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Man Needs and God

Updated on May 18, 2020

Some people view God as a positive energy of the universe

Some people view God as a life force energy that could help us if we think positive. Anyhow this is somehow a new way to see God and it could help, because it is not a headstrong God like the old God of the Bible.
Some people view God as a life force energy that could help us if we think positive. Anyhow this is somehow a new way to see God and it could help, because it is not a headstrong God like the old God of the Bible. | Source

Humanity needs God

Welcome to our article, (102), man needs and God

Dear readers, this article is the continuation of our last three articles, where we have explained in our own way, how humanity can modify religions, so that, they can work better in the future.

Anyhow, we have been studying and writing religious issues; while we have done that, by observing religious things, we have concluded, that man needs God and religions to function better during his life; therefore, we have learned and modified our own religious beliefs accordingly, but we need to learn and discuss other things as well.

So, we are looking at what we have achieved so far; here we have to say that we have had a limited success, since only some of our religious articles seem popular enough to be called a success. I believe that for people to change their point of view about religious beliefs is not easy. So, starting form today, I am writing this article man needs and God, but we are writing it in line with the existing religions.

I know and you know, that these religious issues have been there for thousands of years, and what we are saying now has been said before, from our previous generations; but our previous generations were talking about those religious issues that were present at that time; today a lot of things have changed, so, we have different issues to discuss and solve. I believe that everyone of us, has the duty to put forward his/her own religious beliefs, on how today religious issues can be solved.

We know that today the entire world has problems, one of the main problems comes from religious extremist, because their religion was set in such a way that is hard to change anything, even knowing that the need of the people has changed, these old religions will not allow any changes; because they believe that their religious books is the word of God, or at least they are God inspired, so, they cannot be changed.

But we believe that religions, religious rules and the existence of God, has been invented by man. You see, they came about because man needs God and religions. You see, that is the reason why, there are several religions in the world today; but today the world can be served better, if there is only a single religion.

We have tried to describe how religions can be liked together, in our previous articles, but not many people have expressed their opinion on our theory. However, there are a few people that put forward their own theory, about the existence or the non-existence of God. Some people go as far as saying that God may not exist, so, it was Mother Nature that made it happen the way it is now, or they believe that God and Mother Nature are the same thing.

So, here under I am going to quote from Nature dunnit!!!!, what this Hub Pages Writer A. Villarasa has posted a couple of weeks ago. A Villarasa posted and compared several issues in his article, which are interesting to me, since I am writing about God and religions, and this gives me an opportunity to have my say, so, we are going to quote these issues and at the same time, we will comment in between and express our view about what is being said.


Talks about nature and God

Nature dunnit!!!

In this sub-article that we could call Nature and God, we are going to compare what this hub writer A. Villarara wrote and how they compare to our own beliefs. So, let us start with the first quote:

(Nature dunnit!!! Quote one.) The pantheists among us believe that Nature and “God” are the same thing, thus the natural world that we are now discerning and discovering was created by Nature itself…a self-creating entity so to speak. This contention is supported by naturalists who believe that “ONLY natural (as opposed to supernatural or spiritual) laws and forces operate in the world…., and further, that natural laws are the rules that governs the structure and the behaviour of the natural universe, and that the changing universe is at every stage a product of these laws.” (End of quote one)

(Our say;) To believe about what the pantheists believe in; in our views is helpful, because they do not eliminate God completely, but at the same time they view their God having a less important role than the theists do. So, in a way their views of God, in our own beliefs and understanding comes closer to us than how the existing religions want us to believe in. You see, we believe that man needs God, since has been so, from the very beginning.


(Nature dunnit!!! Quote two.) Theists on the other hand challenge the idea that nature contains all of reality; they view natural laws not as the primary cause of creation, but rather the laws promulgated by a Primary creative/intelligent source, (totally unrelated to nature., thus supernatural) to govern what the primary source has created, i.e. Nature. (End of quote two)

(Our say;) The theist are those people that believe in the religious beliefs that exist today; therefore, they believe anything that is written in the Bible, if they are from the Christian religion, or any other religious book according to what they believe.

Our own view here is that we are moderate theists, so, we want to suggest as we have done in our religious writings, that God may have been the primary cause of creation, but not to the extent that is written in the Bible. We believe that God is life and the positive life force energy that exists in the universe, and that God has a mind of his own. So, God could have started life on earth with his life energies, and then let mother Nature do the rest. If we believe that both God and Mother Nature worked together, then it is easier to link everything together. Because, as we have said above, man needs God, because it has been so from the very beginning of time.


