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Mainstream Society in America

Updated on April 30, 2014

Meaning of Life

All people when they are children ask questions about this world we find ourselves in. We, as children, want to know what is the meaning of this existence, and what is the true nature of this existence? Children are often more in tune with reality, as they haven't been conditioned into the mainstream culture.

As children grow up, they either find the answer to these questions, or they give up on finding them and compromise with a life full of self pleasure. If they find the truth, they also find Jesus Christ, and the Holy Bible to be that truth. If they don't find Jesus Christ to be the truth, they are lost and in a vague understanding of impossible and un-factual lies, which they often believe on the periphery, but inside don't really believe.

A person who loves the truth will find it, but a person who loves a lie will give up on finding the truth and live for themselves with a selfish hedonistic life.


A Degenerate Society in America

America is a sick place these days, full of unrepentant sin and wicked people full of ignorance. Of course, many people will disagree with this, but that's because they have been conditioned into this brainwashed propagandized state of being.

The majority of the people in America are on drugs, whether legal or illegal, watching pornography or near it, fornicating, and listening to people who are guiding them to hell. The public education system was founded by communist, which was founded by Satanist like Karl Marx. That's the truth, but most people will think this is crazy. Even though when we look at the schools these days, they are full of madness and sin, leading children to unhappiness and selfish destructive lives devoid of meaning.

The music, Hollywood, mainstream churches, government, and schools are 99% compromised into wickedness and the emerging New World Order, which is being run by Satan. Americans desperately need Jesus Christ, but they are brainwashed to believe he isn't who the Holy Bible says he is, and they are also brainwashed to believe Satan isn't real.


The Social Conditioning

See, there has been an effort to condition Americans by every faucet of life the secret societies have been able to muster. They have poisoned the food, the water, the air, the culture, the government, the educational system, and most of the churches.

Secret Societies like the Illuminati, Jesuits, Skull and Bones, Builderbergers, Knights of Templar, Knights of Malta, and the Freemasons -- all simply work for the spiritual forces that are under the chief fallen angel Satan. All the major events in the world have been orchestrated by the workers of iniquity who give their mortal human bodies over to these spiritual entities.

As you can see, Americans need Jesus Christ more than ever, yet the people are brainwashed into thinking they don't need him. Only through Jesus can a human find eternal life in Heaven and escape the hell which was meant as a punishment for the fallen angels. There is still a remnant of Christians that are in America, but they are being hated on at every level until it will become illegal to even have a King James Authorized Version Bible, which is the infallible word of God in the English language.

How people don't see this Satanic culture emerging into mainstream culture? It's because they don't have the love of the truth, they are those children who have given up on the truth and have become selfish hedonist. If you're not one of those people, then you are still seeking the truth, and to you I say, look to Jesus Christ, and there you will find it. Get a Bible and read Romans Chapter 10 and be on the side of Love.

Paul McGuire

Christian Watchman

Paul McGuire in this video has a lot of important things to say. If you want to understand further the truth and all it's implications, then give it a listen. Seek the truth, don't give up. Love the truth, don't love the lie. Amen, God loves you, Jesus died for you and me, praise God.

Wrap This Up

I know there are better writers out there who are much more in depth about these issues, but this is just an initial effort for me to try and see who is out there who wants to listen. Writing needs to be enjoyable and in order to do that, I need to just simply talk to you, and this hub is what I had to say at this point in time.

There is many people now in America who simply hate Jesus and anyone who talks about him like I am. It's a spiritual battle, those people are usually angry at God because they are stuck in there sins. They feel guilty and don't want to have to care about abortion, drugs, fornication, and such horrible sins committed all the time now in this sick degenerated society, depicted so aptly in the mainstream society, which is clearly Satanic.

My life has been greatly enhanced by the Truth, and yours will be too. I am on the side of love, and fight against evil, and that gives me meaning. And once this temporary existence is over I'll be in heaven for eternity.

Oregon Duck's Autzen Stadium Has Illuminati Triangles


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