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Loving & Living Water

Updated on January 15, 2012

Blackwater Falls Canaan Valley WV.

Living Water




 Got to have it, what is it? Water is a life sustaining liquid keeping us hydrated, keeping are cells from drying out and becoming lifeless.

 What it is made of hydrogen (2) atoms and oxygen a single atom are not just by chance that they came together; even now on the moon and mars they say they have found water at least in some quantity. How did it get there do you know?

 Funny thing about water, it never completely goes away. It may be used and become laden with minerals or bacteria and even pollution yet in this amazing world we live in, if we leave well enough alone it will cleanse itself. The usual manner in which this is done comes in the cycle of evaporation and then precipitation  I enjoy watching just such an event, thunderstorms for instance, they are such an awesome display of power and even though deadly at times bring much needed relief through rains that will eventually recharge our lakes, rivers and aquifers with this life sustaining liquid.

 I want to recall how the warmth of the Sun causes water to slowly turn gaseous and ascend skyward only to condense and fall back downward to the Earth from which it rose.

 I actually am feeling a little thirsty now and that reminds me of another story it is a story about water, not just any water, it is a water that you will drink from and not be thirsty again. How is that possible you might ask, it is a different liquid, some call it the blood and I have even heard it referred to as the Spirit, what I know is that once it is inside you even in times of extreme unpleasantness you will not experience drought.

 I have quite the relationship with water, if I may a little background on myself. Born in a town called the “sailing capitol of the world” I am a Pisces of the zodiac signs and the heavenly body would be Neptune (wonder how much H2O is there?) to make this more interesting I joined the U.S. Navy at a young age and now I am a plumber, am I the only one seeing a pattern here?

 Back to that water, water can take on three different appearances liquid, gas and solid as in water, steam and ice. There is a water, the Living Water, that also takes on three forms it may seem complicated, but for someone like me, limited in sight and wisdom, it is a concept I can actually grasp.

 Well, that’s funny isn’t it? The word “well’,  we need this “water” for our bodies to survive but if your soul thirst for something more, drop me a line and maybe we can fish up some stories together.

Water for life

Good Stewards

We all must do our part to keep that water clean. It can take years for an aquifer to recharge naturally and by overusing the water we have, by using it carelessly, we limit our own quality of living.

Automobiles that have leaks; leaks such as petro-chemicals or glycol related chemicals are not healthy for our fragile ecosystems and where do these chemicals end up? Exactly and if we just watch the pavement of say-a parking lot-we will notice there are many rainbow-ish looking films riding on the top of the flowing waters. Sad, not even the EPA or local natural resource governmental authorities can stop this from happening, but we can, we know that car leaks and if we can't fix it now because of financial difficulties or least we could catch that leak with a pan, cardboard or another absorbent material.

Thank you for reading and acting upon this idea or any other that preserves this precious life-sustainer.


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