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Man is the architect of his own fortune

Updated on October 4, 2011

Useful Guide on how to become a successful person

Man is the architect of his own fortune

You believe it or not but it is absolutely true that man is the architect of his own fortune. Now many people search for how to become a successful person. If you do hard work then you must become successful person. If you want to be rich then you have to work more than others with dedication. One of the great people has said that a man can make or mar himself as her wishes. If a man puts his whole heart into his work and makes the best use of this talent, is sure to succeed. Apart from this only a fool can think that wealth, fame and power will come to him for the mere asking.

A person must try hard to become a successful person. He must refuse to accept defeat if he wants to build his own fortune. Every man gets the result to his own actions. If he is hard-working, he will be rewarded for it. If he is idle, he will have to suffer for his idleness. It is not the stars that decide our fate. It is we who are responsible for what we are.

Any man is free to have a desire to raise high in the life. Or, one may desire to do lots of things or have enormous wealth. A small child may desire to drip a car in the sky. Thus, there can be no limit to one’s desires. But here are conditions for the fulfillment of human desires. If a student wastes his time and energy in gossips, he cannot achieve a good result of wishing. For example, an idler cannot be wealthy. The fulfillment for a desire is always in proportion to one’s worth or ability one is to be first sure that he possesses the necessary quality or merit. Only then one should desire anything. It is rightly said, “First deserve, then desire”. These are the few examples but best for those who really want to become a successful person. It proves that man is the architect of his own fortune.


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      Sarath 2 months ago

      Very very helpful. Thanks a lot.

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      javed ali 7 months ago

      nice help for students ......keep it up

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      victoria 7 months ago

      really inspiring

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      Ahsan ullah 20 months ago

      Absolutely it's a very good messes

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      Fop, and the family 2

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      sara 5 years ago

      good help for students.....keep it up