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Updated on December 13, 2008




On the day of shivratri, which occurs on the 14 night of the new moon during the dark half of the months of fhalguna, the lingam is bathed with five

Secret offering of a cow-milk, urine, butter, dunk and sour milk. Therefore the

Five foods immortality of -milk, classified butter, curd, honey and sugar are placed before the lingam. Dhatura and jati though poisonous fruits, are believed to be sacred to Shiva and thus offered at his temple. Eleven is considered to be the sacred number of the lord devotees Keep a fast on shivratri and observe strict rules, to gain good karma. Special celebrations are held at important Shiva temple

At Chidambaram, kalahasti, khajuraho and Varanasi. Workship of lord Shiva is said to free the work shipper from the cycle of birth and rebirth.

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Did you know: - Regarding Shiva's phallic form, It is believed that once Brahma and Vishnu, two pillars of the holy trinity argued as to Who was supreme- Brahma declared himself to be the creator of all and thus the more served,

Vishnu claimed that since he was the creator and destroyer he commanded more respect at that moment a huge lingam appeared. Over whelmed by its increasing size both gods decided to discover its true size Vishnu look the form of a borer and reached its base while Brahma took to the skies as a swan neither could ascertain the size of the linga.

Just then, Shiva appeared out of the linga and proclaimed that he was the progenitor of both. He asserted that the he was the creator, preserver and the destroyer. He be work shipped in his phallic form, the linga

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Maha shivratri is celebrated by Hindus all over India. Shivratri is a solemn festival devoted to the workship of the most powerful duties of the Hindu pantheon,

Shiva it is a major religious festival at Shiva temples devotees fast during the day and maintain a long argil during the night this is the night when lord Shiva is believed to have performed the tandav or the dance of primordial creation, preservation and destruction.

Workship of Shiva is to release the work shipper from the cycle of birth and rebirth. Site Designed & Maintained By: Kismat. N. Raval



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