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Loving The Trickster God Loki

Updated on January 16, 2016
Nightcat profile image

Nightcat is a practicing witch who loves to write about Wicca and many of the Gods and Goddesses she’s had the pleasure to encounter.

Shelter In the Storm

Loki, as you can clearly see, takes all to Him. American robins nest yearly on His altar, between His horns.
Loki, as you can clearly see, takes all to Him. American robins nest yearly on His altar, between His horns.

Or: Why Does Loki Choose Witches?

I think he comes to us because the average witch listens no better than the average cat. Oh, we will listen in the presence of our Lord and Lady, but they know we are wily creatures and they'd be disappointed if we weren't because we are as we were meant to be. We love Loki because we are witches.

We learned a long time ago to dance through the fire, to leap through the flames, we dance with our God, we do not fear Him, even in His most terrifying aspects. Because we know the uglier He is, the more true beauty lies hidden underneath. The wilder He is, the more freedom at His side when we run with Him.

We do not fear Loki because our God had already done with us what He will. He's shown us the Trickster and we delight in His lessons. He's shown us the Destroyer and we dance in His wake, knowing destruction and death give way to new life and new hope. We fling ourselves into the abyss to be reborn through our Goddess.

Loki comes to witches because we are wild and free and we answer to no man. We have no rulebook or ruler. We bow to no one and He honors that freedom. He calls us to him.

Witches are like foxes and we pay attention. We watch the poor and unwanted Fox. Himself hated and unwanted by many, yet jealously kept in their barnyard by threats of what He would do to tiny, helpless witches. And as soon as they turn their backs we fly into the barnyard, grab that perfect God in our jaws and run off laughing wildly with buckshot exploding all around us and our plumy tails wagging in delight. For we are the foxes, wild and sly, and who better to worship than the great big Fox, the One who understands our catch as one can policy?

As a witch grows older s/he grows stronger and stronger still until s/he is like the Crone Herself. A venerable elder who does not fear the Crone but walks with Her and absorbs Her wisdom. And if we do not need to fear Her, and She is Goddess, we need not fear anyone or anything, Loki included, but also those who'd speak ill of Him and try to separate us from our Beloved.

Please keep in mind this article reflects my own personal views. I am Wiccan and proud of it. Take what you need and leave the rest. As always, all writing and photography is my original work, so if you borrow for Interwebs use credit and a link back are appreciated. All videos are used for informational and educational purposes only, should you wish to have something removed and own the copyright I'll be happy to do so.

Yule Altar 2015

Tricky though He may be, Loki is a mellow God, hosting many. Here storm tossed debris bring His beloved woods closer to home.
Tricky though He may be, Loki is a mellow God, hosting many. Here storm tossed debris bring His beloved woods closer to home.

Loki Gives us And Exults in Our Freedom

The God of the witches is the Horned God to some, the Wild God or simply God to others. But He is a God of freedom, a God that teaches us to stand on our own two feet and think for ourselves. Because whether we practice in a coven or alone, there comes the dance we must all enter into with the God alone, answering His call, and who better to do that than the legendarily high-soaring and free-flying witch?

Witches ride, and when we do we soar the skies alone. (This is metaphorical, my dears, I don't care what you are high on, jump off a roof on a broom and you will go splat.) And when we ride alone, wild and free across the moon He is there with us for He is our God and no stranger to us. We know Him by many names and faces, and if He so chooses and we answer His call, Loki is one of them. And He can soar quite happily by our side.

A witch should never fear Loki. Oh, like any face of our God the Trickster can be a scary fellow, can't He? He can even seem to be going out of His way to scare us. But 'tis merely a test, for He loves us so and wants us ready for the wild ride ahead. And we are witches, we are free to say we are scared. We have no nonsense of being without caution, we have the good sense to admit our fears and our God admires us for it because He knows that only by facing those fears do we learn real courage.

And once our fears are faced, whatever they may be, we learn true and absolute freedom at His side. It is as if a burden were lifted from our shoulders and we can be truly free at long last. I'm not saying we will never know awe of Him again, walk in the wild and lonely places when He's in a mood to tease you and you will know awe, but we do know He will be there for us no matter what happens.

