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Can Magick Bring Peace And Happiness Into Your Life?

Updated on October 30, 2015

Does Magick Work?

Absolutely magick does work, and can help you to become happy. Peace of soul and heart are our primary goals in terms of becoming or being a witch. You have to find that peace within in order to effectively practice magick. You have to find that faith and peace within your being and live life to its fullest.

Aside from magick and spell casting witchcraft is first and foremost a religion. Its a branch of spirituality that strengthens your connection to the earth and the to the divine.

We All Need Love, Joy & Peace

How Can I Understand Magick?

Think of how you feel when you step into a quiet forest, you feel peace, you feel fulfillment, you feel enchantment of the natural forces that are all around you. When you enter into the practice of becoming a witch you are connecting to the source of all of that power.

The force of this energy is neither good or bad and although it is inherently peaceful, this power can and is used in different ways by different people. This connection can be created while you are in your natural state of existence.

Your connection brings that peace and contentment into your heart and into your spirit flooding you with the energies of its origin.

Become a Witch or Learn About Wicca

More about Happiness and Wicca

So with the connection to the earth, and all its powers, how could one not find contentment and happiness in the magnitude of that kind of enormous power flooding every inch of your being.

Spell casting and using the energies to manifest what else you want in your life is just like a side benefit of being a witch. The first is finding that place of peace and connection to make us one with everything that exists around us.

One of the keys when you are just starting is to be able and really concentrate on being able to find that sacred place or peace within. Spending a lot of time on your internal sacred place can almost bring about within itself peace, and happiness.

You are connected to everything around you, now if you start building that inner space, and peace withing yourself, within your sacred space everything you touch from that point is going to be touched by that same peace you feel.

Eventually the stronger you get that peace is going to radiate around you and be sent from you which will create more peace with your general vicinity and not just from within.

This ties in well with my lense about magick love spells ( And making yourself attractive with magick. Because growing yourself, your mind you power, and you sacred space not only will you feel different but people will start to look at you differently. They will start to see the peace and the happiness in side of you and it will make you more attractive to everybody.


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