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Magic in the Woods

Updated on August 30, 2016
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My one and only goal in writing is to increase the likelihood of intellectual thought coupled with critical examinations of societal trends.

I was hoping to avoid the topic I am about to cover for at least a few more articles. The subject is one that is completely unavoidable when looking into the supernatural. I personally do not think that there is truly anything new to share regarding Sasquatch, but the subject is no less fascinating and still within the realm of my writing interests. I also have my own story to add to the almost infinite amount of tales already in existence.

I want to begin by stating that no matter what part of the world you are in, there is always some kind of lore about the area's forests or jungles. Be it elementals or sprites, every land shares some kind of lore about their forests. From the Olympic forests of Washington to the Black Forest of Germany, mystical creatures have been wreaking havoc or granting wishes for centuries. Because there are literally thousands of stories and topics to cover regarding forests and mystical beings, I am sure that some day in the future I will find myself sharing another story of strange happenings in the woods. This article will cover the more famous, or infamous depending on where you live, topic of the Sasquatch.

Yes indeed- Big Foot, Sasquatch, Hairy man, and the Missing Link have been with us throughout history and eye witness accounts vary from person to person. Where one man living Idaho will say that Sasquatch love peanut butter and have followed him through the woods, another hiker in the Cascades will say that they smell like rotten meat and throw boulders. What is interesting to point out in the literal mess of eye witness jumblia that is the Sasquatch hunting community, is that while each account is different, there are many people that claim to have seen something that was not human but had human characteristics. It is also important to point out that Sassy (my personal name for the camera-shy bugger) is not restricted to the United States and has many relatives around the world. One such familiar relative of the Sasquatch, would be the tundra Yetti. Their relation and difference in habitat would be comparable to the similarities and contrasts of the Polar Bear and Northern Black Bear.

Many people that have even a slight interest in the paranormal or in Cryptozoology already know this information so the real question at this point is : "Why am I wasting your time?" I would not be writing unless I had a story to share. When I was a child, I lived in the woods and grew very familiar with the forest. Wandering in the woods was a daily pastime for me and my closest friends. In my time wandering as a child, I can safely say that I do not remember one time in which I saw a even a sideways view of what could even be believed a Big Foot. I had seen a black bear cub (which resulted in myself and my friends running like hell when the moma black bear decided to chase us), as well as a cougar that prowled near by us in the bushes at one time. It was not until I was an adult that I actually witnessed anything that I would consider even close to old Sassy in the slightest. I was quite skeptical for many years until one night out on my friend's porch.

This was the same friend that I referenced above. Even though I had moved away, we still had maintained contact and he had me stay over at his house in the woods while I was on leave from the Marine Corps. As we stood looking out into the dark familiar forest, there was a sudden massive shaking of bushes. It sounded like a something very large was losing it's mind brush. Since my childhood, the forest had been logged and housing developments had sprung up a few miles away making a lot of the larger wild life skittish and hard to find. I remember thinking that even if it was a bear of some kind, it would have had to have be one heck of a bear to make such a racket so late in the night. A few moments later I saw a large dark figure race through the lamplight next to the chicken coup. The creature was massive and moved incredibly fast. From what I had seen I would say that it was tall and had a rather bulky build. While this was my only experience with Sasquatch, my friend recounted how he and his family had been pestered by Bigfoot for sometime. My friend even shared that he believed that there were more than one out in there forest.

I would like to consider myself a rational person that does not quickly jump to conclusions and rarely takes people's word for it when it comes to the supernatural. My friends words surprised me however. He was not one that I would take as superstitious or "backwoods" in any way. While I do not know what I saw in his woods that night, I will say that I saw something. Something big and black with a frame far from any bear I had seen.

There are almost as many origins to Bigfoot as there are Bigfoot sightings. These origin stories range from Bigfoot being a trans-dimensional guardian of the forest to a failed C.I.A. experiment. I do not focus too much on the origin theories and have more interest in the sightings themselves. Once again, I would like to look at the facts, as sparse as they are, because when we do there are in fact a few thing that we can confirm.

Much like the UFO sighting reporting sites, there are a number of organizations that actually track an monitor Sasquatch sightings he romps from one side of the United States the other. One of the highest ranking states for Bigfoot sightings happens to be my state: Washington. I would like to also include that Washington state has one of the highest percentages of mental illness in the country. Some witness sites like the Bigfoot Field Research Organization offer detailed witness accounts as well as dates for organizing expeditions to seek out our large footed friend. While at first glance, the sites may be difficult to take seriously at first, however, most do offer a scientific and methodical approach to recording sassy's movements.

One researcher from the big foot research community even claims to have proof that Bigfoot truly does exist. What interesting is that this is not your run of the mill fake hair sample or mistaken bear droppings. The professor from Centralia College claims that the "proof is in the bones". Well not actually the bones, but more what is on them. He and his team claim to have found bones that have bite marks that may reveal the truth about Bigfoot. The scientific process with which he backs up this claim seems to be some kind of forensic odontology which ,roughly translated to the English language, means the investigation or process of studying teeth whether it be the teeth themselves or the bite marks left on something. A lot of the information was brought forward May 16th of this year and already the professor has been making waves within the Bigfoot community across America. I look forward to hearing more about his research in the future.

While it may be difficult to really pin down the origin of Bigfoot, I will say that it holds more water than the stories of lake monsters and that the possibility of a creature living without us knowing of it's existence is plausible. Many Native American tribes still talk of the creature and regard it as something to be feared and respected. Could it be that Bigfoot truly is a camera shy being that is intelligent enough to avoid being detected? We have seen other species in nature equipped with fantastic ways of defending themselves, some of which seem to be right out of a sci-fi novel. Maybe there is credence to these stories and there truly is something watching us from beyond the treeline.

In future articles I will discuss well known spin offs of the Bigfoot like the Native American "Skin Walker" and perhaps even some good-old-fasioned Lycanthropy. Once again, if you have any questions or would like to comment, please feel free to. Stay curious.

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