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Man, the Male Leadership Role as Directed by God - Part 13

Updated on September 24, 2014

In this Hub page, we will do a quick overview of the past and begin our move into the New Testament portion of this study with a look at some changes in the Church. We may continue to bounce back and forth from NT to OT and back but the emphasis will now be on how the male and female roles are continued during the Church age which we live in. At the same time, we will look at a few of the major moves used by the libertine to change (mock) the Word of God.

It was intended to include a “wearisome” number of definitions and figures regarding male and female. It is boring stuff but may be useful to some while already known to others. In an effort not to lose anyone’s overall interest, these items will be posted in a separate page shortly. The title is the same with the extension “Expanded Definitions.”

In the previous studies, we have addressed our reasons for this writing. We started way back in Genesis with the original commands of God. Between that time and this, we touched several issues and people of scripture in order to keep the reader aware that these commands continued through the ages. Several adjunct items were touched on but left to more in-depth personal study as they could be considered individual studies on their own.

Now we come into the present Church age which began in the Gospels or with Acts 2, depending on church doctrine. Regardless of which starting point one uses for the beginning of the present Church age or Age of Grace or new dispensation, we will eventually end up in the present dealing with the present day issues of the libertine teachings addressed so many centuries ago by the Apostles, Peter and Jude being the most noteworthy.

It is the present day libertine teachings of the Bible that we want expressed and understood. We are obliged to state the truth not as we see it, but as God has required, John 17:17. And we have tried to keep opinion at a minimum and identify it as such when expressed. So we now in review and to continue to the study of the male leadership in God’s plan . . .

God appointed mankind in the leadership role of the world, Genesis 1:28. God appointed the male in the leadership role in the family, Genesis 3:16. Though the first verse was realigned or expanded somewhat by God in Genesis 9:3, following the Flood, thereby allowing man to eat meat, Genesis 3:16 was left unaltered.

We can assume many things as to why God did give this role to the male. God is not required to say why and man does not know the full mind of God, Isaiah 55:8-9. Both of these come together in Genesis 2:16-17. However, the man/male failed. This brought about retribution for sin by all involved. God punished Eve for her disobedience. Then, He turned to Adam and did the same, Genesis 3:16-17.

Many folks do not want to hear this and chose to look for alternate meaning in response, hence the ground work for the “negative feminism.” This leaves room for the libertines, of either gender, to step in and “redefine” God’s words. With a smile they want to bring God up-to-date with societies. And, of course, they make it known, though most times subliminally, they better understand what God “really” meant than the “average” Christian.

The Bible is quite clear on the role of the male and female in our world as well as the house. There is an equality of gender when each adheres to the roles God has designed. The libertines would develop a new thought process for God though, one which fits their liberal ideology which we have cited previously. It is in this area that the libertines have made, and continue to make, their greatest assault on the Word of God. It is from here that their main heterodoxy doctrines can be spawned. If one can tear down the structure of accountability and responsibility set by God, they can easily bypass the “lesser” commands of God with little effort.

Next, that “old Book” is removed from common use. It has been stated that certain parts of the Book, the Bible, are offensive to mankind and their new life styles. So the libertines have put out a myriad of “versions” to meet any “want.” One of the ways they explain these “updates” is they make the Bible more readable, more understandable. Their followers quickly grab onto these, and the masses follow. Of course, these many volumes cause more confusion among believers, as well as unbelievers, hence the need for “enlightened leadership” we spoke of above.

Some of these “social gatherings,” which is more definitive of their purpose, have gone so far as to remove the need for Bibles in their "church" services completely, not by directive but by implication. They hang a big screen somewhere in the meeting place and project some of the remanufactured words of the “old Book” on it. Though, the screen is mainly used for church announcements, thoughts and measures of society and the new 7-11 hymns, an occasional “Bible verse” is posted for the purpose of propriety. (A “7-11 hymn” has 7 words and is repeated 11 times.) And since they supply the “Bible” on the screen, there is no need to bring the actual text which would be required by the audience to refute what is projected. As such, who is to say if even that verse is correct?

This whole process, again, was begun to redefine what God meant when He said, well, when He said anything! And this new “faith” is, once again, based on the devil’s formula or plan.

The plan is really quite simple and far reaching, “Plant the seed of doubt in one area and all other areas will be suspect.” The various Bible versions, and new definitions, is a major seed. The confusion brought by “which is the right version” supplants the message. In the confusion, new standards follow and a new understanding emerges. The result is ongoing. The “newly enlightened leadership” leads the naive, foolish and lustful masses, Romans 1:20-32, and lazy believers 2 Timothy 2:15. This is the new, updated “Church of Today.” But God is not the author of confusion, 1 Corinthians 14:33.

In summation, our study on the “male leadership role” is in God’s plan and found in the Bible. How does the above libertine ethic fit in with this study? The libertine plan is not the same as that of God. In order to attack and dismantle God’s plan, it was necessary for them to redefine the basic words used while gently identifying the Bible as “outmoded.” Their plan is working well, or so it would appear.

We have seen in the O.T. that God has put man in the role of leadership. He did not ask if it was okay with mankind. He did not say “sometimes.” He did not say “If it does not fit your perception of things, go ahead and change My directive.” The OT has shown that God was always in charge. He did have His way over mankind’s thinking. But did He change the rules for the NT saints?

No. Once again, God said it and it remains unchanged. Furthermore, He underlines His former statements more directly through the writings of the Apostles: Paul, 1 Corinthians 14:28; 1 Timothy 2:12; and Peter, 1 Peter 3:1.

But now the issue becomes tougher to fight against. The libertines are at work again. If the Bible will not support what they demand, then new versions must be constructed and laws-of-the-land must be changed to support this new religion. Of course, some cannot get past the Greek of the original manuscripts so new definitions, words and even a concordance are developed to support this direction.

And the issues are not only in the area of the leadership of the male. Though this is a foundational truth, there are other areas where they might attack in order to make their arguments acceptable. It is not necessary to start with foundational truths at the beginning of any pogrom. It is only necessary to get a foothold of acceptance in “an area of truth.” The segment of malcontents that adhere to that false position will join with their adversaries, as did the Pharisees and Sadducees, and begin the greater assault.

We see this same truth as part of major legislation in America, today. Though proposed as benefits to all Americans, they are but a subterfuge and are the works of evil. Consider....

Well, lets consider that in the next Hub page ....


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