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Updated on August 6, 2015


Hell never existed in the mind of God from the beginning. It came into existence as a deserved punishment for the devil and other fallen angles.

The name hell is the only deserving punishment that is enough to pay the devil for his atrocities in heaven. Hell is not the opposite of heaven but a complete departure from heaven.

Opposite means nearness in resemblance but not totally the same. Hell is a misnomer. It has no definition and no comparison. Hell is God anger vested on Satan.

Hell is God’s anger vested on Satan.

Hell is God’s ever punishment on sin.

Hell is God’s final judgment on sinners and Satan alike.

Hell is meant to repay the devil for his willful rebellion. The devil invented what God never imagined could be that is: evil. God by nature never knew anything called evil.

Two things are absolutely absent in the nature of God, they are evil and anger Isaiah 27: 4a both were invented by the devil.

Why hell will ever be terrible is because it is the first and ever anger of God in reality.


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