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Make a choice

Updated on May 20, 2010


 Ignorance is bliss? The last time any of us made a choice, without finding out all we could about the matter to be decided on, how did that turn out? Were you happy with your choice?

 How can we truly say, that not making an informed decision, can make us happy? If we can say, yes, I have made most of choices this way. I would say, I think there is a politician who would like your vote.

 I remember, a time not so long ago, how just spouting off at the mouth (without much consideration as to whom I was talking to), almost handed me an exit ticket (my job). It was not because I didn't know what I was talking about, it was because I did know what I was talking about, and when people feel threatened they may act irrationally.

 I have been on both ends of these choices, ignorant of what I was talking about and educated. In have even had choices made for me, at school, work, military etc...Some of these were bad(for myself and sometimes others) and some were very good.

 All of these choices, had a common theme, they involved me. At the time, all these decisions seemed very important, let me just say, not all were. This is why I am writing this particular hub. Importance of choosing wisely.

 Like myself, everyone has choices to make daily left, or right? One more, or one less? I know that they are ALL important to us, at least in the moment. Now, up to this point in your life, do you recall the single most important desicion you have made?

 Well if you do, and I'm almost certain you remember with detail, did you fully investigate the pros and cons of it. Did it only involve you?

 I have decided, to follow Jesus. This was my single most important, life altering (actually shattering) decision, that would affect all who would ever meet me from that time onward decision ever made by me. 

 I struggled with this commitment (yes, commitment) for over 20 years! Then, even when I felt compelled to choose, it would take another 3 years, of weening myself away from choices that were bad for me, in order to gain an insight on what I was truly about to undertake for the rest of my life.

 23+ years, seeking and weighing opinion, fact and folly alike. What have I done? What have I become? I am simply a new creature, no longer born of flesh, yet I am, full of joy even when I seem to have no reason to be. This is still my choice, could it also be yours?

 If you decide, not to follow Jesus. You may lead a blessed life here on Earth and even in Heaven, because in scripture, it does reveal you may lead a life as if you were under the law of Jesus, even though you know it not.

 It does also say, men/women who seek of this world, they will have all it has to offer, yet they will forfeit their soul. God gave us that soul and when our physical body is no longer able to sustain it's self, it will return to the dust from which it came. Our soul/spirit will then return to God and he will judge the choices we made and the ones we did not make as well. I can't help but be reminded, of a great (IMHO) rock band from Canada, Rush, and there song Freewill. It says in the lyrics "If you (we) chose not to decide, we still have made a choice", how prophetic.

  Whatever choice you decide to make, or even if you don't, please, consider the consequences. Follow Jesus, eternal life and all that follows, or not follow him, eternal damnation, lake of fire.

 Am I wrong? Is the Bible and other sacred text incorrect? I am not willing to gamble with my soul on that one, Heads, or tails anyone? That kind of decision requires, no demands your consideration.

 In closing, do not wait like I did, 23+ years to make your choice, we don't know if we have that long.



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    • dianalee profile image

      dianalee 7 years ago

      Yes, choices..... I often say God is "pro-choice"..... he sets before us life and death, and then even tells us the right choice.... Choose Life, he says. He gave us a free will and even went to the cross to assure our right to choose. If he had made us robots, the cross would have been unnecessary. So.... choices are of paramount importance.