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Maintain, Enhance and Heal : Keep Fit

Updated on October 30, 2015

Living Right

There is a simple three point principle that the Chinese follow with regard to their body. The sooner you adopt the system the more the benefits accrued. The system is no secret. In fact they have embodied it into their lives so deeply that it is no longer even considered a formal system.

So what’s the system you ask?
It’s quite literally the title of the hub.

Maintain - Enhance - Heal

How does it work?
Quite well for the Chinese over the last few centuries.

What about for us?
Let’s take a look at how we can make this system work in our own lives.

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Step 1 : Maintain what you have


The sooner you begin to look after your body the longer the individual parts will last you. Let’s consider a car that you buy. For the first few years there are no problems and you are happy with it.

Then the parts begin to wear out and gradually the small niggling problems set in. If you begin maintenance at this stage it will not be too expensive. However if you wait longer and only take it in to the garage when it stops in the middle of the road, you can imagine the bill you will run up.

In a similar manner the body will react better to your orders in the long run if you look after it before it develops any major problem. The way to maintain your body is to

  • exercise it well,
  • feed it healthy food
  • ensure regular medical check-ups to catch any aberrations before they become a full blown problem.

Of course it also helps if you are mindful and slightly spiritual to be able to balance the mind-body ratio. Remember how you think plays a great role in how your body will actually be.

If you think you are healthy, strong and fit, your body will respond in a similar manner by staying health , strong and fit. The reverse is also true. So cultivate positive thinking.


Step 2 : Enhance Your Fitness Levels


Each of us can improve ourselves. Be it on the physical plane, the mental plane or the spiritual plane. As we grow up we imbibe a set of values for each plane from our parents and immediate environment. These are by no means unchangeable.

If you find a better way of doing some menial task you tend to adopt that method over the older one. After all why should you wash clothes by hand when a washing machine will do it so much better and with less effort?

In the same way why should you not read books just because your parents never ventured beyond magazines in their reading habits? So also the spiritual practices that you follow can be enhanced to fit into your belief system.

Growth is nature’s way and it is our choice to continue to learn till our dying day. Trust me there is enough knowledge out there for you to fill up all your days.

Why not set up a single step challenge for yourself? Its a single question that you have to ask yourself at the end of the day - "What did I learn today?"

As you begin to generate answers remember new skills, new trivia facts, world news, and just about anything that you did not know yesterday, but know about today, counts towards the answer.


Step 3 : Heal Your Body


As it is not a perfect world, and into each life some trouble must fall. Disease and decay can cause your perfect life to crumble into ruins. It is here that you must find the strength to heal yourself.

When your faith in unwavering in the fact that “This too shall pass” you will find the energy to wait it out. Just as the day follows the night and the darkest hour comes before the dawn, the good times will follow the bad.

Healing the physical body is the easiest. Just go to a doctor and follow his instructions. The mind is more difficult to control and here is where meditation is a great help. To be able to focus your energies on a problem and find the solution is possible through meditation.

The spiritual self is the most difficult to heal of its “Crisis of faith”. This requires more vigor and vitality. The active search can be quite exhausting and does tend to discourage the majority from solving their problems.

However the biggest problem these days is emotional health. While your physical body may seem fit as a fiddle, there is a good chance that emotionally you are not in a very good state of mind.

There are strong emotions like anger, irritation, frustration, disappointment, and a whole slew more that can disturb your natural balance. This is what you need to work on first, as if you are not emotionally healthy, you will never be able to meet all your physical needs either.

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Keeping Fit

Is it as simple as that?

Yes it is.

All you have to do is make sure that maintain the good health that you have. Try and enhance the positive bits of your life, and heal what ever goes wrong at the first sign of trouble.

It may sound simple in theory, but to put it to practice will take more effort.

The whole idea is to consistently be aware of what you need on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Then find a way to make sure that the need is met.

If you do manage to do this on a regular basis, you will lead a life full of happiness and a mind that is satisfied with what it has.


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