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Magic in the sky; Solar and lunar eclipse and equinox

Updated on March 20, 2015

Eclipses and colective energies

During the past two years, the astrological aligntments had been very interesting, we have been having some kind of messages from the Universe through the stars and planets involved.

The perfect squares in the sky since 2012 had caused different reactions in people. Some people believe its something bad, or a warning and some others think the end of the World is coming. Buy why are this astrological aspects so powerful in our mind and our beliefs?

Well, every civilization in the world, had strong and deep knowledge about astronomy and they based all their calendars, according to the astronomical events,

In this modern times, we also do it, but in a different way. When talking about the astrological alignments and their spiritual effects in colective energies, we have to consider several things:

1. Even if we have the massive effect in society, everyone live it in a different way; I mean we could be having the same guided meditation together, but everyone is going to experience something completely different, because our spirit needs are not the same as anyone else´s.

2. We all are unique. We have different astrological aspects that make us live experiences to evolve our own way, but we share the colective generational energies from the transpersonal planets aspects. (Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto)

3. The specific events like the eclipses, equinoxes and super moons are perceived in a very personal way but sharing the general aspect with the society.

Now that we have considered this basic aspects, we can actually start talking about the energy from this powerful day. We have potent new moon in piscis, total eclipse and the equinox.

The new moon in piscis is inviting us to look inside, deep inside us, reaching our spirituality awareness, at the same time this eclipse is amplifying and renewing several aspects in our life through new begginings and new starts. The equinox is the perfect balance between day and night.

Let´s remember the importance of spring equinox; it's a beautiful time when the goddess is waking up again, after a short time of darkness (winter). Everything is blossoming and its an important neo pagan celebration in honour too the germanic goddess Eoestre. Rebirth time, hope time, faith time, we are planting seeds, the seeds we want to have during the year, so all of our aims become true.

So in astrology, the spring entrance means, new begginings, something that will grow, the restore of faith in ourselves.

This eclipse is powerful cause it happened at 29 degrees of piscis constelation, exactly one grade before it traspasess to aries constelation. In general terms, it means that we can have the feeling we really need to finish something or change something massively in our life and maybe, we have know in for a long time but just didn´t do it, And we have to let go the past, let go evetything that has been stopping us in any way. And this aspect mixed with the new moon also in piscis, is leading us to discover some or our spiritual missions in life even without knowing we want it. The moon is encouraging us to start something new; it could be a new chapter of our life, a new business, a new house or a new job and piscis is dreamy and not very clear most of the time, so it could also make us daydream about our desires,

The colective energies of this powerlful day, could be reflected in a general feeling of change; like countries gettiing tired of their goverments and in general, I feel the society is having a spiritual awareness. I wouldn´t be surprised if we find out about some corrupted religions, corrupted politicians or money wrong spent.

But in our personal lives, we always have to live every moment as a blessing to evolve. This day and during the next years, we have to make the most of what we will experience and enjoy this new chapter in history. It´s an opportunity to get rid of our fears, feel relieved and free.

The world is not ending; the world is changing; we all are evolving.



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