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Main Feng Shui principles and chi energy

Updated on January 20, 2014
In Feng Shui, we attract the positive chi energy and avoid the negative chi energy by organizing the space around us.
In Feng Shui, we attract the positive chi energy and avoid the negative chi energy by organizing the space around us.

Get in touch with the chi energy

At the base of Feng Shui there is an idea that we can influence the quality of chi, the life energy, that flows around us and through us, and by this we can influence the quality of our life. To attain this, we must learn to tell the difference between the good and the bad chi, and to fortify the good chi while suppressing the bad chi energy. 

What is the good chi energy like? Healthy, beneficial chi moves in a slow, wave-like and dragon-like way in the whole world around us and through our bodies (chi flows in our bodies through the ways that are called meridians ). In the natural surroundings there are many delicate curves like that as well as there is a lot of light and there are many healthy, happy plants and beings (animals, children), that are the guides for the beneficial chi energy. 

What is the bad chi energy like? If chi moves in a chaotic or very fast way, it can cause us harm, working as an arrow, cutting edge or the force of a hurricane. Straight lines, sharp corners, steep slopes, traffic jams or quick rivers can give birth to a sha chi , the negative harmful energy. Feng Shui helps us avoid these dangers when it is possible and weaken their influence if we cannot avoid them.

According to Feng Shui, the interaction of Yin nad Yang is very important
According to Feng Shui, the interaction of Yin nad Yang is very important

Yin and Yang

The Chi energy has many faces. For example, the chi flows in the human body through the meridians that can get blocked. This can cause serious illnesses. Acupuncture specialists study the art of liberating the blocked chi energy. The masters of martial arts are capable to concentrate their chi and thus become stronger.

Every person radiates their own unique chi. Each of eight directions on a compass also has its own chi, just like the five elements: fire, earth, water, tree and metal. Probably, you have heard about the terms yin and yang and are used to consider them as the opposites. Although, indeed, yin characterizes the fall while yang symbolizes the growth, the two energies should be considered as complementary. Just as like the excess of yin in the garden leads to the emptiness in the surroundings, the excess of yang leads to an uncontrollable wild growth. This way, yin and yang are most beneficial when they balance each other. At any moment in any situation yin can take over yang but this will only be a temporary domination. These two forces are constantly in the cycle of balance. The most important is not that they oppose each other but that they interact.

By adding blue and black colors to the interior, the yang energy is balanced by the yin elements
By adding blue and black colors to the interior, the yang energy is balanced by the yin elements

Yang energy is associated with everything that is bright, spiritual, male and penetrating. This energy is associated with Paradise and Life. The yang colors are dazzling: orange, yellow and red. Yang forms are straight, sharp and vertical.

Feng Shui teaches us to balance yang by adding yin to it. In the room where the head turns around, that is, there is too much of yang energy, it is useful to add soothing yin elements: dark, subdued colors (especially blue and black), soft cushions and tissues, wavy patterns. If you feel stress, put on some quiet calming yin music, breathe quietly, deeply and meditate.

What makes a room more yin or yang?

More yang
More yin
Bright sharp colors
Dark, subdues colors
Bright, straight light
Soft, dissipated light
Stimulating, sparkling tissues
Soft smooth tissues
Straight lines
Wavy lines
Open space
Small narrow niches
Add candles where you think you need to vivify the yin energy
Add candles where you think you need to vivify the yin energy

Yin and Yang characteristics


Yin energy is associated with everything that is calm, female, still and receiving: earth, water, wind, night and death. In ancient times a whole branch of Feng Shui was dedicated to yin. Since yin is associated with death, the dangerous yin of the cemeteries, hospitals, military organisations and the like institutions should be dissipated and absorbed for the sake of safety of the people who live nearby. But yin is also a living force that nourishes a new life. It is the energy of mothers and peace-makers. 

Feng Shui will help you when you need to vivify a way too yin dwelling by some drops of yang: add candles to put the light to a room or a dark corner, decorate walls with spots of bright colors and patterns. If you feel depressed during rainy days, dissipate the excess of yin energy by turning on more lights, dancing by quick music or by doing something funny and stupid. 

Remember that in Feng Shui it is important to sustain the balance of yin and yang energies in any area. Yang can become irritating if there is no yin (imagine a room where there is only modern sharp-cornered furniture, and the walls are colored in bright colors), yin without the sufficient quantity of yang suppresses (imagine a dark, soft bedroom with the excess of yin - a good place to sleep in, probably, but if your intimate life lacks fire, this can be due to the excess of yin!). 

If in one of the rooms of your house there is too much yin or yang energy for the function that it performs, you can change colors, light and decorations to add more of the lacking element and put out the influence of the dominating element. Add to your room the calming yin, for example, with the help of the soft cushions and pastel tones; add active yang by hanging bright pictures and placing bright accents here and there. 

Yin and yang are both good, there is not one of them that is better or more important  than the other. They can only exist together, and, as the Tao symbolism shows, even in the heart of yin there is some yang and vice versa. 

Yin and Yang rooms

Mostly yang
Mostly yin
Living rooms
Rest rooms
Libraries and studies
Dining rooms


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