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Updated on July 25, 2015



Matt Bowen opens his heart and mind into the inner workings of why he feels spiritually close to Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain, but it’s more than that, much, much more, not just that he resembles Cobain, sounds like Cobain and plays like Cobain, and that his songs have a tinge of Kurt Cobain. But it goes much deeper, so read on and see what makes this special rocker tick. Matt Bowen insists it’s NOT ALL KURT COBAIN!

What do you think it REALLY means when someone says "Oh, Matt Bowen is connected to Kurt Cobain in spirit?

Matt Bowen musician believes we’re all connected in spirit one way or another. “I also don’t claim to have the answers for everything in that area. I think what that means is that for whatever reason, Kurt Cobain’s spirit is close to mine in my opinion. The dreams, the sightings of his apparition, and I guess the overall familiarity when I hear him talk, sing, or even some of the stuff that he read,” he says.

Bowen feels that there’s a bigger picture out there, “…something bigger than all of us and I’ve felt that when I’ve done music and sometimes when I’m doing other things. It’s not something I can explain easily but Kurt is connected to that larger source I believe just like everyone else who has a soul on this earth is including myself,” Matt says reverently.

In his own words, and honest open heart he says, “I believe in God but I’m not a fan of organized religion and that’s where my spirituality stems from. I would never persecute somebody for going to church because everyone has the right to their own beliefs.”

He believes that atheists and agnostics are really good people; just because they don’t agree with someone doesn’t mean they can’t be a friend or someone you can love. As Matt says, “People of all faiths or no faiths have the right to their ideas and I really think that if there was less division and more understanding that our society could function better as a whole.” I was very intrigued with Matt Bowen.

What other music legends Do You feel connected too spiritually?

Bowen doesn’t consider them to be “legends” but is pretty sure he’s had some sort of encounter with people who were famous in some fashion. “I believe that spirits can be in multiple places at one time and I believe that my ancestors, my family, anyone who is here to help me is around in some fashion. I’ve never liked the term legend because if those people hadn’t become public icons then no one would be putting them on pedestals now like they are. We are all human beings and we all breathe the same air and bleed the same blood so I prefer the term “talented musician”.

What makes it happen, missing a father figure?

That’s totally not the case. I love my dad, it hasn’t always been the easiest road to travel with him because I’ve been through hell and he had to watch me suffer through it all. As a parent, that must be the hardest thing when your child is feeling tortured inside and you are helpless to do anything about it.

He’s always supported me with my Bi-Polar and my music too. When I was really young he got me into Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys, The Beatles albums, tons of records like Black Sabbath etc.

Ever since I was a baby, I could see spirits and was more in touch with that side of things. I never flaunted it because I was afraid of what the other kids would say or that people would shun me or something. At this point, I look at it as a gift and I know there will be people who regardless of what I say will try to say I’m full of shit or that I’m making things up.

They have the right to their opinion but spirits are around us all. There is usually one main spirit guide that is with you all the time trying to help you. Usually someone who is family or maybe even someone you aren’t aware is close to you. I believe Kurt is one of my main spirit guides along with my grandfather who is usually with him.

How did you get along with family, and what did they think of your band thing MOM? DAD? SIS? BRO?

My family supported my band thing all the way. They told me I had talent and I shouldn’t waste it. Even when I was at my lowest they still believed in me and I’ve tried to be a better person to make them proud of me. For me at least, in this life family is the most important thing whether it be flesh and blood or someone who cares about you.

That bond is one that is stronger than any other in my opinion,” explains Bowen.


Now it’s back to God and religion, not ticking off the songwriter/singer as well as Kurt Cobain connected gentleman. “God allows EVERYONE to be able to be more in touch spiritually. Some people are born that way more but God does not choose favorites. I started to feel connected to Cobain when I had a dream a long time ago and my Grandpa introduced me to him. We talked for a bit and then I spit in his face and walked away for whatever reason,” says Matt easily and passive.

He explains the dreams easily enough, and says that, “…after that the dreams kept coming at a rapid pace and one night I almost died of an overdose. At first I saw a strung-out looking little girl with dark circles under her eyes and on the other side of me I saw a spinning vortex of colors with gold wrapped around it. I thought I was a goner but I said out loud “Please don’t take me yet, I have things to do” and the girl was gone and the portal imploded before my eyes. I was frightened/confused and my chair started to rock and I saw Kurt in it and I assume it was to keep me company and calm me.“

Matt Bowen has seen Kurt Cobain’s apparition before but on that particular evening it became clear to Bowen that Kurt Cobain dead or alive, spirit or in heaven, underground or still playing in another dimension, “…was watching out for him somehow.”

“I really want to stress though, anyone can make spiritual connections if they have patience, put aside their cynicism, and have faith that they can do it. I used to be one of the naysayers but for some reason, maybe the road I was going down, strengthened my resolve to want to become stronger with what I was born with originally. There’s no answer to why me because everyone else has the option to get to where I am; I don’t claim to be some false prophet or charlatan,” says Matt.

He became restless and was fairly content not telling anyone anything but he felt like it was time that people hear about it, not just because of Kurt Cobain, but because they could help each other out. No matter what faith, gender, race, age, that you are, it is possible for you or anyone for that matter, and it takes a tremendous amount of FAITH.

You realize there are literally hundreds of other KURT COBAIN rabid fans out there thinking almost like you, what do you say to them?

He is very sure about this and placed his words very carefully and thoughtfully “I say that I have no doubt that Kurt has appeared to other people before. I’m not staking a claim on Kurt’s spirit or something. That’s not how it works. We are human so we think it’s all about one person or we think selfishly but spirits don’t operate that way. They are selfless and more power to the people who have seen him and/or have been helped by him. I know that there are certain people that are VERY protective of Kurt Cobain but again, if Nirvana never reached the status they reached, he would be another soul in the world,” marveled Matt.

And in closing, or just beginning, Matt Bowen wants people to stop putting others (including himself) who get fame, or had that fame. on pedestals because they were/are people just like everyone else.

It was known when Cobain married Courtney Love in Kauai Hawaii in 1992 that this writer was at the same hotel and saw them marry on the beach barefoot, and Cobain looked shy and in his face was a look of “…I don’t deserve all this attention, and in the end, maybe he started resenting his wife a bit, because she was so comfortable in the public eye and could follow in his footsteps with her own band. She was not afraid to go out and say, “Hey I am married to Kurt Cobain, but I have my own band and it’s a great band!” In a way, in winding down with Matt Bowen, he has a message for the fans and friend and supporters and naysayers too:

“What I say to rabid Nirvana fans is I hope you get to see Kurt Cobain like I did and if you think I’m crazy or making all this up, I don’t care because I am a person that has to tell the whole truth and not just stop to at what’s “safe” or “acceptable” to say. I’ve got nothing but love for everyone out there who love’s Nirvana and music in general frankly. My message would be don’t let people push you around by using fear as a weapon if you have something to say that is right and true. Don’t let anyone silence you because you think you’ll be made fun of, it isn’t worth it in the end. Stay true to yourself.” And there we have it. Next time we will have a phone number you will be able to call Matt Bowen to talk to him directly or leave word for him for the next rock video we are planning, using fans of Cobain and fans of Matt Bowen to add to his newest viral video. Stay tuned…..


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