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Love without duty is Divine!

Updated on January 18, 2016

The message of Love!

Love without duty!

Loving service to the needy will lead us to God!

The spider is very little creature but its web is a miraculous artwork. How the little spider weaves beautiful web which baffles even structural engineers around the world? The circular web of concentric circle or elliptical shape is evenly spaced, perfect and held aloft by the cross lines which supports them from sagging or breaking. Who has trained the spider in this art of web weaving? It does so through the saliva letting out fine thread, enough just to hold the weight of the spider in the center as well as small insects and bees that inadvertently transgress the area of the web! Is not the spider itself a miracle?

Our ancient sages has observed this artwork of the spider and learned great lessons about the creation and cosmos! Just like the spider, god creates the universe out of him, let it remain for some fixed time and absorbs it back. Just watch the spider. When it decides to remove the web, it absorbs it in the same pattern as it came out from its mouth. It takes back the entire web through its mouth! Probably god created the spider to teach the seekers, how the world evolved, sustained and absorbed back!

Though the creation is mystery, there are learning tools everywhere in the creature itself! But to understand god is a futile exercise! We can enjoy his grace and love but to understand god is beyond the ken of human mind and intellect. Many may ask, ‘why creation’? Ask them, ‘why they marry? They may not be able to answer correctly. Creation is sport and play to god. He is not creating some aliens. Creation is really a part of him. It is a projection of his will. Hence our forefathers have asserted that God pervades the creation and transcends it too! The world is a big university for the genuine learners.

So long as man retains the ‘doer ship’, he cannot escape the effects! Though man is blessed with reasoning, thinking capacities which lead to free will, he should perform his allotted tasks and leave the results to god. He should not hanker for the results! This is the central teaching of the holy Bagawat Geetha . Everyone can perform their duties. There ends his rights. He has no right over their results. Though every action will definitely give the results, it should not be the concern of man. This is known as surrendering the effects to god! The purification process of the mind is effective, once we voluntarily surrender the effects to god! In this way, we will not be bound either by positive or negative effects.

Many people wrongly assume that good deeds will nullify the effects of bad deeds. In the accounting systems of the world, this may be true but in the account books of god, there is no such balance sheet. Each one has to enjoy the results of good deeds separately while undergoing sufferings for their bad deeds at appropriate time. When one becomes free from both positive and negative effects, he becomes eligible for release from this miserable cycle of births and deaths.

There are many sages and saints in the world, who are already liberated even while living in the world. Still they perform tasks voluntarily for the welfare of society. In fact, they need not perform any duties, since they have no duties as such. For the sake of ignorant population, they perform many tasks and by observing such sages, even ordinary worldly man tries to follow their footsteps. This is how the sages demonstrate to the people, the perfect ways to perform duties without any compulsion. Hence Sathya Saibaba has once told the gathering, ‘Duty without love is deplorable, Duty with love is desirable and Love without duty is Divine! The sages and saints naturally fall in the third category while ordinary human beings falls mostly in the first category and good people fall in the second category!

While performing services to the poor, one needs to serve them with love and not as compulsion. There is no duty involved in service. Hence when man performs such service with love, it becomes divine!


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thanks a lot manatita44 for the expert review. Duty is for our near and dear. But serving the unknown falls into this title.

    • manatita44 profile image


      2 years ago from london

      You called it Love Without Duty ...

      Perhaps you meant attachment or expectations? Doing one's Dharma is an essential message of the Gita, but with the Spirit of Surrender to the Divine.

      "To work we are entitled, but not to the fruits there of." - Gita.

      However, you seem to present the case for service well. Kudos to you.

    • manatita44 profile image


      2 years ago from london

      I like your message here, which to me reflects the unconditional surrender to Love and the beauty of service (sewa). Ammachi, in your picture, is a great example. carry on! Jai Ram!


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