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Magick and Black Magick; Are They Good, "Evil," or In Between?

Updated on January 18, 2020
GwennyOh profile image

GwennyOh is a practicing magician, spirit conjurer, and healer; and enjoys sharing the fruits of her studies and experiences.


The Idea That Magick Is "Bad," or "Evil," Is Laughable

It pains me to say it, but one commonly asked question is--"isn't it bad to practice magick?" But another commonly asked question is--"is it bad to practice black magick?" And another way these queries are delivered is--"don't you worry about karma, in doing that?" These questions will be addressed within this piece as if they are one. As a magician, such questions offend me--but on a minor level, because people seem not to realize that magick is entirely benevolent; it is only the intent of some practitioners that renders it anything other.

Magick is a right and a power that we each should naturally have. Though magick is not evil, it could be used to reach poor ends. It is not that evil things can be done with it that raises eyebrows though, but more that in times past through till today there have been religions that have identified magick as evil. And, they've written such into their central belief systems, providing the masses with a slanted overall perspective. You can do evil things in virtually any practice or industry; so the idea that magick is evil, is truly laughable.

As well, though it works best for the flow of this article that the term "black magick" be primarily used, know that plain and simple "magick," would serve better; this as they are one and the same; this will be expounded upon further in.

Paradoxical Behavior and Perspective

Being frank, there are a lot of significantly unjust things going on each and every day, that many never even question. But when it comes to certain beliefs that society standardly works to impose upon us, it's a whole different matter...

Case in point--there was a man, that as his children were growing up, sent them to school in the winter with no coats (this is a true story). No one questioned it or paid them any mind. No one gave them coats nor asked the father why they did not have any. But the man practiced magick as well, and that is what people cared about. He had irate people to answer to, and people even cared that his children might not be safe living in a home where magick was practiced (shudder to think!)--the same children that had to survive through Canadian winters without coats, when nobody gave a care. The point here, is that at times society's values are largely misplaced.


Magick and Black Magick Defined

For those unaware, the "k" on magick was added by Aleister Crowley, to differentiate the art and science of occultism and magick from sleight of hand stage trick magic. Furthermore, the letter k is the 11th letter of the English alphabet, and the number 11 has great significance in magick--especially Crowley's Thelemic magick.

The definition that Crowley used for magick, was that it's "The Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will." This is the same coming and going--meaning that magick aligns with the practitioner's will, but as well most ideally aligns with the will of others. When works by intent contravene or disregard the will of others, some call it "black magick." Even though black magick contravenes the will of some, it is not necessarily harmful in any significant way. In instances where it has a negative effect on someone, it is possible and likely that the good it does for someone else, is far greater.

Expounding on Black Magick

Black magick can be tricky to explain--partially because many say that "magick has no color," and this is in fact true. However, when one begins to describe the dark end of magickal workings collectively, they need to have a term handy that encapsulates them; the commonmost term used is black magick. In a similar way, the light and middle ranges of the magickal spectrum are called "white" and "grey" magick respectively. Note that the differentiation is to facilitate speech--yet still in truth, there is no range of color (or lack of it [black/grey/white]), there is only magick as a whole--period. To counter evil things, sometimes dark energies must be used, or demons must be summoned for their assistance. To break through some of the most stubborn of all blockages at times requires the same, and to dare do what must be done despite that it may potentially step on someone's toes--this is the true nature of so called black magick. If you do not free yourself to grow, expand and ascend, no one else will, becomes a primary consideration.


Working With Positive and Negative Energies

Another interesting point about working with dark energies in magick, is that some magicians believe (or know, rather) that dark energies are simply the alternate energy value to light magickal energies. An example--an electrician works with positive and negative currents, and a magician works with the same. And if an electrician or a magician chooses not to work with one, he/she is not going to benefit as much from their practiced art. It is truest to say that a magician working within boundaries they've defined to be white, light, grey, or dark magick, is limiting themselves from experiencing all that magick can be.

