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Love with Taurus!

Updated on January 8, 2017

The headstrong and heartfelt Taureans. Understand how a Taurean thinks, acts and behaves and learn how they wish to be treated in love and you will have them running after your heart in the bullfighting ring of love.

Best qualities about Taureans are so appealing because they have the ability to make you feel in such good hands when they are around.

If you are having a bad day all you need to do is look at your Taurus and their sincere caring eyes, or listen to their voice and you just start to feel relaxed and understood.

Mostly all Taureans I have known whether they are exceptionally good looking to the point of intimidating or sweet in appearance all seem to have a beautiful child in them that loves reminiscing over sweet memories of their childhood.

They are not afraid to buy a Star Wars toy or soft toy for their partner no matter what age they are. This cuteness about them makes them even more appealing and they embrace movie nights watching Gremlins, Back to the Future and all the classic movies of their teenage years.

They get a bigger thrill seeing others get really excited from the plans they make, as Taureans will be the types that will book that surprise box seat ticket to a sporting match or show in order to impress someone they care about.

When they notice others getting excited and smiling it makes a Taurean feel that they are experiencing something also for the first time again, even if they have seen that show before or have been to a similar sporting match over and over again.

My Taurean brother preferred to watch movies with me instead of his girlfriend because I would show such dramatic excitement or emotion every time I watched a movie. His girlfriend would fall asleep during the movies so I found him making excuses not to see her some nights so he could stay at home and watch them with me instead.

I would have to give an award to most taureans as being the most thoughtful and generous of all the zodiac when it comes to giving gifts, and their time, for those they care about.

Taureans I have come into contact with have mainly all shared the same generous qualities and they put a lot of effort into giving gifts from the heart.

My Taurean friend from work routinely buys a treat for her boyfriend every Friday. When I asked her why she does this, her response was, “He’s having a hard time at work lately and this is the one thing he will look forward to”. A present + meaning is a formula to sum up Taureans.

Their actions have a lot of meaning behind them. What looks like a small token to a loved one has been thought through in great detail. I have known some wealthier Taureans to fly their partners interstate or overseas just to go on shopping spree. This was not about spending money for the sake of it but because their partner shared a complete love for shopping.

Taureans are the types to buy their partners a music item for their birthday if they were passionate about music or that extra special guitar with their entire weeks wage to support their partners dream. No matter what they plan or what they give it is always done with some meaning behind it.

Important tip!

It is important to recognise the effort a Taurean goes to in order to care for you should you be on the receiving end of their time and generosity.

Taureans are not necessarily looking for the same token gestures or extravagant gifts in return but they are certainly looking for recognition in order to feel appreciated for their efforts.

Why are they so considerate when in love?

Considerate Taurus, indeed! One beautiful quality about Taureans is that they have such consideration for those they care about and they prioritise the needs of others they love over their own needs. I was having a discussion with a Taurean friend about feeling sick and his immediate reaction was, “I will take of you”.

To give context to my example my friend had been involved in being tested for an internal bleeding disorder that same week and his health was below average. Despite his own poor circumstance he put my needs first before his own. I soon found out it was because of his interest towards me to be more than a friend that I received such a nice gesture and he displayed that typical Taurean devotion to those they care about or are trying to win over however isnt that so sweet? Yes!

My friend’s boyfriend doesn’t like going to sleep unless his beloved Taurean is by his side. If she is not in the room then he finds that he can’t sleep well.

One day Miss Taurus had an uncomfortable eye condition that prevented her from being able to sleep properly. Instead of staying up all night reading a book, watching TV or passing time doing activities that would make her feel more comfortable she lay in the dark next to her boyfriend so he was able to sleep. She spent hours upon hours until finally she was so exhausted she slept. A pure example of a Taurean putting the needs of her loved one before her own.

Taurean love traits

Taureans are part of the earth signs such as Virgo and Capricorn yet have the influence of planet Venus like Libra. It is interesting how these practical souls are able to prioritise the importance of love and family as most earth signs will yet have a romantic touch to their personalities which makes them a devoted partner with that extra special touch.

I have seen many Taureans go a little obsessive when it comes to courting someone yet their obsessive behaviour is not shown obviously as with some other signs. The influence of being an earth sign allows Taureans to have that stable stamina to patiently get to know their love interest over what can be a long period of time and the more they have invested in getting to know the person the harder it is for them to let go.

Taureans won’ t necessarily get bored with someone if they know there is any chance they will be able to one day win over the object of their desire but they do it tastefully. Don’t ever think you will be able to turn off a Taurean, they will decide for themselves if you are not good enough for them or not worthy of their affections.

They will not take any of your excuses lightly and if their heart is fixed on you then there is not a lot you can do to turn them off unless you completely disrespect them and annoy them beyond belief. You won’ t know this but your Taurean admirer is talking for hours to their friends about you or thinking about you for hours upon hours, convincing themselves you should be together because of their checklist of reasons in their head. They do not easily accept any other reasons to believe otherwise. They will find a way to win you over if you allow them to.