(Nature dunnit!!! Quote three;) The empiricists among us have dutifully/ serenely forwarded the concept of the Big Bang as the initial event that led to the formation of all that is material and physical in the universe… thus confirming the idea that the universe had a beginning and would therefore likely have an end. If the universe had a beginning, and Nature and its laws created and subsequently formed the universe we now see, could we then say that Nature was there even before the Big Bang. If so, in what form could Nature have been, before it started to create the universe? (End of quote three)

(Our say;) In our religious quest, we are only trying to answer the question about the existence of God and why man needs God, by looking at what information is available around us. Therefore, we cannot answer the question about the Big Bang; but I want to point out from what I understand, the Big Bang that created the solar system and our galaxy does not need to be the original Big Bang that started everything; because it could be that in the universe there have been several Big Bang that have involved only part of the universe.


(Nature dunnit!!! Quote four;) One very imaginative Hubber, suggested forcefully that in his conceptualization, Nature was a self-contained form of ENERGY, that during its expansion accumulated enough mass that then led to the production of all material things in the universe. Thus no need for a GOD.

If Nature did it all by its lonesome self, why would it create sentient life (that’s you and me) when by its very ontological composition, nature is NOT sentient? (End of quote four)

(Our say;) This very imaginative Hubber has his own views of how everything came about, at the very beginning of time. Perhaps some of his theory might be correct, one can never know; but does it help us to solve the question about the existence of God, or the need why humanity needs God? I do not think so. But it is an interesting way to keep in mind, when we want to talk about what other people think about God and the universe.


(Nature Dunnit!!!, Quote five;) Alfred Russel Walace, an avid evolutionist (and together with Charls Darwin, co-elucidator of natural selection as it relates to the evolutionary process) diverges from the path of total materialism and naturalism, when he concluded that natural selection alone was insufficient to account for a set of uniquely human characteristic, the most obvious of which is the size and complexity of the human brain. Subsequently he proposed that some other entity had to be involved, in order to explain the existence of a brain, that could support the intellectual activities of humans in all cultures, time frames, environments, and predicaments.

That other entity he proposed was a supernatural one. (End of quote five)

(Our say;) Alfred Russel Wallace might be right that there need to be a supernatural entity that make life possible the complex way it is. We agree with his views and believe that Mother Nature and God have worked together, since the very beginning of time and the result of which is here today; there is life on earth including us human that would like to know everything around us, we are very inquisitive you know.

Anyhow, here above we have talked about many things, some of which are about the existence or the non-existence of God, we believe that God exists, and one of the reasons why God exists, it is because we need God to exist.


We need God to exist

We believe that we need God to exist, because we like to have God as our spiritual father, it makes us feel better. Anyhow, we have discussed this issue and other spiritual and religious issues, that can help humanity in the future, if humanity accepts them. But our articles seem to be somehow removed from the main stream religious beliefs of today, even though we have tried to explain that they are liked to our present religious beliefs, but they are not the same old beliefs, because it is a new way of seeing religious issues, so people are cautious to accept them.

One of the most interesting things that we have found, while we were studying and writing religious issues, is that we need a God to help us exist, so, we can feel that we have a meaningful life. So, we need to write religious issues, in a way that most people believe in already, since we want to discuss our own spiritual life in a modern way, which would be able to links our new religious beliefs to the old beliefs.

You see, religious beliefs are hard to understand. Some people believe in prayers and in the law of attraction; so, they are willing to believe that: whatever you pray to God and ask for, you shell receive. Well something like that has even been said from Our Lord Jesus Christ. But I believe that Our Lord meant spiritual things and not material things.

Talking about Our Lord Jesus Christ, he also said these following phrases:

“The Father and me are one”

“Of myself I can do nothing”

“It’s the Father within that does the work”

Does this mean that we carry within us this spiritual force that will help us do the right thing, because he also says;

“The kingdom of god is within”

“It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.”

As I have said it is difficult to understand some religious issues. But it always comes down that we feel better if we have a God to follow, life seems easier that way.

So, we need God to exist. Because we like to believe in God. So, from now on, when we write religious articles, we are going to write them, in such a way that they are linked with the old way of beliefs and the new emerging way as well. So that, it can help to link them together.

I believe that I have said enough in this article, so, see you in our next article, whenever I have something important enough to say.

May God bless us all.



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