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The Singing Me

Updated on January 24, 2013

Singing, the Karaoke way

Channeling Cole, Sinatra, Bubble, and Groban

The very first song that I remember warbling was Nat King Cole's "The Autumn Leaves". Not that I actually understood the lyrics, being barely 4 years old then and English, not being my native tongue, was obviously alien. The song's melody was easy enough on my ears, so I did not have any difficulty singing it, in public mostly, during the fiesta that would come yearly in honor of the town's patron saint. For a fee of course... in my case 5 centavos(cents). The family guests, if they liked the way I rendered their requested favorite song, would of course give me a bit more.

School, and my growing unease about public performance put a stop to all the singing, until 50 years later when a wonderful Japanese invention called Karaoke came into wide use. My wife and I were first introduced to the concept of singing your hearts out in the privacy of your own home, when we attended a friends birthday party 9 years ago. His wife bought a Karaoke machine a few months earlier, but have not used the machine that much since neither of them really could carry a tune. He thought that his parties would be well attended if people who are not shy about their warbling talents do get to "show off" without the attendant public disclosure or exposure..

I have over the years been an avid listener of pop music, and would occasionally hum a few notes here and there, when Frank Sinatra and his fellow crooners, are on the radio. So I suppose I have not totally compromised or degraded my singing ability all those years when I was not stretching my vocal chords because school, then work, then familiy responsibilities took precedence. The timing of Karaoke's wide popularity amongst would-be-singers, and my gradually keening interest in singing again was probably just pure coincidence, but as luck would have it, so was my wife's who now tells me that she also used to sing in public when she was 6 year old singing "phenom" (her words not mine) in her town.. I of course believe her, just because I can hear still, when she sings, the warbler's easy tonality.

My wife bought our first and only Karaoke machine 8 years ago, and we haven't stopped singing since then. Sinatra has always been a favorite, and when Michael Bubble and Josh Groban came to the scene, and their songs becoming a favorite staple of Karaoke discs, my singing careerĀ  just took off, andĀ  Karaoke was never the same again.... well at least in my house.


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    • A.Villarasa profile image

      Alexander A. Villarasa 6 years ago from Palm Springs

      Hello Brent:

      The neighbors be damned. Get that Karaoke machine and sing your heart out.

    • brentbrown98 profile image

      brentbrown98 6 years ago from Indiana, United States, Earth

      Another great hub, sir! No one should let a lack of "talent" deny them the simple joy of singing. My family is in need of a karaoke machine, although I think the neighbors might disapprove. :)

    • A.Villarasa profile image

      Alexander A. Villarasa 7 years ago from Palm Springs

      Hello CP:

      Thanks for dropping by.

      I must tell you though that I consider anyone who knows how to play any musical instrument, blessed. I never learned how to play even as simple an instrument as the guitar. You learning to play the clarinet, should not have meant the end of your singing. I hope it did not.

    • Christopher Price profile image

      Christopher Price 7 years ago from Vermont, USA

      Good for you. It is a pity to silence a voice that is meant to sing.

      I was the chubby kid in Catholic school who always was picked to sing front and center, sometimes solo, for every assembly held for fellow students, parents and clergy.

      The only real mistake I can ever attribute to my mother while growing up is her choosing clarinet as the instrument I should learn to play. Why would anyone stick a wind instrument in the mouth of a child born to sing!?!

      Anyway, sing on and enjoy.