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Man, the Male Leadership Role as Directed by God - Part 1

Updated on June 11, 2014

Part 1

It is important to point out a few things before we start to eliminate what may be an immediate misconception of our study. Though the title may indicate to some a rather chauvinistic subject matter by modern day mores, we do no apologize for this.

Social-geographic correctness has never been nor ever should be the standard for personal living except when it aligns with the Word of God. God is the designer of this world and all things in it. His word is, therefore, the continuing standard for all persons and societies.

That said, thanks for your interest. I hope you enjoy the writing.


Our study is the male leadership in God’s world. We’ll start our study with some comments as to the equality of the genders followed by the fall of man which will bring us to God’s plan for leadership.

Common sense, experience and education agree “someone has to be in charge of every situation.” Without proper leadership, we have confusion. Without controlling directives, we have anarchy. But, most important, without God’s directives and adherence to them, we have chaos.

The crux of the matter which must be understood by all, male and female alike, is the propriety of "male leadership." It was brought about by the “fall of man.” Until that time, there was an equality of positions.

From the beginning, as now, God has never said that the male is superior to the female in any fashion, except physical strength, 1 Peter 3:7. Nor is the female superior to man. Each male and female has an important part to play in their relationship and in the world as a whole.

We must apply a structure of leadership in all situations and economies where there is a need for decision making. We have and will find that leadership, improperly defined and applied, will end in a skewed perception of all things related. This will include thoughts as to the sovereignty of God.

God had set a perfect equality of man and woman in place when He put all things concerning our world in to effect way back in Genesis. This equality is addressed in Genesis 2:24 where He says they are "one flesh." The word “one” (Hebrew -echad) is best understood by looking ahead at the Book of Numbers.

If we look at the word “one” as used in Numbers 13:23 to define a cluster of grapes, we can better understand that, though the couple, Adam and Eve, or any married couple, is “one flesh,” we can also see that there is a mix of “personalities” such as found in this “one cluster of grapes.” The cluster had many grapes, but it was “one cluster.” And each grape was equal in characteristics, but a certain position to balance the structure. If we separate the cluster, characteristics remain in each part, but each part is smaller and lacks the structure that made the “balanced” whole.

Now back to Genesis. In the next verse following the pronouncement of their being “one”, God says they were "naked," Genesis 2:25.

"Naked," as used here (Hebrew - arowm ) does not mean specifically unclothed, as it does in Genesis 3:7. Rather its root meaning (Hebrew - aram) is closer to "be prudent, deal subtly.” It seems to imply they, Adam and Eve, knew their responsibilities to each other as well as to their surroundings. In other words, they knew what their individual responsibilities were and their parameters. This becomes more clear when we look back a few verses and find there was an “equality” of the two.

Genesis 1:28 is the basis for equality not male dominance. The Bible says:

"And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it:"

God blessed “them” and He said to “them.” “Them” is more than one. In this case or place in time, we recognize that “them” has a numerical value of 2 as they were the only human inhabitants of the world at that time. So they were each blessed and each instructed as to their corporate and individual responsibilities.

They failed, miserably, by eating the forbidden fruit. In each case they chose the worldly attitude of “thinking it through to personal justification” as opposed to the directive of God, Genesis 2:17.

This “thinking it through” process began with a “touch.” To get a picture of this process, read the conversation between Eve and the serpent, and the result for yourself; Genesis 3:1 - 6.

God had only said not to “eat” the fruit, Genesis 2:17. Somewhere in the above conversation with the serpent, the directive was altered to include “touching.” Look closely at the passage. Eve has included “touching.” We don’t find God saying “neither shall ye touch it.” In some manner, maybe during this “subtle” conversation, “touching” was introduced by (we think) the serpent. We find that today this same tactic is used by the serpent. Its called “new versions of the Bible.”

Now we have the altered Word of God. And when she touched it, Genesis 3:6, she did not immediately die. So, “thinking it through,” she ate it.

And Adam, being there and seeing what had happened, was given the fruit. After “thinking it through” himself, he ate it also.

God allows us to think about many things and to talk with him about it, Genesis 18:23; Isaiah 1:18. But when God says “Do it as I say” but we “think it through,” there has always been one outcome, Proverb 14:14.

It was after the fall in the Garden that God put the man/male in the role of leadership. And again, not because the male was superior, but because God knew someone has to be in charge. God does not give us reasons why he chose as He did, but the Bible is clear. He picked the man.

We’ll pick this up in the next part.


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