, is met from the funds of Sathya Sai trust. One more such hospital was founded at Whitefield near Bangalore which follows the same philosophy of free health care to one and all. But the roasters of the hospital are already filled up and there is a system in place. Those who need urgent care are given preferences in surgeries. Others are given medicines and asked to come after some months. Service before the self is the philosophy enunciated by Sathya Sai baba. His free educational institutes which have classes from KG to PG and advanced courses like MBA and MFM are taught free of cost without collecting any sort of fee from the students. Many thousands of students pass out from the portals of Sai Institutes. Integrated system of education, combining both secular and spiritual aspects, are the motto of Sai University.

The Free hospital

Sathya Sai Trust provides free education and drinking water to entire district!

The students of this unique system of education study about all great religions of the world, the spiritual preceptors, prophets and the philosophy behind different religious beliefs. Sai emblem contains symbols of five major religions. Hence the students become experts in the philosophy and religious teachings of major religions. In addition, service projects are compulsory for each student. Community service is compulsory. They visit the surrounding villages, assess the need of each family and solve the major problems faced by the villagers who are situated in remote inaccessible places. Main areas of thrust are ‘drinking water, hygiene, health care, education, animal husbandry and elder care.

Sathya Sai Trust has provided potable drinking water to more than seven hundred villages in Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh. The entire cost was met with Sathya Sai Trust funds which run into several hundred crores. No government had attempted to provide drinking water to the parched souls so far. Without any aid from the government Saibaba has undertaken the huge test and completed them in time. Now, all the villages get water through piped water supply near their residences. Prior to that, they used to walk many miles. To fetch one pot of brackish water for use this was injurious to health! Sathya Sai baba has solved their problem by innovative planning. Thousands of miles of pipe lines were laid from Thungabadra and other balancing reservoirs and water was mostly conveyed aligning to gravity and occasionally, resorting to pumping to high water tanks. These service projects continue though Sathya Saibaba attained Mahasamadhi on 24th April 2011. The trust is expanding many schemes.

Education and health care are given priorities in planning. In addition, relief measures are rushed to the sites where natural disasters struck like Nepal earthquake and many places around the world. Sai volunteers and Sai students are providing free food, clothing, education to many poor people around the globe every week besides conducting free medical camps. Saibaba schools are running in Africa, Thailand and other places inculcating service and sacrifice as their motto!


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      Akila 18 months ago

      That's fabulous. Rich thought in Rich language. I stand admiring you.