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Loving, caring and sharing will enhance our Joy manyfold!

Updated on September 5, 2014

Sharing, caring and Loving!

Live with contentment, Love all liberally!

Everyone yearn for recognition in this world, and this is the sole reason for depression and melancholy many youngsters suffer today. Parents are behaving like robots without any human feelings. They never exhibit their love to the children. This affects the psychology of the child which in turn becomes remorse when it grows up. This isolation is the result of non-recognition. Love your children since they are the gifts of God. They are pure and innocent. That innocence really attracts all to the child. When we grow up, we lose our purity and innocence as we begin to copy the behavior of elders and peers.

It would be wise to live in this world as a drop of water over the lotus leaf. The water may be on the leaf but it does not adhere itself to the leaf nor wet it. From ancient days, the elders used to advise the youngsters to remain as a water drop on the lotus leaf! Which has the greatest power in the world? It is pure selfless love, which we are incapable of! From younger days, we develop selfish motives and we are not able to leave it when we grow up. We just copy the society. When everyone toils for money and material comforts, we too think, that money is the summum bonum of life... Ask the milliners whether they are really happy with the wealth they garnered? They will lament about the bother in safeguarding the wealth from the thief, relatives and the income tax officer!

We have forgotten one basic fact of life. A flowing river is always clean while the accumulated water in a small pond is always dirty. Hence utilize your wealth to fulfill the needs of the poor in society. Give them food and clothing which they drastically need. You should not give money to them. Rather find out their needs and provide the materials needed for their day to day life. By sharing thus, our constricted heart open up for others. Sharing enhance our joy. Watch the face of those who received food, and enjoy the opportunity. This is the real service to mankind. Not the bank balances and the list of properties you hold. Watch the trees. Are they holding the fruits for themselves? No! All the fruits are for the birds that stay in the tree, the animals that rest in their shade and for human consumption. The rivers offer their entire water to others. The cow gives milk not only for the calf but for the consumption of other babies also. When the earth, water, air and fire are freely offering everything, why should the human species hoard and accumulate the wealth in bank lockers? Once I have read the pitiable case of a very wealthy king. He had crores of rupees of currency notes dumped in the boxes kept in cellars. After few years, during the stocktaking, he found to his bewilderment that the currency notes have been eaten away by rats and only some shreds were remaining. The newspapers carried the news of about six crores of currency eaten away by rats and other white ants. Now the saddest part of the story is this. The king had a deep rooted digestive disorder. The physicians attending him have advised the king to avoid solid food and to drink only gruels finely powdered and cooked. The cost of the diet for a week is barely one rupee! This is the paradox of life. He could have given in charity his huge wealth by feeding the poor every day! God would have been pleased by this and he would have rid of his stomach ailment by this act of charity!

Jesus has told his disciples, “watch the birds, they never keep anything for the next day. The almighty god who provided for birds and fishes, will he not provide for us? It is our own actions and folly which deprive us of our basic needs. Care for others and God will care for you. What you have gained by remaining selfish throughout your sojourn on earth. Even the wife and children will hate you if you remain selfish. We have seen mansions are built by the richest. They may need hardly one or two rooms. The rest of the rooms remain unutilized and become the store room for junk. Otherwise, the servants and cooks will be utilizing the space for them. Our needs in this world are really very little. Food to fill up our stomach three times a day, clothe to cover and a shelter to rest. What is the use of trash and tinsel we accumulate? Live with the barest minimum. The adage, ‘simple living and high thinking’ is really good for all. Be content with what you have. Do not aspire for heaven. If at all you want to compare your life, compare it with the poor people and not with the rich one. Have faith in God. Love even your enemy!


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