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Magical Mystery Tour the Lamed-Vav

Updated on May 30, 2016

The amazing LamedVav

The Shepherd Leader

The magical phrase "Abracadabra" in the Hebrew is " I will create as I speak". In a series called Mind Games, which is an interesting and in depth look at how our mind works. One of the things they showed is how our mind doesn't want to admit its wrong. I would use the example of the recent Internet viral picture of the striped Dress, even the ones who saw the wrong colors could not admit they were wrong. The basics,the Old Testament is a miraculously designed work of art. God inspired word has be rigidly preserved to give us the confidence to base our beliefs and is so intricately designed, it proves its divine origin.

In the Hebrew Alphabet each letter has a name, a sound and a number, actually 2 numbers, the place number and its value number. They also have a picture associated with them and actually the pictures came first. It started as a picture language then developed into words. An interesting point is in the Hebrew Alphabet it has No vowels. It has vowel sounds and are important but they are not part of it and they are not seen. Its like always on short hand. As you learn to read Hebrew it is actually easier without the vowels. The letter named Lamed as an example it is represented by the letter 'L', it is a picture of a shepherd staff, and the conveys the thought of a shepherd, teacher or leader. The position number is 12 and its value is 30. The letter Vav is represented as a 'V' but can take on the 'O' sound, its picture is a spike or nail and its position is 6 and its value is also 6. As a nail it is a connector and is used as the as the English word 'and'. It is also a picture of man being "6" and man was made on the Sixth Day. All this it part of our Magical Mystery Tour. The way they are "Hidden" in plain sight but you need the "eyes to see". Its a Mystery and its Divinely Magical the way its used in the Bible.

Lamed Vav

As noted above the Lamed is the 12th letter and has value of 30 and Vav is the 6th letter with a value of 6. The place numbers equal 18 which also is the number value of 'Life' and the number value of Lamed-Vav is 36. Thirty-six is 18 doubled, a double witness of Life. A "thirty-six person" is slang for a righteous person who is also called an 'LamedVavnic'. Most Hebrew words are built on three letter roots, yet some are not and at times the letters are not even considered a word but mark, which is the case with the word/mark 'Lamed-Vav'. These 2 letters are sounded as "low" in Hebrew and usually it will be translated into English as " to him or unto him" but sometimes it is not interpreted, its just considered a 'mark'. In the Old Testament there are " oddities " that is letters that are unusually formed or even missing a letter called "deficient" or there could be a extra letter in a word called "full" There are also a number of other different oddities. Each one of these occurrences has a message in it. The center letter of the Torah is the letter 'Vav' in the English word 'belly'. Yeahua said in " the volume of the Book it is written of me ". You will find a small 'Vav' in Psalms 24.4 the word "vanity" is spelled in Hebrew with a small 'Vav' picturing - vanity makes man small. The only letter in Hebrew that stands above the rest is 'Lamed' and it is in the center of the Alphabet, picturing a shepherd watching over the sheep. In Deuteronomy 29.27 God was angry with the rebels and "cast' the out in Hebrew the 'Lamed' in cast in Hebrew is enlarged because He was exercising His power and authority.

LAMED-VAV our Savior

As you can see there is a lot in just 2 letters. Two letter words a not the norm, and it is hard get to get information on many of the two letter types. Try searching the Lamed-Vav and you'll get some commentary on the 'righteous ones', but practically zero on the 'Lamed-Vav' word. It is more a concept word than defined word and it also can be just considered a mark like the 'Alept-Tav' which is Never considered a word. The 'LamedVav' interestingly is sometimes right next to the AlephTav and pronounced "ET'' because the Aleph in Hebrew has no sound or its own but is just sounded by the vowel sound associated with it. The first time the "Lamed-Vav" is used is in Genesis 2.18 and usually translated as "for him" and considered as referring to Eve and rightly so, but on a deeper level it is referring to God Himself the Son. The King James says "I will make him a help meet for him". The literal Hebrew says " I will make (Low) him helper suitable. The Hebrew word make 'asah' is translated as the English word "meet" but is can also translated as "commit". You could read this verse as " I commit the (Lamed-Vav) shepherd-man helper suitable" for Adam. This is not one isolated verse of picturing the shepherd man. The 'Lamed' can also refer to teacher or leader just as easily. Lamed has an 'L' sound and can also be used as a prefix which means "to or for."

