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Magic Spell to Cool A Divorce

Updated on March 21, 2014

Wiccan Spell to Make a Divorce Smooth

This is a free Wiccan magic spell that really works.

Expensive accessories are not necessary; most ingredients can be found in a local store, garden, or home. The real magic is your mind and its affinity with the tools you use. Everything in the world is at your disposal, to use and enjoy, on loan to you from nature, and ultimately to return to nature as you yourself will.

Use this spell wisely. It should never be used to harm another living being. If you surround yourself with hateful thoughts, you will attract hatred to you.

Witchcraft is used frequently by those who know its power.

A Messy Divorce

A friend of mine from Belize who has been practicing witchcraft all her life and learned most of her spells from her mother, was going through a very upsetting divorce. Her husband hooked up with a mail order bride from China who decided that her new husband needed to prove his love for her by destroying the life of my friend, and he was focused like a laser beam on destroying by poor friend's sanity. He and his new Chinese wife broke into her home and began stealing furniture, and all the tings that she loved, and this man was a powerful Dentist who was admired all over their town. No one wanted to take her side and be unpopular, so he told lies about her in an effort to isolate her from all of their past friends, she was ready to break.

Mom to the Rescue

Her mother presented her with this spell to Cool down a divorce, and she got her life back together again.

In fact this is the spell that got her started as a Tarot Card Reader, and Psychic, discovering her natural powers while studying Voodoo in New Orleans where we joined powers to develop the most potent spells for love and money in existence.

I am happy to say that shortly after my friend did this spell her life turned around, beginning with her husband who by all accounts was out to get her. He suddenly calmed down and left her alone.

The Spell

Take some of his or her handwriting and a small bottle of camphor oil. you can buy this in the aromatherapy department of a natural foods store.

On the night of a full moon, in his absence, place the paper bearing his handwriting in a dish. On a small piece of fresh white paper write your wish that you do, or alternatively do not want a divorce, or simply that you want the break up to be peaceful. Place the paper in the dish.

Sprinkle seven drops of the virgin oil over both pieces of paper. Once the writing has smudged, place seven ice cubes on top. Camphor is inflammable and the ice will take the heat out of a volatile divorce situation.

When the ice has melted, bury the paper if you do not want a divorce and with your fingertips, sprinkle every drop of the camphor water around every room of your home. Its smell will clear the air.

If you do want a divorce, tear the paper into tiny pieces and wash the paper and camphor water down the drain of kitchen sink, by turning on the cold tap.


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