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Man... by Merwin

Updated on January 5, 2013

Man... is corrupt.

We cannot help ourselves. We stretch and strain and grasp, for Power.
Money is nothing, wealth is not the goal, nor is human evolution or advancement of the human spirit.
Power, it is control. Power, it is the matrix of structured, forced blandness that not even the elite may escape.
Spirit is a cancer, it is unproductive, uncontrollable, and needs to be eradicated.
Man must be controlled by Man who is His own God, all must bow the knee to who we've become... we are Man.
All must worship the corrupted Man, or die.
There it is, it is the Power that must be worshiped, the Power of Man.

This is where mankind has taken himself, this is His march from God's garden.
He does not care of the waste of his own follies. He only cares for the forced self worship that may be imposed on his fellows.
He has coerced the minds of his brethren with contempt and even the real threat of violence. They all must adhere to the mantra "there is no god save man".
He has taken the purity of God's love and misrepresented God to those that are the saved and has almost corrupted even the very elect.
We are at the end.

With so much Darkness it is easier to see the brightness of Jesus' coming. When He arrives, ever so soon, the idea of Man's self worship will be understood for what it truly is... pride and pure death.



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