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MYSTERIOUS EARTH - What is the Zone Of Silence?

Updated on August 1, 2014

The Zone of Silence, Mexico

Mexico and the Zone of Silence

Called the Zone, or the Zone of Silence. It was reported first discovered in 1930's when Francisco Sarabia flew a plane over the northern Mexican state of Coahuila and his radio ceased working. The region later gained notoriety when a missile was fired from White Sands Missile Base in nearby New Mexico. The missile missed its target by hundreds of miles. This was in the 1970s. When investigators arrived in the area they found that radios would not work and it was a dark zone. The investigators took away some tons of sand for investigation.

Some years later the upper stage of a Saturn booster rocket for the Apollo program broke up and crashed in the area. The US sent in investigators and planes to find it. They are reported to have found that no radio, TV, microwave or short wave travel through the air. The nearest community, Ceballos, was 25 miles away and the situation was well known there too. The US government is reported to have sent in their retrieval team. They found the missile and then are reported to have made an airstrip and a railway track to the region to retrieve their rocket. After retrieving what they came for they removed the tracks and left.

High levels of magnetite are reported to have been found in the area, and the region also seems to attract meteorites. The attraction is so much so, that the meteorites falling in the region are a regular occurrence. The meteorites are known as guijolas there.

The one of the largest meteorites ever, the size of a motor vehicle, fell to ground in the region on the February 8, 1969 at 1:05 am. It was moving at the speed of 10 miles per second. The impact created a shockwave felt miles away. To date, this meteorite is the largest found on Earth.

Apparently, meteorites are drawn to land there. The desert floor is littered with pieces of meteorites. Also, the reports indicate that there is a much higher incidence of meteorite activity over the Zone, than in other areas. The meteorite rocks that litter the surface vary in type, but they are all on the surface, not buried under it. The meteorite rocks that litter the surface vary in type, but they are all on the surface, not buried under it.

Cacti of the Zone of Silence

The cacti of the Zone is an unusual purple instead of green, and in unusual shapes.
The cacti of the Zone is an unusual purple instead of green, and in unusual shapes.

It is also known for the strange colored cacti, purple and or red instead of green. There is also the unusual turtles, which have a different odd shaped tiles on their shells compared to the turtles elsewhere.

In September 1976, a 300 meter long UFO was reported at 8:59 pm, outside the small community of Ceballos in the Zone. The craft was rectangular. Lights surrounded it, green to blue to white, pulsating light, with a humming sound. All the dogs in the town started howling. Two dozen residents gathered, to watch the object at the outskirts of the town.

There have been many other reported sightings of other craft and even sightings of extraterrestrials that fit the descriptions of greys in this region.

There was one instance where a couple were travelling in a new vehicle through the desert and they stopped. A rain cloud was coming their way. To avoid being stuck there in an obvious oncoming flood, they packed their vehicle and took off but could not outrun the deluge. They soon became grounded, and their car began to sink. They were stuck when out of the rain in this desert two blonde people in yellow coats and hats walked up through deluge. The two beckoned the couple to get back into the car. They did and quickly these other two pushed their car from its bog into a place with hard ground. When the two in the car went to thank these other two people they had vanished. The two who had come in from the dessert looked nothing really out of the ordinary but there was apparently something unusual about them. There were no footprints by the unusual pair, and they could be seen, while visibility was long distant. The pair who had helped had vanished.

The same blonde people were seen by others, including a TV reporter who was there for that purpose. He saw three blonde ghostly figures in raincoats, twice. However, the figures were not seen by the driver of the car the reporter was in, his photographer, and the car drove on.

The Zone surface


The area has reports of some kind of magnetic anomaly. There are multiple reports of seeing blonde people who seem to unusually and quickly disappear. There appears to be no reason to doubt the reports of these people.

The reports on the meteorites being in abnormally high numbers is the most intriguing factor if it is true. As the earth rotates it might seem that such rocks are falling from different positions in space. If these meteorites are true it is a pointer to something else as yet unknown. More information and genuine research is needed. There is contrary data available on the Zone. Without personal investigation one cannot tell if the contrary data is true or is professional misinformation.

Any research into the Zone would be to find out, what would pull in rocks, magnetic or not, from wherever they come from in the solar system, to this spot. It would seem such pull would have to reach out a long way into space to affect such rocks to fall just there in the Zone.

None of the reports appear to contradict themselves. There appears to be no restriction in visiting the region. There is a report that all unusual phenomena associated with the region is false, and that the fame for the area is simply made up to get tourism and the dollars associated with it. You decide if that counter report is true or professional misinformation.


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