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Updated on May 7, 2016

Mother's Day May 8th

One of your greatest relationships in life is with your mother. She birthed you and were in her womb for months. Her essence and energy is with you always. Of course, the same is true of your father. You bear this energy, too. Both of them taught you by example. Your mother was your first teacher or guru. She also learned a lot from being around you. Your father was also your teacher, too.

Every child is unique in the aspects of the Divine Mother and Divine Father. There is no one else quite like you. Yet you do inherit tendencies from both parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles and ancestors. One of my nieces excels in musical theatre like I do. We have both have a famous ancestor, Geraldine Farrar, who was a famous opera singer who became a movie star after her opera career. The opera singer's father was a professional baseball player, Sidney (Hap) Farrar. Many of my family members have strong athletic abilities. My father was a track star in high school. One of my nephews excels in track and field, just like his grandfather. One of my nieces excels at sewing like my mother who still sews despite being in her 80's. The niece even designed and sewed a Beatle skirt with photos of the Beatles on it. My mother designed and sewed a Ringo shirt for one my brothers. My mother sewed outfits for school and church plays. She is capable of sewing any item of clothing you see at a mandir.

Many of you have heard the expression, "You are just like your mother." My mother is a very creative soul. She sings, cooks and sews. She painted pictures when we were young. I got interested in the creative arts through my mother's creative abilities and because she encouraged us in the creative realm. She used her psychic abilities throughout our time together in our childhood home. In my 20's I discovered I had some of those abilities and I developed them more than other sibling in the family. My mother is very intelligent and she loves to read books. This is something I do all the time in my spare time. She is very spiritual in how she is with people. My interest in spirituality and religion first developed through my relationship with my mother. She was my first spiritual teacher. I attended Catholic school, but it was at home where I read the Bible. My mother was the one who had it there for everyone to read. In her own childhood she would memorize the most verses so she could attend Bible camp near the farm where she lived. She did this every year. I developed an interest in Eastern religions later on in my life. Reincarnation fascinated me and I learned about it through books, friends and the mandirs. My mother is more impressed with how a person is with others. She does not care about what your religion is. She cares more about the practical, every day reality of real people's lives in how a person lives out their values in the world.

What are qualities or aspects of the Divine Mother? She is a warrior and fights for you. Mother Durga, an aspect of the Universal Mother, gained all the power of the male gods in order to defeat a very nasty demon. He could not be defeated by a man or male god, but he could only be defeated by a woman or a goddess. When you use your Mother aspects, you realize how powerful they are in your every day life. You pull the woman card and triumph over adversity. Nothing is more powerful than when the Divine Mother defeats all those nasty inner demons within you. Now you are ready to battle anything which appears in your life.

What about the compassionate loving aspect? A mother loves like no other. Love trumps everything. Love builds a bridge. Your mother is there for you when no one else is there. This is an aspect already within you. You merely have to develop it. As Jesus said, "Love your neighbor as yourself." Yourself is the Atma, the soul, the higher self. Imagine if we all loved our neighbors like our own Atma. The haters of the world do not win in the end. The lovers do.

What about her tenancy? She is there when no one else is there and she keeps going on even when dad has given up. Everyone gives up on you, but not your mother. This what we need to get though those tough times.

Of course you have heard of a woman's intuition. Women develop it through every day life. They deal with problems and know the answers by asking the inner voice within. My mother excelled in this area. She had a highly developed six sense. There are many times when you have to go beyond rationality to solve problems. I found legal files by using the inner voice when the rational way did not work. Mother Saraswati is the one who helps you tap the Akashic Records, the Book of Life. This is tapping into the Divine. This is why it is superior knowledge to the rational way of life. The sixth sense is the Mother Sense.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day in the United States and many others countries, but if you understand your own Mother aspects you will realize that every day is Mother's Day. She is the energy and power of the Universe.




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