The Trickster Has Many Faces

A Witch Should Never Run From Loki

I'd no more run from Loki than I'd run from Kali or Shiva. They will one day do the ultimate dance of destruction, or so we are told, but I've no need to fear them. Witches know that there is death in life and life in death. That this world was born, lives and will one day likely die, but a new world, we are assured by almost every religion imaginable, will spring forth to take its place. We do no fear destruction because it's good for us, it's healthy and it's normal.

Now that doesn't mean we rush headlong towards our own doom, but we don't need to fear Loki in even His most destructive aspects. He will still be at our side, ever faithful and loyal. He is our Horned God and He'll never abandon us, ever.

Loki is no terrifying monster that will gobble us up. He is not an overly emo, emotionally unstable God who needs us to rescue Him either. Yes, He has His scars, and His dark paths, but even at His worst He's still worthy of praise and veneration.

He is healthy and intact, even in His darkest paths and we'd do well to remember that. Just because a God can test and scare you does not mean He's a bad guy, simply that He's the God and all that power can be scary. He can't help it. Comes with being the God, so those of us with Him accept and love Him as He is.

Loki needs love from us, not cowering fear. He would never hurt us, even in His darker paths He simply needs loved and accepted for who He is. Then the mask falls off and the true God that has always been with us is revealed.

Gods & Deities: Loki

The Forbidden God

Let's use the nifty word consort as people are getting all prickly over words like spouse anymore, but our God can be many things to us, and we witches knew that at one time. At one time, back when we were wilder and freer, we were encouraged to explore the world, to find those faces of the Goddess and God that called to us the most. And, in due time the God Himself would choose the path He wanted us to work with and our Patron would emerge.

Now it seems people are being handed Patron God in a Box, a process where other folks hand you a Patron. Now wait. That is all well and good if you can't identify your Patron and are almost sure of who He is, but don't quite trust your intuition. But if you already have one or know who He is when you are ready for Him, it is very damaging and unhealthy to take your Patron away, I don't care who He is. Or if He is a She or anything else.

And yes, a lot of awfully confused witches have found that our God, for His own reasons, chooses to be with us as Loki. And for various reasons it can make us question why we'd get Him of all the Gods as a patron, but we shouldn't. The God knows what He is doing, and if He decides the Trickster God Loki is how He best relates to some of us, than all the better.

Lovely Yule Altar

The mask represents the many masks Loki can wear with us as our beloved God.
The mask represents the many masks Loki can wear with us as our beloved God.

The Trickster As A Patron God

There are as many definitions and ways of finding your Patron God as there are witches. And to me, though all won't agree, what makes a God your Patron is simple. He is the God you are most in tune with and once He becomes your Patron you go into New Boyfriend phase. Though perhaps New God phase is a better term for it. You go absolutely crazy for Him, He is the most wonderful God in evers, and you drive anyone who will listen crazy talking about Him.

You can't see why everyone doesn't love Him and you sound like an angst ridden first-time lover, because no one 'gets' Him. It wears off, eventually, that excessive joy, and after a while He can manifest in all His glory and you'll just shrug. I'm kidding, you will always love your Patron, but it does go back to normal everyday levels after a while. The thing is, when people find out who your Patron is, they tend to enjoy meddling or seeing who has the strongest Patron. Honey, it is all the same God, what is He going to do, get in a fist fight with Himself in a parking lot to prove Himself?

And when they find out your Patron is Loki? Doing research I saw one person, well, let's just say what they said about Him would likely have shamed their own Patron. Our God does not reward us for attacking or hating other Gods. He loves us and if He so chooses to show up as Loki and He so chooses to be our Patron that way, that is up to Him and it is up to us to accept. No one else gets a say as no one can claim to own Him.

For the record, Patrons are as different from person to person as they are with anyone else. But in general they teach, guide and help us become better people. Loki can be very gentle as a Patron, or show tough love as needed. He used to tell me I had a choice. He could be my God and we could be happy together, or I could run and He could catch me and then He would still love me and be my God anyways.

