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Magick Secret : Music to Alter your Subconscious

Updated on January 27, 2020
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Engelta loves sharing the spiritual world with the ones worthy of it. The magick, the witchcraft, the ascension.

The effect Music has on your mind and your feelings is something already talked about in the spiritual world and by science as well. Ever thought how your favorite song lyrics manifest in your life?

Music holds the highest vibration and can help you build the energy you need to cast a spell, amplify the spell's intention just right and it is an added bonus if you dance to it as well. This is a process you are very much aware though because you have chosen to use it in your spell, so you know what you are doing, what songs you are using for that purpose etc.

What about the songs that you obsess over and sing to the lyrics over and over again? Those lyrics, without you noticing, affect your subconscious and the next thing you know is you manifested that in your life. Taking into account most love songs are about bad breakups, or money songs are about fighting, raging, drug dealing, etc, you have to be mindful of what you are singing to.

Also, music helps you visualize better, it not only makes it easier to visualize, but it also tells you what to visualize. So, there you have a spell just cast, out of your intention, but yet very powerful, as you have all the components:

vibration (music) + spell (song lyrics) + visualization (that creates intention) = manifestation!

You have already felt for yourself how some songs make you feel powerful, important, on top of the world. Other songs create nostalgia, suddenly you're in a dreamy state, looking out of the window, getting lost in thoughts, in things that were and things that never happened.

Others put you in a fighting, raging mood, you feel ready to fight everyone, you feel like the world is against you and you're conquering it. Or are you? These particular feelings can seriously mess with your self-image and self-esteem. Sure, you may feel pretty powerful, but don't set yourself up for disappointment when you later lose a simple disagreement, or you turn it into a fighting.

Some love songs will create a romantic emotion in you that if you focus enough, you can affect your heart chakra and open your heart to love someone that you're still getting to know or do not know at all, but just because you 'cheat' 'manipulate' yourself to feel the love, you can really fall in love !

Some songs may even trigger you, because they bring up memories, or they create a certain image in your head, and life it is not what that song paints it to be.

Personal experience:

When I was to break up with a certain person, with whom I went through a rough relationship and I couldn't help myself break the ties, I listened to Demis Roussos "Goodbye my love goodbye". It is a beautiful heart breaking song, that I purposely chose to not build the courage, because I had already decided, but to alter my heart to understand I had to let go, that it is just natural to end things, and to not hold any regrets. I listened to it again and again until I felt the mood altered, my energy changed, I was ready to cut the ties, and never look back again, because it had to end and it ran its course and there was nothing more to teach me.

You can use music and songs the same way and be mindful for when you are not purposely manipulating energy. You can use music to alter your subconscious to understand what seems hard to approach or perceive or rap your mind around. Also, it helps to know that someone else has gone through the same heartbreaking experience as you and you are not alone.

Be mindful to fuel what you want to amplify, change, understand, and once done, to let it go. Don't dwell into it, or you will be back to square one, as you will start to doubt it and reverse the whole process.

You use the music to help you on the task you have on your hands, be it overcoming a heartbreak, cherishing a new love, pushing yourself to workout harder, strengthening your will, focusing on a project, etc. Other than that, just dance to it and enjoy one of life's pleasures.

© 2020 Ensorcelie


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