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Man evolves for an ultimate goal!

Updated on February 9, 2014

The journey from mineral to man!

Human life is the most mysterious one on earth. None is clear, why man takes birth on earth and the ultimate aim of humanity. Is it for accumulating wealth and properties? Is it for catering to the senses? Is it for marrying and begetting progeny? Is it for enjoying the luxuries of life? Even a rational materialistic will agree that the span of human life is unpredictable. None knew when one will depart. Even the best of Doctors cannot prolong the life of an individual even for a single second. One thing about life is certain. Every being who takes birth has to meet death invariably at some point of time. None has survived more than 120 years. That is the limit. The world over, we can count the number of persons who cross 100 years. Majority of people die around 70 to 80 years. Hence man is mortal and he cannot prolong his life.

Secondly, the senses lose their power as man ages since the sense organs debilitate over a period of time. Very rarely aged people retain their original eyesight even after a period of 70 or 80 years. Apart from human beings, animals, birds and insects too share the common functions of life such as feeding, sleeping and mating. But, human beings possess intelligence to discriminate and choose. He can plan and execute. No other species has got the intellect or mind. Animals, birds and insects act as per their inborn instincts which won’t vary even after millions of years.

Now the question is why man has been created with special skills, ability and thinking capacity? Why man has been invested with a thinking mind? There is a grand purpose in creation and it is not in vain. Evolution is tedious and time consuming. Only after undergoing many inferior births, human beings get the rare chance of taking birth in human form. In fact, the evolution starts from minerals to plants, insects to fishes and aqua creatures, then evolve into animal form and finally as a human being. The transition might have taken millions of births. People talk about ‘karma theory’. Even the animals accumulate a little bit of karma by their acts. When ultimately they get the rare birth as a human, there is an accumulation of past which hang heavily on him. These karmic balances decide his birth in this planet. We have seen that no two babies are born in similar circumstances except twins. The time of birth, the place of birth, the parents and their affluence etc. are predefined due to the past effects of karma. Except, the incarnations of God, all human beings takes birth due to their past karma!

Human life on earth is not an ‘accident’ but an incident. In the ancient Hindu astrology, there is a system of prediction called “Nadi”. These are all nothing but inscriptions found on palmirah leaves written even some 5000 years ago by reputed sages. The leaves are read by some trained volunteers at some places where these leaves are stored. When anybody wants to consult the Nadi specialist about some aspect of his life, he takes a print of thumb with finger prints. There is a classification of thumb marks and one set of thumb mark may contain some twenty to thirty people’s predictions of life. Hence the expert first examines the thumb mark and find out the particular sets of leaves which may contain the life of the enquirer. The nadi expert then eliminates certain leaves by asking certain simple questions like “have you got a sister? Has your father is a riot? We need to give answers as yes or no. If we are fortunate, the leaves containing our life will be available there. After confirming that the leaf belongs to us, he simply narrate the story of our life so far with the names of father and mother, the status of family, educational background and employment etc. If we are already married, he will give the name of the spouse, number of living children by reading the leaf. The leaf contains the astrological chart of the individual. I have checked these with the nadi predictions of my son and daughter. 90% of the predictions turn true.

With the aforesaid experience, I have concluded that our life on earth is pre-determined and follow more or less fixed co-ordinates. Here I am reminded of the railway lines on which the trains pass. The rails are fixed and the train passes through the fixed lines and reaches its destination which was also pre-defined. Rationalists may not believe all this. They will assert that our life is in our hand and we can make or mar it. Since man professes a free will, he may think so. Who knows that the free will is also following a defined path? Here I can say that the free will too is nothing but fate. If something wrong happens to some people we call it fate. But we have safely forgotten that the initial action that led to the misadventure was conceived by him alone. For instance, I want to go to a place either on a car or bus or train. If some accidents occur on the way, we may tell it is fate. But, it is the free will which led to one’s fate.

Ultimately, the aim of human life is final evolution into the highest being which is the Divine Self! There is no difference between the supreme self and individual self. They are identical. Only a veil has covered our innate identity with the supreme self. Remove the ignorance that you are an individual self. You are the part of cosmic self! Hence human beings are born on earth to work out their past karma and to evolve into supreme. This is what Jesus has taught to humanity. In the final stage, He asserted that I and My father are One. He has also said, “All are One, Be alike to every one!

some depictions on evolution of human!


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