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Nostradamus 2-62 = MABUS

Updated on May 25, 2011
The Beasts Nostradamus might have seen. Surely 500 years ago he would think both man and machine a real bad monster!
The Beasts Nostradamus might have seen. Surely 500 years ago he would think both man and machine a real bad monster!

Mabus plustost alors mourra, viendra,
De gens & bestes vn horrible defaite:
Puis tout a` coup la vengeance on verra,
Cent, main, faim quand courra la comete.

"Mabus" then will soon die, there will come
Of people and beasts a horrible rout:
Then suddenly one will see vengeance,
Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will run.

I really do not have the slightest idea why people link this to the 3rd Antichrist or any other kinds of letter play around. This Quatrain is very specific in person and incident. Gosh, I have ssen it worked out to Bush, Obama, Bin Laden, and whoever else has ever been in any mentionable position.

Yet, every single one misses the one and only direct link! MABUS. It is no secret code, there is no secret meaning. It is talking of a man, by his name - pure, simple and straight. One more issue here, there is no other indications as to time, place, incident - than the one pointer: Mabus.

Obviously we have to look at the lines in my usual way:

TIME: When Mabus is soon to die, there will come
CONFIRMATION: from man and beast a horrible chaotic/retreat
>>>(Rout is chaotic disorderly retreat of troops from battlefield)
INCIDENT: Then suddenly all will see vengeance (said in 3rd person form)
CONFIRMATION: Hundred, himself hungry, thirsty, when the comet will run.

I am sure I do not need to go on a long description here. It is purely describing a specific person, incident and a very particular observation. Since the real incident does not seems to be a major event; I would say Nostradamus was rather perplexed by the Comet in reference; probably something strange in that for him.

Let me ask you a question. Say you were living 500 years ago and you were a keen astronomer. Remember there were no modern weapons then. You sit on a mountain top at night looking at the sky. Suddenly there is a time warp and you see an "Inter Continental Ballistic Missile" (ICBM) from say New York to Washington DC, streaking through the sky at 3,500 km per hour. What in the world would you think of that thing, worse - how would you describe it the next day to your fellow people? I am quite sure you would have to use the description of Comet; and it is most likely you would anyway think it is a COMET.

Model of B1 Bomber, surely it is useable as delivery platform for some destructive device.  There are even much bigger RC aircrafts.
Model of B1 Bomber, surely it is useable as delivery platform for some destructive device. There are even much bigger RC aircrafts.

Oh, while we are at war, how would you describe a tank or a jet fighter? Besides than, try to think how you would describe a fully armed and dressed American Soldier 500 years ago! I think I will be near heart attack, even on this day they are a frightening BEAST of sight.

OK, back to Mabus. Here is how I personally thing this quatrain might play off, probably a few differences but the main story might be somethin glike this scenarios. This time I will write it in a Press Release form:

"During a visit of Senator Ray Mabus, American Secretary of Defence/Navy to the Middle East he was killed by a missile strike from Libya during a dinner ceremony on board the USS Enterprise."


"Senator Ray Mabus was killed last night in Marseilles while he was attending a state banquette with other representatives of NATO. A splinter terrorist group 'Islamic Army of France' fired the missile from a remote controlled model airplane (Drone) on the complex where the dinner was being held. A note was found nearby claiming this is in revenge for the attack on Osama bin Laden"


"Late last night US Senator Ray Mabus was admitted to the Naval hospital as result from a light heart attack.  In the mean time the USS Enterprise had to make a hasty retreat from the Libyan coast when it came under a surprisingly severe attack by forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi.  The Libyan forces launched an unexpected series of missiles against the aircraft carrier and cause some severe damage."

I do expect this attack will be somewhere around the Mediterranean, most likely in France or an ex-French colony, like Libya.

The Predator Drone; responsible for so many deaths of people not involved in war of military.
The Predator Drone; responsible for so many deaths of people not involved in war of military.


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    • Corrie Lamprecht profile imageAUTHOR

      Corrie Lamprecht 

      3 years ago from Thailand

      Well, here we are in 2015. Ray Mabus is still alive and he is still the Secretary of Navy for the USA...

    • Corrie Lamprecht profile imageAUTHOR

      Corrie Lamprecht 

      5 years ago from Thailand

      From a number of visionaries it is quite clear WWIII will start when an VIP is assassinated in the Balkans. At present there is not a person in that region that seems to be this very important; therefore I started looking what possible scenarios there might be.

      One such might be a visit by a VIP from outside of the region; is this region really so important? Well, the Americans certainly do think so. What the heck is going on there?

      US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton is the Presidents Representative in International negotiations and messages ...(more so than the Vice President). Question then did she visit this region in 2012? WOW! I was seriously surprised, here are the visits in reverse order:

      - Czech Republic, December 3-7

      - Bosnia, Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Croatia: October 29-November 2

      - Turkey, August 11-12

      - Latvia, June 27-30

      - Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, May 31-June 7

      - Turkey, March 30-April 1

      - Germany and Bulgaria, February 3-5

      THREE visits to Turkey???

      Besides Clinton, the next important person is the Secretary of the Navy: Ray Mabus. I could not yet find his schedule, but he visited Armenia in October this year!

      I wonder - Might it be possible Ray Mabus will be the next US Secretary of State?

      Might he need to vist this region (in particular I think Bulgaria/Hungary) soon?

      THEN Might his death be the one Nostradamus and many other prophets foresee as the start of WWIII?

    • Corrie Lamprecht profile imageAUTHOR

      Corrie Lamprecht 

      6 years ago from Thailand

      Mabus - currently on tour around Middle East i.e. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain. Is he making final arrangements for the attack on Iran? Will the USA expect it to be an easy target - only to discover they opened Pandora's box? "Horrible rout" - could that be indication of nuclear release?

      If/When such attack on Iran takes place; the US Navy will play a major role - so will be the SecNav Ray Maybus.

    • Corrie Lamprecht profile imageAUTHOR

      Corrie Lamprecht 

      7 years ago from Thailand

      It is possible, but I rather find it fitting a theme on each line. What I do suspect very strongly is that his works will reveal its 'code' once we have confirmation of insidents before they happen.

    • lone77star profile image

      Rod Martin Jr 

      7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Corrie, this is certainly thought-provoking.

      If there is anything to the quatrains of Nostradamus, likely there is a pattern to them, and I think the letters are they keys. He always worked in code and the letters seem full of it.

    • Corrie Lamprecht profile imageAUTHOR

      Corrie Lamprecht 

      7 years ago from Thailand

      This is a classical Nostradamus: There is no way to know when this will happen before it actually happens. Mabus in the Antichrist; but this incident might be starting point of a new one. WWIII - No, I do not think so.

    • Corrie Lamprecht profile imageAUTHOR

      Corrie Lamprecht 

      7 years ago from Thailand

      US President Obama is leaving from USA for a six day visit in Europe on Monday 22 May. Main item on Agenda is the G8 Meeting in Deauville, France (Normandy) during 26/27 May 2011. I wonder . . . and is it possible Sen. Ray Mabus might be with on this trip? Scary thoughts.


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