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Man gathers all information about the external world but he is ignorant of his inner Self!

Updated on April 22, 2017

Blaring News Media

We are crazy about News every moment!

Why people are crazy about news? What they gain knowing about world affairs, local news, about celebrities and politicians? What they really gain from the news? Even the questions itself may seem absurd to some. When the entire world is crazy about the latest news, flash news, sports news, I may be considered outdated. There are dedicated news channels. When these channels were started, I was wondering how many people will watch it. But more than all entertainment channels, news channels gathers more audience! People are more interested in knowing about others, knowing the world environment than knowing about themselves. It is a sort of craze and it is spreading among all age groups. While teen agers are interested in knowing about latest cricket scores, the middle aged about stock markets, the elders are worried about weather and war! People get literally bored if there is no eventful news. When two factions of political parties fight each other, people get more interest to know the outcome. When Trump and Hilary Clinton were mad of reaching the White House, Trump mostly maintained his cool. He was sure that he will make it. None expected. The last four states turned the table against Clinton! None believed and it was ultimately Trump won the election and become the President. Even now it seems like a dream. The entire news media predicted defeat to Trump, but the final results were otherwise! Most of the citizens who had the right to vote might have watched the entire episodes without abetting an eye! That was the attraction of news!

It is negative news always.

Today's newspaper is tomorrow's waste paper!

Someone has said, “Today’s news paper is tomorrow’s waste paper! Yes none would like to read the same news again and again. But the TV channels attract the audience in various ways. Nowadays we are watching more TV news channels since there are more that meet to our eyes. Some kind of research takes place before presenting the visuals and news. I too accept I am crazy after news especially the political one. More so in Tamil Nadu in South India, which is caught under a grave political crisis? Nothing seems to move when two factions are fighting each other claiming control over the Political party which is ruling now! There are charges of corruption, nepotism and what not. The Courts are unable to find a solution. Naturally many news watchers are interested in the outcome of tussle between two political groups! This is how every event attracts us in the world. Till the outcome of any event, one will be interested. Once the results are out, we won’t be interested any more in the particular event. Now let us examine what will happen if we are not aware of the current events? If you are a candidate for competitive examinations, you will have to keep update current affairs around the world, besides knowing the names of Heads of States or governments. In viva voce one may ask such questions. Beyond that, there is no particular use of news. I don’t say that one has to remain blind about events and surroundings. It is enough if we know the basic events that particularly affect us!

Screen is the base!

The Self is Eternal while the bodies are ephemeral.

One problem is that we are interested about everything in the world but we are mostly ignorant about the events that affect our inner regime, the Self. We may conquer the space, find the depths of deepest ocean, and ascend the highest mountain but we have not travelled even an inch into our inner self, which is the most vital thing for human existence. When one realizes the Self, he need not know about anything in the world external to him. Hence our ancestors, sages and saints of yore concentrated more on finding about the inner core of human being than the ephemeral worldly things. Those sages have asserted that there is no value in wealth or properties, kith or kin. Our existence on earth in human body is a limited one. Within this allotted time, one has to find out ‘why we are here, where we are going and what the ultimate purpose of life? They have found out that nothing is permanent here and the aim of the human life is to attain Eternal Bliss by knowing our real identity with the Self or god! Bodies come and go and they can be compared to water bubbles which may burst at any time, whereas the Self is Eternal, self-existing and there was no beginning or end to the immortal Self. It is full of Wisdom, ever existing and remains ever in eternal Bliss. This is termed as “Sat Chit Ananda” in Vedanta. Though the Self has no form or attributes, for the sake of illumining our souls, it is defined as Sat Chit Ananda! This formless attribute less Self is the basis for what we perceive in the phenomenal world. This could be equated to the pure white screen in a cinema hall. Pictures fall on the screen during the projection. Any number of pictures depicting fire, flood and bombs may be shown on the screen. Watch the screen after the picture is over. It remain unsullied, unaffected by the nature of pictures. The pictures need the screen but the screen never depends on the pictures. This is how the pure self is explained in the context of creation. Everything here is changing every moment. When a thing undergoes changes, it cannot be termed as True or Real. Only the unchanging aspect could be attributed as Real forever!

What we gain by knowing about the world?

We have traveled millions of miles in space but not an inch towards the Self?

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