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Man is a mixture of animal, human and divine qualities!

Updated on August 12, 2013

You are the Divine Self and not the body!

Pardon me for the title but it is a fact. Every one has some percentage of animal qualities too! Of course, we are human and hence we retain predominantly human qualities. But what about Divine? Yes, our core is divinity engulfed in humanness surrounded by certain animal qualities. Let us deal first on animal qualities. We have seen a fox. We quote the example of fox while observing cunning nature. We have observed the monkeys. They grab things from other monkey's hold. We have seen a snake always moving in a crooked way. Its movements are mostly curly. We give example of tiger preying on milch animals. It shows its cruel nature. We have the cow which represents a soft and gentle nature. In the theory of evolution of human species, scientists declare that human beings are descendants of apes which dwell on trees. As per Hindu mythology and scriptures, every one pass through several lives starting from plants. Yes, once we were plants and trees. We moved on the next rung of evolution like fishes, birds and animals which move. Likewise after going through many species of animals, finally we evolve into a human being. Hence it is natural for us to retain certain animal qualities which are residual in our sub-conscious. Hence we observe people of different characters, temperament and qualities like cunning nature, cruelty, grabbing tendencies and also docile human beings. Naturally after evolving as a human being, we have to cultivate certain human tendencies for the sake of society and fear of sin.

In each religion, there are codes for the behavior of human beings. In Bible, we have the Ten Commandments. In Islam, there is holy Koran detailing how man should lead his life in family and society. In Hindu scriptures, there is a code called "Manu Dharma" detailing about how man should live and lead his life in society. These all deal with rules and regulations of human society. If a man leads his life according to the codes, he can lead a peaceful and happy life in society. If he goes against the codes, he will become inhuman. We have seen the elders admonishing the children, "Are you a human or animal? Hence we should behave according to our status or birth in society. Having taken human birth, we should never slide down to animal level at any stage since we have already progressed as a human being.

Thirdly the core of a human being is only God or the Self in whichever way we call it. Every human being is an embodiment of the Self or God. Outwardly, he may exhibit animal qualities, but essentially God is the in dweller and he is simply a witness, unaffected by the behaviors and actions of the individual. Those who understood this great Truth will start treating others as himself. We go to the temples and churches. Why we go there? Is it for the architectural and aesthetic beauty of the building? No, it is for worshiping the Divine who is kept in the temple. Hence we should understand that we honor or love others because it is the same god who is your self, resides in the other man too. If we develop this universal outlook, the world will become a paradise for us. Every one should consider others as his own Self. Yes, this is the fundamental Truth. He may be a thief or cheat but in his innermost core of the heart, God dwells as a spark of light. We have to practice looking at others as Divine embodiment. When everyone develop such outlook, the world will be a veritable paradise to live!

Our identity is the Self; I am I.


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