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Messages From the Mayans

Updated on October 20, 2019

We Have Entered the Fifth Sun

When I was a child, I never heard of the people called the Mayans. When I entered college, I had a friend who admired the famous psychic, Edgar Cayce. He owned a large collection of books on Edgar Cayce and allowed me to read his books any time I wanted to read them. One day I was reading about Atlantis and Cayce commented that, "When you see a Mayan you are seeing an Atlantean."

Recently I read a book entitled The Mayan Ouroboros by Drunvalo Melchizedek. In this book he says that he formed relationships with several Mayan elders at Sedona, Arizona. He learned that several Native American tribes say their ancestors lived in Atlantis. The Hopi of Arizona had migrated from Central America and say they are ancestors of the Atlanteans. The Kogi Mamos, the Arhuaco Mamos, Wiwa Mamos and Kankumo Manos Columbian tribes all acknowledge their ancestors lived in Atlantis. All these tribes acknowledge they are Mayans. The Tibetans also acknowledge their ancestors lived in Atlantis.

All these tribes were involved in ceremonies by Mayan elders in various locations which facilitated the world's ascension from the third dimension to the fourth dimension. These ceremonies were conducted from 2007 to 2012. Mayan Elder Carlos Barrios stated that we were in the Fourth Sun and starting to transition to the Fifth Sun in 2012. The Mayans were actually the priests in Atlantis, so they have much knowledge to share with us.

Cayce talked about a pole shift happening. The Mayan Elders had a similar prophecy of a pole shift occurring over a series of years. A physical pole shift would occur where the Earth's physical axis would shift to another physical location. The magnetic shift would happen first where the magnetic field of the Earth would weaken and we would have a day of darkness when the actual physical shift occurs. In 2003 some geophysicists said this is a likely possibility in the future. In the last 500 years the Earth's magnetic field has weaken dramatically. In 2009 the scientists said the location of the magnetic field would likely change within 24 years. In 2011 they came out again said it was going to happen soon. The Mayans say there were two pole shifts in the last 26,000 years.

On October 27, 2011 there was a ceremony for the 13 crystal skulls which the Mayans say contain the knowledge of humanity for the last 13,000 years. Each skull contains knowledge of 1,000 years. These skulls were located in the United States, Europe, Tibet and other countries. Unify Earth Foundation arranged the ceremony which happened in Manhattan, New York. The second ceremony was completed in Los Angeles, so that all the elders could participate in the ceremony. This was for the healing of America. Now that the ceremonies happened the Mayans have been releasing knowledge from time to time contained in these skulls.

One important thing to remember is 2012 was not the end of time. It was the beginning of a new consciousness and transitioning period between the older consciousness and a new world consciousness. The Mayans say we are transitioning from the third to fourth dimension. Some people really want to hang on to the older patterns and others are already in the new consciousness. This is why you see such a polarization now between those who are very self centered and those with a more universal, global consciousness. Some people are in between the two states of consciousness, so they are living in the new world in some ways but not in other ways.

The Mayans also talk about the transition between the Fourth and Fifth Suns. During this transition period we will have environmental destruction, social chaos and Earth changes. We all must unify to help with this transition to make a better world. Some groups will fight tooth and nail to stop progress of humanity from happening. It is up to those who want a better world to do their part in making it a reality. The Mayans say that with simplicity and love we can overcome the darkness of those elements who are against progress and unity of humanity.

Ether will be the new element of the 5th Sun which will manifest in importance on the Earth. Air, fire and water have been our focus before these times. Ether is the "substance which occupies all space postulated to account for the propagation of electromagnetic radiation through space." It is the "space between space" and is what is called "spiritual energy." Visiting sacred sites will be important in these times. Frank Joseph has recently published a book lately on sacred sites called Power Places & the Master Builders of Antiquity. It is a good guide to the sites because he has personally visited many of these and has a unique view because of being there in person to experience them.

The Hindus also have mentioned ether as an important element in their sacred texts and we now know it will be an important element in humanity's future. The Rishis and Rishikas spoke of this element thousands of years ago. They were great seers like the Mayans and their philosophy will be important for humanity now. Come the experience the Fifth Sun!

Jai Shri Ma! Jai Shri Mayans! Jai Shri 5th Sun!



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