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Man is the real culprit!

Updated on November 13, 2015

Never spoil the ecological systems!

To become an instrument in the hands of God is the best way to lead our life on earth. This is termed as ‘surrender’. Though we have been blessed with the faculties of discrimination, thinking capacity and choice making capabilities, we fail most of the time selecting and following a wrong choice or decision. In these circumstances, it would be better if we perform our allotted duties and leave the rest to god. This is the gist of teachings contained in the great compilation of songs known as Bagawat Gita! Man relies mostly on the fickle mind which is never steady under any conditions. Even if it is seen as steady, the condition was prompted by desires and not by duty! Hence Lord Krishna asks the warrior Arjuna, “Fight the battle, since it is your legitimate duty. Fight, keeping Me in mind. While fighting, do not worry about the outcome!

But, the world over, man perform actions prompted by desires to satisfy personal ambitions. The world exists because of desires, ambitions and resolutions of man. When there is no promptings as such, no desires to agitate the mind, man veritably become one with the Self. The mind rises as “I” or ego from the Self prompted by three qualities that govern human mind. This is ‘pious, active and passive natures which are called “Satwa, Rajas and Tamas in Sanskrit language. In every human being, either of the three will be prominent. Hence the world is a mixture of sages, saints, prophets and dull witted common people, the active and desire filled man as well as criminals, murderers and evil mongers. Thus the balance of creation is maintained. In the jungle we have wild beasts like Lion, tiger and cheetah besides deer, cattle like cows and buffaloes, elephants, monkeys and bears. None is guiding their life except their inborn instincts. Hence the lion and tiger devour the grass eating deer and cows. Lions usually fear in front of mighty elephants. In addition there are cunning foxes, wild dogs and cats too. One becomes the food for other, thus the food cycle and ecological balance is maintained perfectly. Insects clean the environment of the forests. Birds and vultures perform cleaning of jungle of carcasses and other harmful left overs.

But, man has started destroying the forest wealth systematically for his own greed. He retrieved timber for construction as well as fuel. Paper making technology decimated most of the forest wealth. The advancement in comforts has prompted the innovators to develop technologies. Cycles, two wheelers, cars and busses were manufactured to cater for easy mobility. This required lot of land areas and other resources which were available aplenty in forests. Thus industries occupied the major area of forests depleting the rainfall everywhere. Water is the elixir of life. Both man and animals depend very great on water resources. But out of foolishness, man has destroyed his own lifeline. The more number of vehicles which runs on fossil fuel, demanded more oil resources. Hence man has started drilling deep inside the earth for tapping crude oil, gas and petroleum products. Oil wells abound in Middle East and western countries. India too has started oil exploration both in land and in sea bed. This resulted in pollution of atmosphere. With major holes in the ozone layer, people are exposed to harmful radiations from the sun which is attributed to many life threatening diseases.

Hence man is fundamentally responsible for spoiling the eco systems. Nature punishes with ‘Earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, unseasonal floods and typhoons. Wide scale damages happen due to nature’s fury. Still, man has not learned his lessons. At least from now onwards, let us conserve nature and avoid exploiting natural resources like water etc. Man should adopt the policy of “Live and let live”. He should not transgress into forests and hills which is the abode of animal kingdom. The entire ocean system is polluted by man. Many ships containing oil and cargo criss cross the entire length and breadth of oceans. Fishing trawlers too spoil the ocean surface with pollutants. If only man learn to live a contented life, the earth will become a paradise to live.

Harming the forest system!


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