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Updated on August 21, 2009
Lucifer. Falling to Earth, from Heaven
Lucifer. Falling to Earth, from Heaven

The Obsession of Lucifer

Everywhere I look, something has some form of relation with Lucifer. Barack Obama, Supernatural, celebrities, etc. All of these are associated with the bible and Lucifer (or said to be). Not sure if Barack Obama is the anti-christ, but the show Supernatural just entered the season where Lucifer has risen from hell, and has brought hell with him.

That's kind of predictable though. As it gets closer to the end (according to the Mayan calender), an increase of comparison between politicians and other important people takes place. This goes for television as well. All of the information in the Supernatural television show is either an alternate description of what the bible says or is actual information of the bible. Is Lucifer really gonna bring upon the apocalypse?

Notice the video. This video shows the death of the demon Lilith (which is a real demon by the way for those that don't know). Once Lilith is killed, Lucifer is soon risen (after the demon that manipulated the guys into killing Lilith is killed as well).


Who is Lucifer?

According to the Bible, Lucifer is a fallen angel. Lucifer was created by God and was said to have been perfect once. Lucifer was a perfect creation by God, with everything beautiful about him. Lucifer was created to worship God but he decided to worship himself. As pride begin to fill his heart, Lucifer disobeyed God and was cast out of heaven as a result of it. He believed that he was equal to God.


Many names of Lucifer

Lucifer has many names. Listed in different sources, here is the complete list of names that were made for Lucifer. If by any chance I am missing something, please let me know and I will update this information.


Accuser of our brethren


Angel of Light

Angel of the Bottomless Pit

Anointed Covering Cherub







The Devil

The Dragon

The Enemy

Evil One

Father of Lies

God of this age

King of Babylon

King of the bottomless pit

Lawless one



Little Horn


Man of Sin


Power of Darkness

Prince of air

Prince of Tyrus

Prince of this world

Ruler of darkness

King of this world

king of demons



Son of perdition

Morning Star



Wicked One

Constantine's Lucifer

Lucifer has also appeared on one of my favorite movies, Constantine. The storyline is very interesting but if you are a first time viewer of this movie, you may get a little confused. It teaches about Angels and Demons, Heaven and Hell. A man wants to make it to Heaven but they don't want him, while Hell wants him for themselves.

Anyways the video below this is a clip from Constantine. It shows Lucifer coming down to try to bring Constantine to Hell.

Lucifer from Constantine

Lucifer. Haven't seen this in Divine Comedy
Lucifer. Haven't seen this in Divine Comedy

Lucifer in Dante's Inferno

Dante's Inferno is one of my favorite stories of all time. Not that I have a fascination with Lucifer, I have a fascination with religious workings. Religious stories are always the best stories to read. That's what Dante's Inferno is. It reviews some of the most infamous sinners in the history of Christianity and every other religion associated with our father, God.

The storyline of Dante's Inferno is based on every soul that has been destined for eternal damnation. Some of the spirits in Hell are does that the guy knows. Eternal agony and despair consume these poor souls. Amongst the souls, there is Judas Iscariot, Cain, unbaptized babies, Lucifer (Satan, Belial, Leviathon, Prince of Darkness, God of this world, etc.), and more.

The following images located to the right are images of Lucifer from Dante's Inferno. Notice how Lucifer is trapped in ice. This is the 9th circle of Hell, and the final circle of Hell.

There is a game being created for this story called Dante's Inferno. It is said to be released in 2010 sometime and it will be on PS2 and XBOX 360. Not sure if it will be on Nintendo Wii.

Dante's Inferno Gameplay

Wow, I must say this gameplay is absolutely beautiful. Can't wait till it comes out so I can spend hours playing this game.


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    • profile image

      Allen 4 years ago

      ill try to explain... back in 2005, it was the first time i went to a mahalakshmi temple, and i asked for something, i got that thing the next day itself... i started believing... from that time, i started going to that temple to ask whatever i want and i used to get it next day... a year later, some1 or some powers started to induce/introduce some thoughts in my head, which i noticed and understood that this is not my nature and cant be my thoughts... so i traced.... i thought that this is telepathy... some 1 was trying to make me do things and controll my body as well.... i started fighting all this instead of getting afraid.... i ended up fighting ghosts... i started asking and quarreling ghosts... 1 of them made a mistake and said that he was the ghost of a person which i later came to know was alive... questions, answers, riddles, i ended up coming to know that who i was fighting and not letting him control my mind or body turned out to be mahishasur(one demon who is known to be dead and killed by durga as per hindu mythology)... but he was alive and was trying to free his father....

      This is a very long story, if you are really interested in knowing how i came to this conclusion about what i have written on my profile, and you have time and patience to listen to such a long war between me and lucifer( meaning mahishasur) which began in april 2006 and ended in sept 2010 which lasted for almost 5 years, then lets begin...:-)

    • profile image

      odessa mcbride 6 years ago

      Lucifer is also known as the king of the dark kingdPr

    • profile image

      dark suicide 8 years ago


    • profile image

      GRIM REAPER 8 years ago

      Handy Hub this,

      Lucifer the looser, only a 1/3 of angels support him 2/3s knocked him out of heaven like a bolt of Lightning