In interpreting Scripture there are four basic levels all are valid and when done properly the interpretation should never contradict the direct understanding, but it can shed light to proper understanding. The Sages say that "not only that every letter but even the spaces speak of the Messiah". The Lamed-Vav in connection with the Aleph-Tav are inseparably connected. In Isaiah 9.6 it says His name is " wonderful, counsellor, the mighty God, the everlasting Father". It is not names but name, its one name many truths. An eternal joy is learning and experiencing more and more of the love of God for His Bride and reciprocating back with love for Him. Continuing our tour, there are many translations because, translation is not an exact science its an art. Words mean different things and concepts in each language, and meanings change over time but the scripture words are the base and reference point. The point is getting into the mind of God to see what He was and is expressing. Sod' is word for 'secret depth or seed level, a concept of interpretation of digging deeper or you could say 'reaching up' into a Heavenly understanding. In the movie the Matrix, Neil is given the invitation to go to another realm, actually the real other realm world, to see and do miraculous things.

There are over 120 Hebrew 'Lamed-Vav words.' in Genesis alone. "To him, unto him" are the most common way of translating it and almost everywhere you see 'low' you could substitute, 'shepherd man' There are a number of places where it is not translated just considered a mark. One place is Genesis 29.6, Jacob is looking for Laban, he meets some shepherds and asks them if they knew of Laban. In the King James he asks, " is he well? And they said, he is well" In the literal Hebrew " is shalom? (The Lamed-Vav is not interpreted) and they said shalom". You could easily say " is shepherd-man well", which on an earthly level you would think of Laban or on a Spiritual level could easily think of Christ. Laban was an evil man who the Sages say was worse than Haman, the wicked man in the Bible book of Ester. When Jacob flees from Laban. Laban pursued after Jacob to do harm, just be for he caught up with Jacob, God tells Laban in a dream not to harm him. when they meet up they make a peace pact and set up a group of stone to seal the deal. Genesis 31 has two untranslated Lamed-Vav marks, before the word "stones", Laban called these (Lamed-Vav) stones "Jegar-Sahadutha" - meaning a heap of stones but Jacob called these (Lamed-Vav) stones "Galled" - a covenant. This shows what Laban thought of them as opposed to what they meant to Jacob. Later in his journey he came to a city called "Shalem" or Shalom and erected an altar. Then in Genesis 33.20 " and Jacob called it (untranslated - Lamed-Vav) Elelohe - Israel" which means "Shepherd-Man' Mighty GOD of Israel". As stated earlier this word/mark is usually translated "to him" In Genesis 32.25 Jacob wrestled with God "and when he saw that he couldn't prevail against him, he touched the hollow of his thigh". The English word 'against' is the Lamed-Vav so you could read "God the shepherd-man touched him". The when the 'Aleph-Tav' is connected to an 'Lamed-Vav' it gets really exciting. Genesis 41.45 Pharaoh gave Joseph Asenath the daughter of potiphera for a wife, King James he gave "to him' (ET) Asenath". In a literal Hebrew "Pharaoh gave Joseph 'the leader-man the Aleph-Tav', Asenath for a wife. One last stop in Genesis, the Aleph-Tav is defined by Jesus in Revelation as Him, the 'Mark' can be specifically Himself or it could refer to a covenant person. Like Ruth who got an Aleph-Tav associated with her name only after she marries Boaz. This last picture is not only an Aleph-Tav but an Lamed-Vav also and to none other than Jacob the father of the Jews. Genesis 42.29 Josephs brothers have just returned from Egypt to Jacob "and told him (ET untranslated) all that befell them" in the King James, but in the literal Hebrew "and they told him the Leader-Man 'Aleph-Tav' all that happened" This is just a tour of Genesis, there are many more pictures like these to see. You are invited to travel on.

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Eternal Life and Love

The 36 Lamed-Vavnics

Spiritual Depths

Hebrew Wisdom, Hebrew Letter meanings, The 36 LamedVavnics, Sod level meanings, the Aleph-Tav, ET, Lamed, Vav, Old Testament studies, Spiritual, Jewish Lore

the Righteous Thirtysix

Thirty-six LamedVavnic

The Thirty-six is a concept based on the Hebrew thought that there are symbolically 36 Tzadikim Nistarim (righteous) persons on Earth at all times and being the number for "life" is 18 and 18 doubled equals 36 referring to one who is Earthly and Heavenly minded and the number for LamedVav is 36, they are called "LamedVavnics"

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