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Major Change Up by Merwin Severtson

Updated on May 7, 2010

Leaving Blog Spot

I am moving from Blogspot to HUBPages, and will be transferring most of my blogs over from there.

If it is not too much trouble... I am requesting that those that were following my blogs there, if you could move here, as followers it is much, much appreciated.

I am not certain if Scooter will transfer everything here just yet.

Nothing at all wrong with Blog Spot, I just think the "HUBS" is a better fit. It will allow Scooter and I to combine a lot of our works as well as provide a space where we can branch out into other things without having multiple blogs. And we will even be able to host a guest essay occasionally, all on the same site.

Our HUBPages will include a wide range of topics, Christian issues of all sorts, including non-believers who will share from time to time with insights that deal with Christian relations.

CoauthorU will address societal concerns from a Joe Plumber perspective as well as from those that consider themselves well versed in whatever subject is on the table. We will write... Humor, Fiction (short stories and excerpts), Non-Fiction Essays on a variety of things, Entertainment Reviews, etc.

The emphasis will be from the Christian perspective with an occasional exception from a non-believer as mentioned, but even then the material will be respectful of Christian sensitivities about the obscene or profane, or it will not be posted. And when it is posted a clear indication will be available for those who wish to avoid material that is from a non-faith perspective.

When a guest writer of agnostic or atheistic conviction is featured, virtually none of their material will be edited or endure censoring modifications... it will either be posted if suitable, and if not, it won't be.

Sometimes to explain non-believing views, rhetoric that might be considered blasphemous may be present. Bare in mind the guest views are not CoauthorU's views, they are simply the guest's and they will be allowed the respect that we would want if the shoe was on the other foot.

When CoauthorU (Me or Scooter) disagrees with an essay a short rebuttal essay will follow the guest's comments, and the guest will have the final response. And Followers will be able to make comments in the space provided.

If a follower makes abusive comments, the offending comment may be removed and the offender might be blocked from further access.

The same courtesy will be shown with guests from various denominations.

When we post the notice of the latest offering on FB, we will try and include a little indicator as to the topic and content.


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