Clarifying Black Magick

Here is a list of things that people have said in attempt to describe black magick, that provides an overview of sorts (this author does not necessarily agree with them all):

  • A magickal working that is not in line with or stands contrary to, the practitioner's beliefs/higher purpose/higher will/standards.
  • Magick that has no boundaries (not light, dark etc).
  • Magick where the practitioner refuses to be bound by dogmatic beliefs.
  • The will of the magus executed, regardless of whether or not it is the will of another.
  • Harnessing energies that most define as dark, and working them in alignment with your will.
  • Creating balance and harmony, rather than working exclusively with light energies (this is true but a bit shortsighted, as there are also magicians that practice black arts only; however, they are a minority. It is true for those that do not limit the range of magick they practice to any type).
  • Someone once said that, "all magick is black magick, but some is lighter hearted".
  • Works that influence one to dispel fears, and thus propel the magician to become energetically stronger.
  • For some, a part of it is using their own fear to amplify the power of their works.
  • Any magick done by someone of the Left Hand Path (LHP includes Satanists, Luciferians, etc).
  • "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law"; which implies that there is no right or no wrong, but for regarding one's own will and the free will of others.
  • Dark energy magick, but also curses and hexes or any baneful magickal process.
  • Opening portals between various planes, which powerful and uncommon energies flow through.
  • Summoning dark deities, daemons, or spirits, to do your bidding (daemonolatry).


Magick/Black Magick, and Karma

Some fear that "karma" will come to them if they engage in darker energy magick. This is not so, as there is a thing called "universal justice." When one has to swoop toward darker means in order to perform a benevolent act or to right an injustice, there is some natural offset toward their act being just. Furthermore, to announce a good intent to be done as a so called "sacrifice," offsets injustice in full. To describe how this works--you have a dark magick work you need to do, and before the fact you announce your intent of doing a good deed you really would rather not do (thus the term sacrifice is quite apropos). Ideally it would be something that benefits someone else--for example, you could say you will bake a pie for a local person that is housebound, mow someone's lawn, or you name it really. Then go ahead with your spell, and do what you have sworn to do by your pledge afterwards to make things right.

Sidenote: Karma is not a real thing. It is one putting out an energy frequency range, that draws certain random experiences to them from what can manifest within that range. Energies are easily adjusted, so there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

Black Magick's Reputation, and Other Relative Points

Black magick has gotten a bad rap. Despite general perceptions, it can be an invaluable tool in self empowerment, healing, moving ahead in general, and as already touched upon, in breaking through stubborn blockages. One relatively consistent factor within it when used for good purposes though, is that someone's will is potentially being contravened. How bad is that? Cutting someone off in traffic, or a bouncer refusing to let someone into a nightclub, could be described the same way.

At the same, there are instances where to contravene someone's will is a big deal and is totally inappropriate... one prime example lies in doing a magickal work to bring back a lost love. If a person has made a life decision that monumental--to leave someone that they've determined to not reside within the boundaries of what they want in their life; then they deserve to be free to live by that decision--without interference. Additionally I'd like to point out that when a person does magick that is not intended to hurt anybody, it potentially can. For example, a spell done to advance someone quickly in their career, is going to short someone else--maybe put them out of being first contender for a position, which is not in alignment with the will of one or more others. So is the difference between so called light and dark magick even real? It seems like it's all just shades of grey.


Magick has been around since ancient times, and was practiced before modern religions even came into existence. It's primarily about harnessing one's power--it enables us to improve life for ourselves, and also allows us to assist and heal others. What a beautiful thing it is, that even someone who may have little to nothing in terms of material resources, can give gifts of magick to help someone in need.

Hopefully now you have a clearer idea of how magick, and even what some people call dark or black magick, can do good in this world, and long will.

© 2018 GwennyOh


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    • GwennyOh profile imageAUTHOR


      23 months ago

      Obidavid445566: the Internet is full of magick resources, and the world is your oyster. Begin by reading, that's how you learn--that's how everyone begins.

    • profile image


      23 months ago

      teach me

    • GwennyOh profile imageAUTHOR


      23 months ago

      jdripper420--no one needs anyone to teach them magick. There are numerous eBooks on magick, and as well there are courses.

      However, just because there are courses available, does not mean that's what's best. Begin by reading some great books. Read all the free download eBooks you can find; you may as well because there are so may that are great and freely available. And as well, join one or more magick forums, and ask questions.

      After you've read for a while, you will know you are ready to begin practicing. If you have people you can ask simple questions of from time to time, such as on a magick forum, then your journey will become far easier.

      I'd suggest you begin by reading these two books, that are easily found for free--The Chicken Qabalah, by Lon Milo Duquette, and Magick Without Tears, by Aleister Crowley.

    • profile image


      23 months ago

      how do i find someone to tech me magick


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