I can't tell when, exactly things got better. I suppose when I remembered that I am a witch. I am no heathen. Their views of Him, with all due respect, are not mine. That doesn't mean that they or I are wrong, we simply don't agree. But when I remembered I was a witch I was able to see Him as He really is, if that makes sense, and things did get better. Not right away, but eventually everything fell into place.

So, can He be your Patron? Yes, certainly. And how that relationship works in between you and Him. I will tell you you can trust Him, Even if you aren't getting along well at times He won't abandon you, should you ever need Him He will be there for you and I know what I'm talking about.

He Can Give Uncanny Signs

I was doing research as I was making oils and although this is not the iris associated with Him herbally, it's odd it came up a day or so after I needed this for another shoot.
I was doing research as I was making oils and although this is not the iris associated with Him herbally, it's odd it came up a day or so after I needed this for another shoot.

In Closing

The first thing I wanted to do when I found out Loki was my patron (and I got no choice in the matter) was to be rid of Him. Him as a patron? The God of what, exactly? If He even was a God? And of course Odin laughed in my face and told me Loki would make a lovely Patron God. And I was devastated, which was actually a good sign and one a lot of people use to know they have their genuine Patron. You are attracted to and get along with this God, but at the same time you'd love to run and hide because you know as a Patron He won't give you a free ride.

I didn't want Loki of all the Gods having that much control over me. Never mind we were friends, good friends and He's been with me all my life. And truth be told it is not all that big a deal to Him. So long as I more or less listen He is content to sit back and watch, remaining rather calm, even when disaster seems to be erupting, and no, the disaster is never of His making.

If anything, He's protected me in times of danger, the last time after a paticularly difficult fight the night before. He was still in a bad mood but the moment I was in danger He protected me. He's like that, He can be furious with me for whatever reason, but He will still protect me.

Despite the horrible results you will find if you try to look up Loki as a Patron (seriously, if you like Him even a little bit, don't do it) He is steadfastly loyal. He's the gentlest and sweetest of Gods most of the time, us fighting notwithstanding. I'm bullheaded and don't listen and if He thinks it is putting me in harm's way Loki gets angry. As He says, He can't protect me when I won't let Him.

The thing is, the path that saved me, the path that remained calm and kept a kitchen fire, that by all laws of the natural world should have spread, from spreading, was the Breaker of Worlds. The one, me as a fluffy Wiccan bunny would rather pretend does not exist. Because it kills me to think of Him going through all that pain alone and me not being there to protect Him, that's why, but it was Him who saved me.

I was cooking with oil and even on a glass stovetop a spilled pot of oil goes up wonderfully, or it should have. A very small fire started. I got a lid on it, thought it smothered and when it didn't I used corn flour, ever so grateful I'd worked in a kitchen and knew to do it. Now it is true Ogou Balendjo was there and he was gently but firmly guiding me to move after I'd frozen in shock, but Loki was just standing there calmly watching.

Turns out he was concentrating so the fire didn't spread, as there was oil everywhere and the whole kitchen and me should have went up in flames. He protected me, he assisted in the healing of a burn and He didn't even take credit. At first I thought He just stood there keeping calm, I had no idea He was doing anything.

And yes, this was the Breaker of Worlds, still angry over an argument from the night before, but still a loving and protective God, steadfastly loyal to me, even if He was angry. Walking with the Trickster and loving Him can be easy once we make our way past His illusions to the real God.

Even at His seemingly worst, He is actually at His best and always protecting and nurturing us. As witches we can safely walk with the Trickster, knowing He would never truly harm us. If you are lucky enough to be walking with Loki may your journey be a fruitful and happy one.

Loki Candle

Loki Scented Soy Candle
Loki Scented Soy Candle

On my covet list. Soy candle with hints of cedar, oak and spices, sounds like something my Loki would enjoy and at fifty hours of burn time I'm thinking devotional candle maybe?


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