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Man, the Male Leadership Role as Directed by God - Part 10

Updated on August 19, 2014

There are many, many studies one might do on the offices or titles or duties of “Man/Male” as found in the Bible. But the one we are looking at here is the “leadership” capacity as designed by God. The related modern-day “heterodox(y),” the departure from the Scriptures, by the neo-philosophers/theologians (libertines) as to the role of man/male, as found in the Scriptures, will become evident.

We will be looking at the various forms of the word “man, male, woman and female” as they are found in the Bible, with our focus toward the New Testament. While doing so, it is incumbent upon us to keep the context of the Bible intact, in our minds. The Bible is quite logical in this area. Only those who wish to find “error” or “new revelation” will find it, regardless of the strictness of this subject in the Bible.

It is in staying focused in a proper manner that we may see the fallacy of libertine teachings and the heterodoxy of their followers regarding man’s leadership. And please note, leadership is not to be construed as supremacy. Again, in the proper analysis of the Bible, we would find God has given each, male/man and female/woman, specific duties.

It is important to remember that neither gender "set the rules" though, God did. Therefore, the believer must recognize neither gender is allowed to change these rules nor ignore them, regardless circumstances, new revelations, new leadership, political correctness, etc.

We will not be looking at the new “supposed versions” of the Bible to any great extent. It is an entirely separate issue. At the same time, it must be understood that we do not accept most of the new “versions” and find them to be spurious. This is important to recognize as these “versions” are the text for the present confusion regarding male leadership, 1 Corinthians 14:33.

Nor are we in complete acceptance of any of the new versions for a variety of reasons. So when you read a text herein, you will be reading the Authorised King James version. And, please, lets not quibble about modern respelling or grammar and punctuation. These do not nor do they attempt to change the meaning of the words as found in the original KJV as does all of the newer versions.

It should also be noted that in this study the gender words man/male and woman/female may be used interchangeably as they are, in most cases, the same. Where necessary, the difference will be addressed. But keep in mind, reading in context as well as the word subjectively, will reveal the truth. Only those looking to make an issue, will fine one. When there is a conflict between the two, we will address it.

Last, regarding “supposed versions of the Bible,” we do take a moment to remind and to point out that one does not need to change every word of a writing in order to corrupt the message to suit a specific agenda.

The present day libertines have done a masterful job of this to the confusion of the saints. “And if you do not like the way this version decries your lifestyle, we’ll make another” is their battle cry. Unfortunately, many folks inside Christendom have fallen for this subterfuge. And, since it has worked so well, this same tool has also become an avenue for revenue, at the “expense” of the searching masses. For these folks, the Bible has joined the Potter series and the Bourne series. You get a new adventure every year, at a minimal cost.

God has been quite explicit regarding changing the words of His Book, Deuteronomy 4:2; Proverbs 30:5-6; Revelation 22:18-19. We can, and should, apply these same verses to our study. These corrupted interpretations of words as the same as adding or subtracting from the Bible. The libertine would argue “the words are not changed, we just have a better understanding of there meaning.” This argument is hollow. The words used in these verses, in both the Hebrew and Greek languages in which they were written, treat this “new understanding” the same as “adding” or “taking away” from the text, Ecclesiastes 7:29.

As to the question of some rather strange terminology we are using here, our purpose here is to use flag words, odd words to identify strange teaching. A few of our words are not common standard conversational terms for a purpose. After all, how many times have you or I used the term “heterodox” in our lifetime, or “libertine?” However, you will find they are sound in definition when used in identifying unscriptural concepts, and those that would corrupt the Word, Jude 4-16.

We’ll pick up there in the next Hub.


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