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Loved Ones In Heaven

Updated on March 30, 2012

So Many Loved Ones Up In Heaven

The world is getting terrible,it's rotten to the core

But life up in Heaven will be peace forevermore.

No more trials to beset you everywhere you turn.

For the tranquility of Heaven hearts must yearn.

Loved ones in Heaven are waiting for us to come.

I know they are all anxious to welcome us home.

Earth is a resting place but rest is almost gone,

Many loved ones passed on ,left us here alone.

The loved ones on earth will someday pass away.

The Lord knows what awaits,if it be a better day,

Or if they failed to pull away from Satan's evil clutch,

We dare not think of Hell for those we love so much

We can tell them of Heaven and speak God's Word,

How much is wasted breath for of this he has heard ?

We can tell them all but we can't make them believe,

They will have to open their heart Christ to receive.

What sorrow , if Heaven's loss would be Hell's gain.

Loved ones we have loved so ,a future of such pain.

Time is short, we must pray for ones we love best

To give their life to Jesus and meet God's final test.

With the sins of this world ,how much will God bear?

He made such a wonderful world with love and care.

We have broken His Laws and life here is a disgrace.

What will man say when they meet Him face to Face?


I was just thinking if someone made you a gift

that was beautiful would you appreciate it?

Would you cherish it and care for it always,

Would you really appreciate the gift he had

made for you ?God made a beautiful world

and gave it to man and look what they have

done to it.God gave them laws to live by that

was meant to help the people have better

lives but the people laughed and mocked at

them , How do you think that would make God

feel? He has given us plenty of time to repent

of the things that we have done but they have

refused Him still . How much longer will He let

us destroy this would?


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    • profile image

      Tessie Payne 5 years ago

      Amen! Yes, I definitely want to be in Heaven when my time comes to go. There is no better gift than God's Son. I am missing your emails. I did get the one that I wasn't on chat. I don't go to facebook much. I am mostly on email and You Tube. You have a good Channel here and you are writing some wonderful Poems.

      I see you are getting some nice response also which is great. Love, Tessie