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Updated on October 28, 2012



Elderfuthatk Rune MANNAZ


Alternative Names

Man; Mann; Manna; Madhr.

Key Phrase

‘Your Destiny Awaits

- Claim It.’


A Human; Mankind; Human Existence.

Viking Rune Equivalent

A human; the Self



Tarot Card Equivalent

The Chariot - 7 - VII

Divinatory Meaning


Corresponding Letter


Associated Colour

Deep Red

Associated Herb


Associated Gemstone


Associated Tree


Associated Myths and Deities

Ask and Embla, Midgard. Sacred to Odin – the All-Father and Heimdall – the Watcher.

Manifestation Uses

To represent a specific person or group of people; to establish social contacts and relationships; to benefit others, the self and the whole. To invoke co-operation and social order.

Can be used to mediate in a conflict situation.

Relationship Interpretation

Intellectual compatibility and mutual understanding.

Healing Colour and Qualities


Helps with the healing of cuts, scratches, minor burns and small wounds.

In combination with the Isa rune, Mannaz can be used to aid accidents and wounds.

Mannaz and Sowulo combined gives aid and healing to nervous disorders and ligament pain.


The Mannaz t talisman may be worn to represent someone else (eg. A loved one) or a group of people or an organisation.

Mannaz Drawn Upright


Humanity, human existence, culture, memory, intelligence, connection to others, what we share in happiness, family, self, awareness, community, relationships, social concerns, creativity, skill, adornment, co-operation, ability, benefit of the whole, the intellect, mind power, forethought, success, augmentation, friends and enemies.

MANNAZ is ‘Humanity.’

The fourth rune of the third Aett and twentieth in total is Mannaz. This is the ‘Rune of Mankind’ – the Human. It is said to represent the ‘perfect human’, regardless of gender. This belief appears to be based on the thought that we are all genetically linked to the gods and the universe. This rune represents the human as a whole, incorporating the intelligence, memory, rationality, common sense, traditions and cultures of the human race. It represents our ‘humanity’.

The Mannaz rune exposes and expressed both the strengths and weaknesses of the human being. It is the essence of what the Norse and ancient peoples of all cultures, as well as many of us today, look to pass down and teach our children: to be smart, to remember your ancestors, to act fairly and to honour the gods. Mannaz is a part of the soul of the human race that connects all and says ‘we are one.’

According to Norse Cosmology, the realm of the human race is Midgard. Mannaz represents all of humanity who dwell on the Earthly plane.

Mannaz is the rune of relationships and connections. It is about those with whom with have intimate relationships, such as our immediate circle of family and friends, to the wider community. It also extends to our connection with nature and our instincts to be social creatures. Mannaz represents our connection with the Universe and nature, as well as the lifecycle of birth, death and rebirth.

Mannaz is the entire web of human relationships. Mannaz is our ‘home’ and speaks for all those whose lives we touch when we use the gifts we have been given; through who we are as humans.

The Mannaz rune is one of mortality, but also represents interdependence and support, as well as duty and responsibility. No individual is independent of others and each plays a part in the larger pattern of life, interacting within other’s lives as well as living their own.

Mannaz in a reading may be an indication to either seek assistance from others, or look to those whom you can assist. Your willingness to assist others, whether or not you are in need of assistance yourself, indicates to all the calibre of who you are. Within the context of life, you will be aptly rewarded.

With the Mannaz rune drawn, you can expect some sort of co-operation or aid from others. Interactions should run smoothly and amicably. Plans will go to order. You may receive some assistance, or help with an issue.

If a problem were to arise at this time, it will be dealt with quickly and positively, to the point where you may be baffled or mystified as to how the solution came about so promptly and effectively.

Mannaz talks of an attitude towards other people and their attitude in return.

Mannaz is concerned with intelligence, forethought and creative skills and abilities. When the rune appears in a reading, you can expect to receive some sort of aid or co-operation.

You may also be surprised with a quick win or gain in some way.

Drawing Mannaz in a reading would suggest that issues with those close to you may be prevalent. Embrace all interactions and look for the deeper meaning in conversations and situations as they arise.

Be safe in the knowledge that everything that comes to you, comes for a reason. Embrace everything and learn from the lesson. By learning each lesson as it presents itself, you will go onwards and upwards.

Mannaz Drawn Reversed


Depression, mortality, blindness, self-delusion, awareness of our shadow-side, slyness, cunning, manipulations, mortality, lack of help and support from others.

Mannaz drawn reversed or merkstave may indicate a rocky path at present. Obstacles may lay ahead and plans may go astray. Take heed in that you become both stronger and wiser along this journey. You do have the power within to deal with life’s problems as they arise. Take a step back to retrace your steps and you will see where you may have mis-stepped. Now is the time to take the other path.

Drawing Mannaz reversed is telling you to examine your attitudes, and modify them if required. Maybe you are tackling issues, or others, with too much energy. You may be inadvertently turning people away from you, which in turn may disappoint you.

Mannaz drawn reversed may also be indicating a time when you will feel isolated and possibly rejected by others. Now is not a time when appropriate help will be forthcoming. It is a time for you to stop whatever you are doing and reconsider your life, your lifestyle, attitudes and actions. Look within for new direction.


Sacred Scribes

RUNES – The Elderfuthark


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