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Creating Magick Sigils Tutorial

Updated on June 12, 2019
Sara Joy Warne profile image

Sara Joy Warne is a Psychologist and Spiritual Advisor out of Las Vegas, Nevada. She is the founder of Soul Therapy and a respected Psychic.

Can Sigil Magick Work for Everyone?

Yes, Sigil Magick is not only effective, but also easy to create. You do not have to be a Sorcerer or an Artist to create Sigils that will work. Letters from the English Alphabet are the tools used. Other than that all you need is a piece of paper, pencil, and a desire you wish to obtain. It really is that simple.

Not only are they simple, they really work! In order to prove their effectiveness, I am going to walk you through a Sigil that I am creating with you , right now. So let's get started!

Let's make some Magic!

Make Sure To Always Be Thorough!

You can even be colorful and creative. The more time spent on your Sigil, the more magical it will be!

Think of Your Desire

To begin your Sigil, you must have a desire. This is what the universe is offering you, but you have to ask for it. So put your desire into words in the form of a demand. Remember you are never asking, you are commanding it. So the Sigil I am creating is for the sake of all the readers that come across these words. So my Sigil will be:


Always be direct in wording, and try not to be to lengthy.

Now I will show you the steps to use these words in Sigil form, so you can see how the magic is made.

This is the important part!

Remember to always follow these steps, and your Sigils will always be successful.

This is how to create your Sigil

  1. Write out the letters in your desire in all capital letters and without spaces. Capital letters shout out the importance with dignity.
  2. Cancel out all vowels and repeated consonants. This is the way it has been done for centuries. It is the Sigil Formula.

How are you Doing so Far?

3. Mirror your remaining letters. This can take some practice, but becomes easier every time. The more effort put into making it look clear, the more powerful your Sigil will be.

4. Do this on the four corners of your page. This is to seal the corners of the page to lock in your Sigil.

5. Border all lettering. Bordering is the most important part of Sigils, because it seals the desire and makes it official. Think of all the symbols and logos found all over the world, they are usually bordered and successful as well.

Time to Make Your Logo!

6. Create and border your own logo or design in the center, using your letters. This makes it your own, personalized Sigil.

Almost Done!

7. Create Magick words beneath it. (optional) I like to do this because I like reading it out loud. Plus I am a firm believer of the magic in the words, "Bless It Be!"

8. Always border the entire page. Again, this is what seals the deal. The borders always lock the power inside.

9. Charge your sigil. I will explain the ways to do this next....

Finished Project

Keys to Remember

Cancel out all vowels and repeated constonants
Mirror your letters
Border your letters on the four corners of the page
Don't forget to create your logo and border it with the entire page!


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    • Sara Joy Warne profile imageAUTHOR

      Sara Joy Warne founder of Soul Therapy 

      9 months ago from Las Vegas, NV

      Next article I write will be on how to charge your Sigil!


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