Alternatively if you happen to be in love with a Taurean who has told you they do not share your same affections then there is almost nothing you will be able to do in order to change their mind. It is not to say they don’ t give people chances, in fact they give many chances but if they have seen you as a friend, then a friend is generally how you will stay. If they are not attracted physically or mentally then they will not pretend to deny their lack of interest and if you ask them upfront about their feelings you will generally get a straightforward honest response.

The minds of a Taurean

The way a Taurean thinks is really incredible. It is combined with planning and listening to what their heart desires. Once their mind is made up there is no stopping them. The headstrong female Taureans will have the strength to end a relationship that is not matching their needs but for a Taurean to come to such a conclusion they must have exhausted every avenue and just realised their partner will not provide them with what they want.

My close Taurean friend went from being an accountant to choosing to change her career following her heart. She used to mention that crunching numbers for a living was not fulfilling her anymore and she opened a small business selling aromatherapy products and services to benefit her family, friends and clients health. I will tell my friend that I had an issue with a headache and I would receive a 1 page essay on what I should do to treat my headache.

Now you have to understand Taureans can come across full on, opinionated and even obsessive about their work as well but everything they do they give their heart and mind to and they have your best interest at heart.

They are the bulls in the bullfighting right, you dangle a red cloth or subject matter that they know about and they will charge full steam ahead at the target.

One issue with their upfront nature is that it can leave people not getting back to them or just ignoring them rather than telling them thanks but I don’t need help right now or I am not interested. This leaves our poor Taureans exhausting themselves trying to do the right thing and they can end up feeling neglected and not properly understanding what’ s happened due to the efforts they went to.

I have heard my Taurean friend say, “Why can’t people just to be upfront with me and honest? If they don’t want to do something, just say it!” So, be honest with your Taurean and don’ t leave them hanging, they hate not knowing where they stand more than any of the other star signs and will cut you out of their life if you have stood them up over and over again. They are people of principle.

Many people at times don’ t know how to say no to a Taurean for they have ways to sell their plans to others and they will take hours to show you the benefits of a plan they have in order for you to give in and agree to attend or do what they say.

There is this other side to a Taurean though, one that doesn’t like to let someone else down and directly tell them they are not particularly interested in having a relationship anymore. I tried to work out how these upfront, honest people can also feel conflict to let those down once committed to someone and I feel it’ s a clash of them trying to fulfil their traditional beliefs and stand by their commitments torn with their need to have real love in their life influenced by Venus and their romantic hearts.

My Taurean client had a girlfriend that wanted him to move out of home and live with him. I often wondered why he took so long to make the move based on his age and asked him, “What are you waiting for? What is stopping you from moving out with your current girlfriend?” His reaction was,” I don’t think I want to make a commitment to her as I didn’t with my other ex.” I was puzzled considering he spent 2 years with her and then asked him why? His response was,” I think I will just go on with my life and wait for her to leave me, it worked with the ex, and eventually they leave!” He had done this not once but twice.

The Taurean didn’t want to hurt his girlfriends by telling them he didn’t love them enough so he hoped they would leave him so he was not in the position where he had to let them down.

Breaking a commitment is not an easy thing for our beloved bulls but when the heart tells them no, they can feel enormous internal conflict so try and recognise the reasons why they do not progress with plans involving you.

You may be wasting your precious time so try and talk to them about how they really feel and if they wish to progress or not with your relationship going to the level you want it to go to. How to understand your Taurean understand them and talk to them about feelings. They want to get close to people and they think with their head and heart so try and listen to what their heart desires not just your own needs.

Taureans will give almost everything to their partners when in love and are prone to be taken advantage of financially so please don’t take advantage of them when you are leaving them with $10.00 in their bank. It is not to say they are not sensible with money, they are at times but when their heart takes over their head they find themselves giving the shirt off their back if that meant it would keep their partner warm.

Taureans that are being distant need time to think if they want to commit to you or are looking for a commitment in their life.

Tips when dealing with Taureans!

Allow them to have that time to decide if you are right for them or else they may commit to you in order to prevent hurting you, as they know it would make you happy having them as a partner but let them make up their mind in their time. Don’t push them into a commitment or else you may end up like my client, having a partner that hopes you will dump them to avoid the confrontation.

Try and be appreciative about the cupcake you got that Friday when you had a shit week or the movie they downloaded for hours because it is your favourite. Appreciate their internal and external beauty. You know their eyes are irresistible so tell them.

If they are obsessive about something allow them to talk about it or let them do their gym routine without any question, their routine is very important to them. They also thrive on achieving their goals so don’t get impatient with them when it takes longer than they anticipated. You can’t put them off something they put their mind to achieving, you will never win that battle.

If they are working too much, or too late then sit them down and talk through how they are feeling and never make them feel they have to continue in a job they are not happy with.

Don’t let a Taurean suffer in silence and be there for them as well the way they are with their partners and loved ones. You will have a wonderful and considerate partner if you treat them right, be honest and caring and also give them space when they need. Taureans are fun loving, caring and amazing to be with.


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      Nikhil 12 months ago

      Also Taurus can the most principled, most rigid.