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Making the Most of Beaming

Updated on November 25, 2011

Making the Most of Beaming

     When a TI does something out-of-line, very likely we get "Beamed".  This is some kind of ELECTROMAGNETIC BRAIN STIMULATION which is very difficult to disagree with.  One potentially useful way of using such an experience to your asvantage is to see it as a test of your Absolute manliness.  What is that?  Well, you become an army to defeat all the angles of psychological attack.  For women, it would be a test of your:  courage in battle. 

     First put on your &as-kicking music.  Whatever makes you feel the most:  powerful, fearless and absolutely un-controllable works best when you are REALLY GETTING BEAMED HARD.  Break the self into separate "powers" which collectively control your body.  These are things you will be EXTRACTING from that deep, dark pit in your mind called the subconscious.  It feels like you are asking these "Powers" as though you are agreeing to let them take over for you.  You just remember that this is "all you" somewhere..........but not while fighting artificial, electronically-stimulated emotions. 

     You then FORCE yourself to play a game where you fight something, someone, doesn't matter.  Now, the very fact that you can do this is itself constant affirmation of your power over the self in spite of this "psychic shoving".  You have directed your defenses along the perfect lines, put your trust in UNDEFEATABLE POWERS and will bend over for no one.  It wouldn't matter if you got your @#s completely kicked, you are being beamed and  you aren't backing down.  Now, if that belief you have in whatever internally-derived construct is strong enough - you will raze your opponents to the ground with a skill you don't normally possess.  It will FEEL LIKE you are plugged into the matrix of synthetic reality with the power to change it. 

       How do you feel right now?  Confident, driven, busy, victorious - GOOD, because we are too emotionally poor to avoid feeling any less than:  lean, mean, heroic machines.  You HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO BECOME GODLIKE IN YOUR POWER.  That's my experience, anyhow - FACE THIS MIND-ASSAULT AND CHANNEL THE ENERGY SOMEHOW.  It's A TON OF "PSYCHIC JUICE" for lack of a better word. 

      Now, if you aren't alone and you are watching TV, you might find yourself feeling ass though you are about to "lose it".  Well, lose it on your OWN terms.  I Love the song "Mama We're all Crazy Now".  If you choose to think of yourself as "crazy" already and be HAPPY ABOUT IT, YOU CONTROL THE CONTEXTUAL NATURE OF THIS POWER FROM NEGATIVE TO POSITIVE.  Once you've done this - make a game out of doing things despite the level of this "heat".  It can feel just like a Jalapeno Pepper placed directly on your brain.  It's our job to make this a POSITIVE EXPERIENCE. 

      This stuff makes the mind work faster, more efficiently with higher levels of discipline.  I equate it to the way a stimulant would make you feel.  The brain is super-charged.  You MUST FIND A RELEASE TO THIS ENERGY OR IT WILL "OWN" YOU and that feeling is not only sucky, but dangerous.  Many are walking about like electromagnetic zombies, all overloaded into obeying a single entity.  Don't freak, period.............DO SOMETHING. 

       It also pays to think of yourself as THE LINE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL.  This somehow gives you operational abilities you would not normally possess.  This thing is called "The Karma Beam" by the stalkers.  I regard it as a megadose of stimulants.  You can get SO MUCH PLEASURE FROM THIS BEAM IF YOU KNOW SOME TRICKS.  Be your own rockstar when you play the music.  Believe it until it gives you shivers and tingles up and down your spine.  I even used it to have this beautiful release of emotion while listening to songs which I was exposed to in early childhood. 

         Oh, if your a guy - it might make you feel feminine.  This is why you must put yourselves to tests of:  manhood and courage.  I don't know what it feels like to be a woman unless I've been caught off guard.  Remember that this is only an illusion.  Like the line between good and evil, you can become a rockstar like Bowie who obviously walked the line between genders. 

         You can take a "Spiritual Journey" on this beam.  It always starts beautiful at first, like seeing for the first time.  Just end the trip before this "moral microscope" starts making your impurities look like mountains instead of the molehills that they truly are.  Always do the un-desired activity at night, so you can end it with sleeping medication.  This way, you:  taste the Gold,  See the higher spiritual dimension,  Be the rockstar,  Be victorious (remember that doing ordinary activities while being "BEAMED" is like doing them under the influence of a stimulant and a hallucinogenic drug.  Just being able to do ANYTHING is a testament to handling this BEAMING.  One final note:  you win if you are still alive.  Don't ever buy any assertions that they beat you - not EVER!!!!!


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Thank You Moeflats

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      You rock! Congratulations my friend!

      Is like that, follow your inner heart and preserve and deliver mankind to the care of God. Since for now we can not awake a mass padronized with few conscience about this reality, we wait, we learn and when we get our chance we will win this! I'm a auto-personal robot doing things for my vision because I have a conscience of my expression, when I can not do because I need some adjust to my biological functions I wait and learn, in order to win that too. In my work I'm being more respected by boss and collegues much because I'm almost a machine of professional and quick solutions. I'm a distant person but always polite, educated and even once in a while do jokes with difficult situations. I'm the person I want to be now. I do the best work I can, even with sabotage. I'm empathic not sympatic like a doctor operating in difficult conditions and with precise moves. The focus of the shadow machine now is put persons around me doing much silly things and damage things to put my money against me. And what I say to that - I have Spirit! I'm not my body and mind I'm higher than that, I'm Spirit I'm winning and I will win this! Even because I have cosncience about the Spirit and that is my Light!

      Continue your vision that God give you the force!


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