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Man has a destiny and destination!

Updated on September 12, 2015

Being and Becoming!

Why we are here?

Why we get hurt by other’s words and actions? It is for the simple reason that we take the words to our heart. In other words, we allow the rebuke of others to seep inside us. What if you could remain indifferent to other’s views and accusations? Yes, it would be wise to simply remain indifferent to the opinions of the world.

Do not think that you loose any thing by keeping quiet at provocations or maintaining indifference. That way, we safeguard our peace. Peace is the most precious possession in the world. Not wealth or properties, not relatives or friends, nor fame or fortune can give us real peace. Many of us are wrongly feeling that when one of our desire is fulfilled, we are peaceful. It is only a temporary lull and it won’t last continuously. Mind has a peculiar habit. When one want is satisfied, it remains in peace temporarily. Again some other thought pester us and we are at tackling that particular thought. This process is repetitive like fuel kindling more flame and fire. Desires are never satiable.

The wise man never feeds his desires. He remains cautious. Forever But a foolish man will try to fulfill the demand of each desire and thus remains in perpetual anxiety and grief. Stop feeding the fire is the best anecdote for the disease of craving mind. Think impartially whether fulfillment of desires made us happy forever? If we are satisfied with the fulfillment of first desire, we should not seek some other thing. Yes, but it never happens in the life of human beings.

The baby needs mother’s warm embrace. After drinking milk, it starts playing in many ways. Toys are the first distraction for the baby from mother’s care. After playing with the toys for some time, hunger makes it to cry and long for mother’s care. Thus, even as a baby, we had wavering tendencies. When the baby grows as a boy, the needs are different. The childhood toys interest him no more. He seeks the company of boys of his age and try to play games outside his home environ. When he grows a little more, his interest grows in different direction. He seeks the company of girls of his age for chit chat and time pass! It is biological attraction.

Thus at no point of time, human beings are content with what they play. A grown up man wants money. His attention is more on earning sufficient money to satisfy the cravings of senses. Gadgets occupy his time more. He wants to possess different kinds of electronic gadgets. Then he longs for marriage, children, a house of his own, car and all other paraphernalia for comfortable living. Even if he is able to fulfill all his wants in each phase of life, there is a rising discontent brewing inside him. None can assign any reason for this discontent. The scriptures term this as “Divine discontent.

Now, let us see what this term implies. Why it is called “Divine”? Yes, it is the handiwork of the creator. If man is allowed to enjoy all pleasures, he will never seek his Self which is the only reality. Every one of us is aware that the earthly pleasures are fickle compared to the bliss of contemplating the Divine. Hence the sages and saints of yore have revealed to the ignorant people, the bliss supreme in the inner Self. This Self is no different from the cosmic self which has enveloped all creation! Many prophets, sages and incarnations have emphasized the inner reality of each human being and they exhorted man to contemplate on the Self instead of the perishable body and fickle mind.

It is imperative for man to seek the answers of certain basic queries. They are “Who Am I? What for I am here? Wherefrom I have come and What is the aim of this mundane life on earth. Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and many other philosophers have raised these questions to their students and illumined the mind of their disciples about reality of existence, the power of Truth in human life etc. One king Marcus Aralias has meditated on these truth and he has written revealing truths of life which pertains to the inner Self. We too should pursue such noble path and get release from the prison of body/mind and Ego and reach the Self!

Meaning of destiny!


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